Steamers v Southland

  • Well, there really can be no excuses for this one. The team and coaching has been settled for a few years now.....we are playing the lowest ranked team....we have minimal injuries...we are at home and the weather looks favorable.

    I'm a bit loath to be to optimistic though as I have been wrong for most of the year. I seriously thought that we would be more competitive this year...I thought our forwards would dominate more and many of the problems from last year would be eliminated. I was wrong ! As was the case last year, our attack isn't to flash and we struggle to capitalise on attacking situations.

    I really should stop being cynical I suppose as the season isn't over yet and, to be fair, this years competition has never been stronger. The Southland game must deliver 5 points though. I see Harris is released to play so it will be interesting to see team selection.

  • you guys will put Southland to the sword, reckon you guys should put 50 past them!

  • The Bay of Plenty Steamers is as follows:

    1. Solomona Sakalia (31)
    2. Liam Polwart (8)
    3. Jeff Thwaites (14)**
    4. Culum Retallick (107)
    5. Keepa Mewett (27) – Captain
    6. Tom Franklin (5)
    7. Hugh Blake (13)
    8. Jesse Parete (13)
    9. Richard Judd (4)
    10. Mike Delany (66) – Vice Captain
    11. Joe Webber (4)
    12. Terrence Hepetema (12)
    13. Lalakai Foketi (23)
    14. Monty Ioane (16)
    15. Chase Tiatia (19)

    16. Nathan Harris (27)
    17. Jordan Lay (3)
    18. James Lay (3)
    19. Troy Callander (16)
    20. Henry Stowers (14)
    21. Luke Campbell (9)
    22. Elijah Nicholas (10)
    23. Isaac Te Aute (14)

    A pretty strong lineup . It seems they are bringing back all the troops for this one. Southland usually are there or there about at halftime and fade in the second half (if I recall they were even against Canterbury at halftime before an onslaught of points against them).

  • Yep - I like the look of this team. 'Potentially' a competitive scrum, excellent lineout with tall options, our best 9/10 option, center pairing looks good and some strike power out wide.

    Issues we need to overcome:

    • Scrum hasn't performed to previous year's standard
    • Need better ball carrying from the forwards
    • I am still not convinced on our loose trio chemistry
    • Backline need to convert opportunities

    Having said all that, no excuses for this game (agree totally with Snollygoster). We must walk away with the 5 points. Some patience required in the first 20 to gain some dominance and then open it up. Sounds easy...

  • Southland

    Joseph Walsh, Brayden Mitchell, Guy Millar, Bill Fukofuka, Thomas Tepasu, Tupou Sopoaga, Phil Halder, Elliot Dixon, Liam Howley, Scott Eade, Aleki Morris, Matthew Johnson, Neria Fomai, Michael Molloy, Lewis Ormond

    Reserves: Thomas Flynn, Shaun Stoddart, Mitchell Morgan, Michael McKee, Tim Boys, Jay Renton, William Talataina-Mu, Ryan Tongia

  • That's much more the team we want to see. Hopefully we can dominate and bag the 5 points. Big week this one with another winnable (but tough) game on Sunday.

  • Lets not forget they beat us last year !!

  • Correct decision or not, I hate penalty tries.

  • Happy so far. Not perfect but points being scored. 19-0 after 23 mins.

  • 57-0 and we were pretty ragged to be honest. Dominant at set pieces and a red to Dixon early in the 2nd half helped. And the fact that Southland were awful. But we still need to be ruthless when close to the try line. Hot potato won't cut it against good teams.

  • Southland were magic. Every time they threatened and you'd think "drop it ... drop it", they promptly did! 🙂

    Loved the Bay scrum and lineout. Good for the backs to get a few tries under the belt too.

  • At least it will be a confidence booster for the players. Better head space may help for the team when playing against better teams.

    Can't remember a 50 point win and 0 points conceded from the bay for a long time, so will take that no matter how bad southland were

  • Yep - happy with that performance - ticked the boxes for me. We came away with the 5 points and that's important. Not sure how we went on the injury front? Bring on Counties Manukau...

  • @taniwharugby

    I never thought for a moment that you would end up being right but you were !

    I'm not getting to excited though. I concur with all that has been said above though. It wasn't particularly pretty and there were plenty of mistakes and it was 15 against 14 for most of the game etc etc etc but it was a five point win so I am happy.

  • @snollygoster ha I did expect Southland to get to maybe 15, as I think I had you guys with a 35 point margin

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