Taranaki v Tasman

  • Taranaki

    1 Mitchell Graham
    2 Ricky Riccitelli
    3 Angus Ta'avao
    4 Kane Thompson
    5 Leon Power
    6 Pita Gus Sowakula
    7 Lachlan Boshier
    8 Toa Halafihi
    9 Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi
    10 Stephen Perofeta
    11 Seta Tamanivalu
    12 Johnny Fa'auli
    13 Sean Wainui
    14 Declan O'Donnell
    15 Marty McKenzie

    16 Donald Maka
    17 Jared Proffit
    18 Mike Kainga
    19 Fin Hoeata
    20 Adrian Wyrill
    21 Logan Crowley
    22 Ciarahn Matoe
    23 Manasa Mataele


  • Tasman

    1 Tim Perry
    2 Andrew Makalio
    3 Siua Halanukonuka
    4 Alex Ainley (c)
    5 Quinten Strange
    6 Ethan Blackadder
    7 Vernon Fredericks
    8 Jordan Taufua
    9 Billy Guyton
    10 Mitch Hunt
    11 James Lowe
    12 Alex Nankivell
    13 Trael Joass
    14 Viliami Lolohea
    15 Will Jordan

    16 Tom Hill
    17 Ti’i Paulo
    18 Tyrel Lomax
    19 Shannon Frizell
    20 Pete Samu
    21 Finlay Christie
    22 Tim O'Malley
    23 Robbie Malneek

  • Getting closer to full strength - though obviously without Havili and Hames (and Squire who we never expected to have).

    We don't have the option of Aumua, who might have already edged himself ahead of Joass - so no proper midfield cover. If we lose a midfielder, I'd guess O'Malley would slot into second five.

    Interesting that Blackadder Jr. seems to be the preferred option at 6 ahead of Pete Samu - he's going pretty well too and would be a decent Super pick-up for someone.

    Other slightly interesting feature is that they started the season with Joass at 12 and Nankivell at 13 - they've swapped as the season has progressed.

  • Jesus Lolohea!!!

    Somewhat lucky that's not Red!!!

    After three minutes.

  • The more I watch Perofeta, the more I see our future All Black 10. Time on the ball under pressure.

  • Perofeta throws the ball to a Tasman player as if he already had his Blues jersey on

  • @chris-b That was never going to be a red. In SR players only got red for tackling a player in the air if that player landed on his neck/head. Tamanivalu landed on his arm/side/back area.

  • Much better from Perofeta

  • Now, is it going to be a double yellow?

  • Yup, 2nd yellow. Lolohea off.

  • @stargazer He's certainly getting one now!!!

  • It's going to be a long night for Tasman.

  • I'll just take a deep breath over how you could manage two of those in 26 minutes.

    Free points for Taranaki.

    Some weak work at the breakdown, as well, giving soft penalties and the tries have come too easily for Taranaki.

    On the plus side, the scrum is going well and there's some reasonable endeavour in the attack.

    Most concerning thing - given most of the points are likely gone - is seeing Halanukonuka come off after 30 minutes. Hopefully precautionary, since he seemed to be running freely.

  • Is Hunt still on the field? If so, he must be carrying an injury (groin?). Guyton is doing the goal kicking and Lowe is kicking for touch.

    Edit: he's still on the field.

  • Geeeeez, YC for Jordan. Intentional knock-on.

  • @stargazer Poor option at the best of times - let alone when you're already down to 14.

    Hunt's not been kicking from the start.

  • So much gormless play by Tasman.

    We scramble a bonus point.

    Makalio probably the best for us. Honourable mention for Tim Perry who wasted two minutes before play got re-started after Jordan's YC.

    Taranaki was good in the first half but, to be honest, pretty poor in the second - they could have put 60 on us pretty easily.

  • More examples of the law around players in the air being stupid. In both cases the jumper jumped very late and directly toward the player on the ground.
    Players are being made to put themselves into dangerous places to secure possession and defenders are being told to either jump or get out of the way in a game that is 'played on your feet'.
    Yes, the player could have avoided the situation but watch that first one especially. He wasn't carrying forward momentum to jump successfully but if he had stepped aside (as it is suggested he should do) Tamanivalu didn't even need to jump, he could have caught the ball on the ground and run right past.
    Way too much incentive to put the ball in the air and create danger. There has to be some responsibility on the jumper as well.

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