Pushing Tin - Paekakboyz Training Log

  • Cheers dude!! Feeling good now and even taking a day of leave tomorrow for a bit of me time. I'm generally pretty good at balancing it all out, but every now and again I need to remind myself that the last 18 months of work has been bloody intense and no sign of slacking off stress-wise. But it's manageable if I look after myself.

    Mean as chest day today. Warm ups, Y and T's and usual KB shoulder setting. Then sets of 10 at 60kg, 80kg, 100kg on bench. 4 at 110kg, 3 at 120kg, smashed a 130kg single, then got a solid 140kg rep. Was stoked with that. The 130kg felt light as, one of those lifts where you swear your spotter has done a lot of work ha ha. Not bad for only our 3rd BB bench session this year. DB bench mahi definitely transfers.

    Hit decline bench next. Sets of 10 again at 60kg, 80kg and 100kg. Taking it easy as this has aggravated my right shoulder in the past. Felt all good today though.

    Final exercise was the seated incline press machine thingy. Sets of 12 with 20kg, 25kg and 30kg on each side.

    Back and shoulders on Wed then legs on Thursday. Eating slipped a bit with the gig over the weekend. Had 4 beers on sat night and felt pissed!! definitely a lightweight now. But back on the no booze wagon now.

    Knocking around low 106's at the moment. But on track for that June target. At the moment the muffin top is going and can feel a bit dropping off around my stomach. But certainly seeing more definition (plus maybe a bit more bulk?) on my arms and thighs. Good shit.

  • My bro's neck niggle was giving him grief again so we hit legs last night. Talking of niggles I'm still managing that hip/groin inflammation thingy. Probably did a bit too much last night, but I've come through ok today. Managed a decent warm up then sets at 60kg, 60kg, 80kg, 100kg. Then 5 by 5 at 120kg. Focusing on staying tight and good form helps with the niggle, but it's a weird one as it doesn't hurt during the movement.

    We did a bunch of leg extensions after - probably 6-7 sets. Def helped tap out the legs.

    Mate is having a night off tonight. I'm planning some military press and wide-grip pressing - but will probably stick with strict variations and go easier on any push pressing.

    Maybe some cheeky arms too.

  • Did make it to arms. But smashed out some solid work.

    Y and T's. A couple of sets of standing KB waiters. Then into strict military press. Sets of 10 with the bar, 30kg, 30kg, 40kg, 40kg. Then sets of 5 at 50kg, 60kg. Then 3 at 70kg. Finished with singles at 75kg and 80kg. Reckon 85kg was doable but decided to keep some gas in the tank.

    Wide grip strict press. Sets of 10 with the bar, 30kg, 30kg. Then 6's at 40kg, 40kg, and 50kg. Moved to push press next. Three sets of 5 at 70kg, then 2 sets of 5 at 80kg.

    Seated wide grip row. Three sets of 12 at 1/4, 1/3 and 1/2 of the stack. Really slow and controlled.

    Finished up with standing KB one arm press. 2 sets of 8 each arm with 16kg KBs. Man, was tapped out by then. Grip kept me in the game even when I had a few wobbles.

    Looking forward to a few rest days!

  • Have missed a few updates since last week. Aside from the horrible stuff going on the gym has been going well.

    After being sick for about 4 days we had a big workout on Friday with legs, shoulders and chest all mixed in. Was kind of good to be doing that rather than watching any coverage. Did my mates leg workout rather than squats and holy shit did I get some gnarly DOMs. Outside of my butt cheeks was on fire - from the bulgarian split lunge things we were doing.

    We did bench and some shoulder work last night also. Felt a bit taped out during the heavier lifts (got up to 130-135kg) then my bro reminded me we did a big session on Friday. Not enough recovery lol.

    Got back on the assault bikes yesterday, only for 60 odd calories of work. But it adds up - definitely seeing an improvement in my recovery after each sprint on the bike. But not making any claims towards fitness as yet!

    Legs tomorrow then back/shoulders on Thursday. Sitting at 105-106 at the moment, but seeing body shape change even if the weight isn't dropping super fast. Still plenty of fat to lose, but happy with how things are tracking.

  • aw man, we did legs last night and I am sore.

    We've been doing bulgarian split squats with KB's. great for quads and all your stabilisers, but holy shit is nails your hips - just through the stretching and keeping yourself stable through the movement.

    Did multiple super-sets of one legged extensions and hammy curls. Nothing too heavy but heaps of volume.

    Solo session tonight. Thinking it'll be largely pressing and maybe some arms.

  • Missed an update from Monday and Wed. Solid bit of benching on monday - have been hitting 3 sets of 100kg for 10 and throwing in a couple of sets of 2-3 reps in the 110-130kg range. Still chasing that 150 single but not rushing things. Technique is definitely improving as is overall stamina.

    Wed was a bit of legs and some overhead work. Mainly strict pressing with a couple of push press sets at 80kg and 90kg to finish up on. For legs we hit one legged extensions and hammy curls as a super set. About 4 rounds of that cooked my legs. Still dealing with that hip/groin niggle but making some progress with it. I think the bulgarian split squats we'd been doing over the last two weeks had stretched things a bit, but I think that may actually help longer term with mobility etc.

