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    @Paekakboyz said in Pushing Tin - Paekakboyz Training Log:

    Biddies got hammered last night. Heavy bench day. Pre and some C as per the usual schedule.

    Y and T's then set shoulders and did a bit more shoulder mobility.
    Flat bench. Warm up sets of 10 at 60kg, 80kg and 100kg. Then 5 at 120kg, 2 at 130kg, then 140kg for two singles. First 140kg I had a bit of a hitch coming up, but the second set was heaps smoother. Definitely have 145kg (current PB) in me, and will be aiming for 147.5-150kg in the next month or so. lol was waiting till we got halfway through our creatine.

    My bro hit his target numbers for his heavy sets too. He's also on track to be knocking on the door of his bench PB in a few months. But he's still working more on adding size as well as strength.

    Incline bench next. Set of 10 at 60kg, then 8 at 80kg and 4 at 100kg. Form is getting better and better, but still working out brace position and triggers for those heavier struggle reps. But holy shit these are mean for lats and pec development. Well worth giving them a hoon if you are typically a flat bench bro.

    Finished with one armed KB presses (standing). Sets of 8 each arm with 16kg and 18kg. Then a set of 4 each side with 20kg. No bloody chalk so the 20kg's were a grip challenge! No fatalities luckily 🙂

    Weight has crept up to 106kg or so. But I know that's largely water weight and I'm still on the fasting etc. My belt is getting looser too so hopefully that's another sign that it's water and muscle getting put on!

    And in other news (lol will hop over to the dad sharing thread) we are expecting #2, an awesome surprise and so far miss 2.5 is very excited about having a sibling... unsure if she's really thought it all through ha ha

    Fuck sleep aye! who needs it!!


    That's awesome mate (about the kid obviously although your workout was very impressive as well)! That's a pretty good age gap also.

    Sleep is overrated anyway!

  • Congrats mate!

  • Congrats!

  • Cheers lads. Adds a bit more spice to training, gotta increase that strength and fitness base ahead of Feb.

    Really good hit out tonight. Back and some shoulders. Y and Ts, did these really slow tonight, sets of 12 for that extra burn too.

    Strict widegrip press. Sets of 5 at 30kg, 40kg and 50kg. Then into push press. 5's at 70kg and 80kg. Then 3 at 90kg, 2 at 95kg. Finished with a single at 97.5kg then cracked the hundy for the first time in a while.
    Psyched myself out on my first set up, then got my head in the zone and smoked it. It was going through my bail out process, but then telling myself I got this that did the trick. Weight overhead can be bloody scary, especially from behind the head rather than a traditional front rack press.
    Will be building up heavier volume so i can hit heavy OHS once my hip sorts itself out.
    One set of strict military press at 60kg for 10 reps.
    Then 3 sets of seated row close grip. And 3 of closegrip lat pull down. Got up to 85kg for 8 on the close grip after 12s at 70kg and 80kg. Worked between 60-70kg on lat pull downs I think.

    105-6kg today, so it seems the creatine water weight isnt getting out of hand. Feeling really strong with a hint of trimness. Belt is still going in so that's primo.

  • Light legs and arms tonight. Super light back squats and some KB goblet squats. Felt ok but I didn't have my lifting shoes so it felt a bit odd. Hip was ok during the lifts but is still a bit niggly. Moved to 3 supersets of single leg extensions and hammy curls.

    Then we went HAM on arms. 3 different supersets of curl and tricep variations. Mad pump and a lot if work. Most sets were 12-15 rep range. But we did go heavy on the triceps.

    Couple of days off now, time to try and load up on sleep!

  • Short and sharp biddie session last night.
    Y and Y's - got stuck with 5kg DBs on these. Oath, mean burn through those stabilisers.
    Set shoulders. Wrist is ok, improving but I haven't really been resting it properly so meh.

    Flat bench. Warm ups of 10 at 60kg and 80kg. Then 10 at 100kg, 110kg for 10, two sets of 4 at 120kg, then a final set of 9 at 100kg.
    Incline bench. 60kg for 10. Then two sets of 80kg for 10 and for 9.

    Holy shit it has been freezing in Wellington. Cold as a witches tit for sure!!

  • Shoulders and back last night. Only had a bit of kai in the morning and was definitely running low on fuel. No pre-workout either although we did have our usual creatine.

    Straight into strict behind the head pressing. Sets of 6 at 30kg, 30kg, 40kg and 50kg. Then push pressing for 5 reps at 70kg, 80kg and 90kg. Then 3 at 95kg. Last rep on the 95kg I didn't quite lock my left elbow so that took a bit of work to complete, no real danger of bailing on it - but I wasn't going to go any heavier from there!

