Magpies v Taranaki

  • Taranaki

    1 Mitchell Graham
    2 Ricky Riccitelli
    3 Angus Ta’avao (captain)
    4 Kane Thompson
    5 Leon Power
    6 Pita-Gus Sowakula
    7 Adrian Wyrill
    8 Toa Halafihi
    9 Kylem O’Donnell
    10 Marty McKenzie
    11 Manasa Mataele
    12 Johnny Fa’auli
    13 Sean Wainui
    14 Declan O’Donnell
    15 Stephen Perofeta

    16 Sione Lea
    17 Jared Proffit
    18 Reuben O’Neill
    19 Fin Hoeata
    20 Lachlan Boshier
    21 Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi
    22 Ciarahn Matoe
    23 Tom Florence

  • Is that Kane Thompson the Kane Thompson that has been playing club rugby for Johnsonville down here in Wellington this season (and the one that also played for the 'Poo last Mitre10 Cup)?

  • Yes, that's him.

    Also played for Wellington, Southland, Hawke's Bay (2011), Highlanders, Chiefs, and Samoa.

  • Magpies

    1 Jason Long
    2 Ash Dixon (c)
    3 Pouri Rakete-Stones
    4 Michael Allardice
    5 Geoff Cridge
    6 Tony Lamborn
    7 Hugh Renton
    8 Marino Mikaele-Tuú
    9 Brad Weber (vc)
    10 Dan Snee
    11 Mason Emerson
    12 Richard Buckman
    13 Jonah Lowe
    14 Cardiff Vaega
    15 Ihaia West

    16 Jacob Devery
    17 Tim Farrell
    18 Jarvy Aoake
    19 Nick Palmer
    20 Fa'alemiga Selesele
    21 Ellery Wilson
    22 Pasqualle Dunn
    23 TJ Vaega

    The HBT seemed to think the team would be named after the captain's run:

    Hawke's Bay Magpies head coach Craig Philpott will wait until after today's Captain's Run when he will check on several injuries and players who are still being nagged by the flu before naming his team. However his Taranaki Bulls counterpart Colin Cooper released his yesterday.

    Earlier this week, in their comments on the loss to Counties, HBT wrote:

    There were fears Dixon may have aggravated the hip injury before he was subbed in the second half but Philpott pointed out Dixon, like several of his teammates, had been nagged by the flu last week.

    Question is, has Falcon been dropped because he hasn't been playing good enough or because of the flu?
    Snee was a good replacement two weeks ago, so not worried about that. Big, physical 10, who can kick. Maybe an older head in the backline will work well. Fingers crossed.

    Michael Allardice is back and Ash Dixon to play his 100th NPC match:

    It will be Dixon's 100th NPC outing with his tally consisting of 78 for the Bay and 22 for Auckland.
    "It's great that it is a home game. If anyone had told me back in the day when I first started I would play 100 I would have said I would have been happy to just play as well as I can," Dixon said.
    "It would have been good if all 100 had been for the Bay but it is what it is. Hopefully I will get to play 100 for the Bay if they still want me to stay here. More players play 100 Super games these days so it would be pretty cool to play 100 for the Magpies ... we will just have to wait and see."

  • For what was originally thought to be a corked thigh, Evans has been out for a long time. That guy has no luck 😞

  • @stockcar86 Yes, it's his fourth season with the Bay and he has been injured more often than not. If the stats are right, he played only 9 games for us in 4 years: most in 2014 (7), one in 2015, none in 2016 and one this year. I think he was fit all season for the Landers? I hope he still gets to play this season and wants to come back next year ...

  • @stargazer said in Magpies v Taranaki:

    Question is, has Falcon been dropped because he hasn't been playing good enough or because of the flu?
    Snee was a good replacement two weeks ago, so not worried about that. Big, physical 10, who can kick. Maybe an older head in the backline will work well. Fingers crossed.

    Looks like my question has been answered, Falcon has been dropped. He has been named in the HB Saracens team.

  • Still no Ben May either, but Michael Allardice is back. The tight five has not been imposing all year with so many injuries and inexperienced guys.

    Cardiff Vaega on the wing and Jonah Lowe retaining centre is a significant comment on Vaega's output at centre this season.

    Fullback has turned out to be a real problem with the preference/necessity to put Bucky in the midfield. It's meant having to convert someone out of position to play there. In the six games so far the fullback has been Falcon (3), Buckman (2) and now West for the second time.

    In club rugby this year there was no standout fullback. Shannon Chase played there for Havelock North but not selected in the Magpies. Liam Edwards had two outstanding seasons for South Canterbury (on loan from Otago) in the Heartland Championship 2012 and 2013. He was both the top points scorer and top try scorer in the 2013 Heartland Championship. Never quite stood out for Napier OB Marist since coming here but is playing the rest of this year's Heartland Championship for South Canterbury on loan.