    Tonight I was training solo. So I focused on overhead squats to see how that felt on my hip/groin. wasn't too tapped out from last nights overhead stuff either. Did a good 20min or warming up then was hitting sets of 5 reps with the bar, 30kg (*2), 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, then two sets at 70kg. Threw in some really slow reps on the 60 and 70kg sets. Also included at least one paused rep in each set too. Was feeling really solid and zero issues with my hip/groin. Next week I'll jump through weight increases faster so I don't get too fatigued for the heavier stuff. Keen to be doing 80kg for 3-5 reps and maybe a double at 85-90kg.

    Finished up with 30 KB goblet squats at 32kg. Then two sets of standing one armed KB press at 16kg and 18kg.

    Seem to be sitting around 105 at the moment. Eating well and portion control seems to be doing the trick. Have fallen off the fasting wagon, as I've had earlier starts at work and by 8-8.30 I'm needing to eat. Hoping the niggles settle down so we can add back in our assault bike cardio - had really been enjoying that. Sick puppy ha ha

  • Holy shit I have been extra tired over the last few days. Bubs got outta whack last Sunday and sleep went to shit. Not for her, but def for me!

    But had some really good zzz's last night and hit the gym tonight. Only some light warm ups and bench. Got thurs and fri lined up too.

    Y and Ts. Set shoulders then bench press.
    Sets of 6 at 60kg and 100kg. Then 4 at 110kg. Then 3 by 3 at 120kg. Finished with 30 at 60kg.
    Looking to get up into my working weight range faster. So I avoid burning too much energy early on. Today was the fastest jump I've done and went well.

  • Trained solo tonight. A pretty short rollout and stretch then into overhead squats. Wanted to go heavier so opened with sets of 5 at 40kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg. Then 4 at 75kg. Heavy sets were a triple and a double at 80kg.

    Did one set of push press at 90kg and was pretty knackered. Finished with one armed KB press. 8 reps each arm at 16kg and then 18kg.

  • Missed my Monday update. We hit chest and did some arms too. Had a mental day at work so a workout was required - but holy shit I was tapped out. Ended up doing volume at a hundy on bench when the plan had been a 5 by 5 or 3 by 3 at 115-125kg or something. That was never gonna fly. Did some cool cable work for triceps at the end. Was well cooked.

    Tonight was about seeing what sort of load my hip can manage for legs. Still focusing on overheads as those don't seem to aggravate my hip. Although I am missing back squats. Tonight I started on 60kg for overheads - only got as heavy as 75kg but I managed about 6 working sets which was good.

    Finished up with 3 super sets of one leg standing hammy curls with one legged leg extensions. Nothing super heavy and sets of 12 reps each leg. Nice way to get a bit more volume in - and definitely seeing some bulk coming through in my quads.

    Hovering in the 104's at the moment - eating is going well, particularly at home - we are cooking a lot more and my portion control is going well. Also smashing heaps of water as my black coffee intake is pretty high. Gotta keep that H2O cranking otherwise I'm dry as a dry thing.

  • Oooh man. My biddies are cooked as! Big night on bench tonight. We had preworkout for the first time in forever, was pinging hard out lol.

    Y and Ts to warm up. Then 2 rounds of shoulder setting.

    Bench warm up was sets of 5 at 60, 80 and 100. Then 3s at 110 and 120. Then singles at 130, 140 and 145. Almost decided to go for 150 but right shoulder was feeling just a wee bit tender. The 145 was slow but not a grinder, so well happy. Finished with 60 for 35, absolutely cooked!

    Next up was a superset of seated incline hammer press machine, with overhead cable tricep extensions. 3 sets of those 15 reps each. Only 20 on each side of the hammers, and about 2/3rds of the stack for triceps.

    Finished with 4 sets on the pec deck. Volume for days, min 15 reps a set.

    How bout that preworkout aye! Helluva drug ha ha

  • whoa, chest is on fire. Triceps are burning. Meant to do some overheads tonight but don't think that'll be happening. May shift legs to Friday or so some other squat variations tonight instead.

    My gym bro is away for the rest of the week. So it'll be easy to mix things up.

  • And now my hammies are cooked! But my hip was totally fine. Some days I swear my body just throws in some twinges to fuck with me!

    Had a good 20min warm up and rolled out some gnarly knots in my quads. Went to dark places lol.

    Was planning on seeing how my hip felt with some back squats. Tried a slightly wider stance, similar to my OHS set up. That seemed to work well. But after my first set at 100kg my left hammy really lit up. Not strained or pulled but clearly doing some work.

    That was a prompt to really work on glute engagement, rest of the movement felt really good. Once things got a bit more deliberate in terms of form my hammy didn't give me any more issues. Did a few sets of ass to grass, and some getting well below parallel, but not quite sitting on my calves. Did 60, 80, then 4-5 sets of 6-8 at 100kg. Then two more sets at 60kg.

    Threw in two sets of military press when I had 60kg on the bar. Two sets of 10 reps, was very happy with that after smashing biddies on Monday.

    Finished with two sets of standing KB press. Sets of 8 with 16kg KB.

    Good workout! hoping I can walk tomorrow, and still keen as for some OHS on Friday. But I'll see how things go with Doms.

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