    The push press is a funny old thing though. When I'm doing it as part of an OHS it's just the first action so you don't get to wrapped up in it. But when I'm doing it for reps, especially heavy, it becomes a mind game. I just make sure I have space to bail as needed, even though I do these in the power rack than on the lifting platforms. Another design failure after the Les Mills extreme refit. No way to hit heavy overhead weights on the platforms unless you can snatch or clean them into position 😞

    Moved to some strict military press after that. 10 at 60kg, 8 at 70kg, 3 at 80kg (griiiiiind) then 8 at 60kg. Seated close-grip row after that - 3 sets then we tried the new T-bar row machine next. It's a bit limited as there isn't anything you can change to adjust your set up. But good to try it out. We did 4 sets building up to 70kg or so.

    No gym tonight, have been battling to avoid illness as bubs and the missus have been crook. Had a mad sleep last night even though bubs woke me at 5.30, nearly 9 hours which is unheard of!

    Arms and some legs tomorrow. Nice way to prep for the weekend.

    Sitting around 106kg but I had a few loose nights of eating (Pizza get in ma belly). But all good on fasting etc aside from that.

  • Missed a few updates but have been battling bugs as family are crook. Only managed chest workout on Tuesday and I was nailed after that. We didn't have any pre or creatine so it was all natty. Was stoked to still hit 5 at 120kg which is a definite improvement. Will be interesting to see how we go as we stop this run of creatine.

    Rest over the weekend is the goal so we can get in a full week of training ahead of 5 days in melb on holiday.

    Fingers crossed!!

  • Finally shaken the illness and the wahines are on the mend also. Far out, a horrid wee run of bugs and colds.

    Hit chest last night but my bro has a pec niggle so that dampened things a bit. He stuck with light reps and I did similar but couldn't help myself with the volume.

    Set shoulders + Y and T's
    Flat bench. Warm up sets at 60kg (2x for 10) then 80kg for 8. Then 100kg for 6, then 100kg for 10 for three more sets. Last couple of reps on the last set were a grind. Definitely noticed the time off!
    Incline bench next - triceps were pretty fried so stuck with 60kg on this. 3 sets of 10 at 60kg.

    I had gas in the tank but we called it there. 2 more training sessions this week before heading to Oz. Might have to get on the pre-workout train for those days!

  • I am alive! spoke too soon after my last post on illness. We had a week in Melbourne seeing family. Caught a bug on the trip, then another one on the plane ride home - ended up wiped out for about 10 days with a sinus infection and that farking hacking cough bug that is doing the rounds. Have only had 2 gym hit outs since then, but last night went well.

    Chest and a bit of mobility last night - worked up to volume at 100kg and that felt plenty heavy! lucky the DOMs aren't too bad today. Legs and some shoulders/back tonight, then we'll see how we feel on Friday.

    Weight still knocking around 105-106 so quite happy with that given the lack of training and man, travel really messes with your kai and sleep!

  • Got a legs session in on Wed night. Front squats and a bunch of accessory stuff. We both have had enough of bloody hip niggles and fronts don't seem to cause as much aggravation. But holy shit my mobility is average. Could get into passable front rack position but it was rough as.

    Did about 7-8 sets of 5's - with the heaviest two sets at 90kg. That was fine on the legs, just the form getting a bit ragged. Did a bunch of extensions and hammy curls. Then an evil superset of calf raises - 15 reps standard position, then with toes in, then with toes out. Result = not really being able to walk properly!

    Back and shoulders tonight + a sauna session. Hopefully that helps loosen up the legs!

  • Back and shoulders. Bunch of behind the head pressing, seated close grip row, lat pull down. Then 3 supersets for arms. Cables for the first one, barbell curls and DB kickbacks for the second. Then DB tricep extensions with seated DB curls. Finished up with a 15min sauna. Great finish, but holy shit my calf doms are mental! Ouchie

  • Holy shit. Calves only stopped hurting yesterday. So naturally we did legs today 🙂

    Bit of light rolling out and stretching. Then some KB goblet squat holds (32kg KB) to sit in the squat for a bit and get my upper back firing.

    Into front squats - with a bit of extra work to loosen up front rack position. Have let this type of flexibility and mobility slide, but once I've got a bit of weight on the bar you can really drive your elbows up hard. Painful, and will be for a while yet. But worth it!
    Sets of 5 at 60kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg. Then 2 sets of 3 at 100kg.

    3 rounds of supersetting single leg extensions (seated machine) and one legged hammie curls (machine also). Sets of 12 each leg. Bumped the weight up each set for that extra burn.

    Then back to the superset for calve raises. 2 rounds of 8-10 reps - standard position, toe outward, then toes inward to finish. Nice pump but no immediate soreness... hopefully things will settle in a day or two this time, not a bloody week!

    Awesome to have legs back in the mix. Still dreaming of back squats, but happy with fronts for the moment. I was thinking about overheads during our front squat warm up - need a bit more push pressing before anything heavy is on the cards, but keen to add that back in to. So many wants, so little time!

  • Widegrip strict press - 5 sets from 30kg up to 50kg.
    Then into 3 different bicep/triceps super sets for arms. Mix of DB, BB and cable exercises - then two more bicep exercises to finish. Love hitting heavy triceps stuff. 15min sauna to finish up - followed by a beer and a curry. Warming up for the weekends sport!

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