    Come on down Danny Toala for 2018, fullback is all yours. No doubt he will play for Hastings RS next year upon leaving Hastings BHS end of this year.

    Sad that Falcon has been dropped. He must be questioning a lot of things. Always been a first-five, and was played at second-five last year and then put back to fullback for the start this year.

  • I hope Tim Farrell gets more minutes this week. I'm interested in what he can bring to the team, young as he is. He looked stronger than Jason Long last week against Counties.

    @Number-10 I agree about Cardiff Vaega. I really wonder for how many season he, his brother and Dunn have been signed for. I can't remember where I read it, but apparently Mark Ozich knew him from when he was still teaching up north and was very positive about him. So we may have to blame him for signing these three players? Can't say too much about Dunn, because he's hardly had game time, but at least he made it count, scoring a try, last week. TJ is just a young, inexperienced pup. He might become a better player than Cardiff, but why didn't they sign Tongia? Despite that stupid shoulder charge against Mo'unga, he's still a better wing than Hann & TJ.

    About Falcon: to me, he's the proof that the coaching is failing. He is a super-talented, but inexperienced first-five. They play him out of position most of the time, things are not going well (with the whole team, not just him); first they take him off the field early in two games and now he's dropped. His facial expressions said it all; complete lack of confidence. I hope he has a good run with the Saracens, gets some confidence back and will play for the Magpies again next week, before he starts doubting his abilities completely. I'm glad he's already been signed by the Chiefs. Hopefully, in a better environment, he'll learn a lot, becomes (mentally) stronger and have a better season next year.

  • Just posted on FB: Nick Palmer is out with the flu. Josh Eden-Whaitiri takes his place on the bench.

  • Righto, just settling down on the sofa and about to start my final pre-match preparations. It is extremely comforting to have watched Waikato over the last hour or so and can now put our guys lack of performance into perspective. That Waikato side could play for another six weeks and still not cause the scoreboard attendant too much trouble, on their side of the scoreboard at least! Kind of what we have had to endure these last two seasons, still all the pressure will be on Taranaki tonight to pick up the gift five competition points that all bar about a dozen of us have already conceded and you just never know what that might do to them.

  • I have not noticed the Gala Caterers pie cart that usually sits to the left of the McKenzie Stand (or whatever it is now called) as we look at it on the television. It has been there forever so maybe it's absence is part of the curse Mr. Philpott is trying to get exocised.

  • Goodness, thats confidence - going for the four try bonus already instead of taking the gift three points, and a possible milking of yellow card against a 'Naki player!

  • Sadly that confidence was misplaced but hey w are still very much in this match after six minutes and we are not behind on the scoreboard.

  • I fear those 3 penalties in the first 2 minutes that we got will be all we get this half

  • Oh dear, on the evidence of that scrum it looks like it might be a bit of a tough night.

  • That must be a knock on

  • And Mr. Dockary in the TMO box agrees with what we saw in real time.

  • Great to see Mason Emerson trying to run through people 🙂

  • Yes that was surprising considering his build is more designed to evade defenders with speed and guile rather than brutality.

  • Getting demolished (three times) by a scrum that contains Angus Ta'avao is nothing to be proud about

  • Weber realising there is no offside over the line saves the day

  • Nice bit of byplay there with that Bob Marley guy professionally signaling the try that HB prevented with some tenacious defence

  • On no, here comes a yellow card

  • Confirmed, and to make matters worse it's a prop as well. Is it too much to hope the replacement will not have a reverse gear in his makeup?

  • Scoreline is OK here, but we haven't been a second half of the game team this year. Something about Philpotts half time talks?

  • Scrum looked better with Buckman pushing

  • It did, we won that little battle but they won the war by scoring anyway. HB 00 - 07 Taranaki after 26 minutes

  • why the fuck do we keep kicking it away. surely that must be a tactic from the coaches.

  • Especially when it gives away another converted try. Why oh why oh why?????????????????

  • Emerson hurt

  • Fantastic gutsy tackle against that giant. Just a shame not all our players can pull of impossible tackles like that one.

  • Just done a stocktake and it looks like we have nine players that have starting Super Rugby experience and a couple of others on the fringe of that in our run on fifteen tonight, five of them forwards in case anyone was wondering.

  • We need to win a penalty here for a yellow card

  • Yeeeeeeees, a second try to HB, I am in a state of shock at the unexpectedness of it
    HB 10 - 14 Taranaki as half time is reached

  • @stockcar86 said in Magpies v Taranaki:

    We need to win a penalty here for a yellow card

    I agree, the referee put them on notice after about three or four minutes that they were on a final warning. Despite the try being scored they were still palpably offside so should have been award a yellow card as well.

  • That is such a bullshit penalty

  • @stockcar86 Yeah, that was terrible.

  • Almost Wayne Barnesish in fact. Come to think of it, it would not look out of place on a French rugby field.

  • Emerson our top tackler

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