North Harbour v Magpies

  • West not taking the Seta tactic of jumping into any ball you need to catch

  • Think we might have 'em guys with Ash Dixon scoring a try sees the lead change hands Nth Harbour 03 - 07 Hawkes Bay after about ten minutes

  • Fuck that was a ruck - Treeby was offside

  • Haven't seen you waving your flag yet '86. Give us a wave and I am bound to spot it given there are not many spectators for the cameras to hone into for crowd shots.

  • Unfortunately I am home sick - not even enough energy to yell at the tv

  • that PT was inevitable, the HB 9 shoulda been done the scrum before.

  • @stockcar86 said in North Harbour v Magpies:

    Unfortunately I am home sick - not even enough energy to yell at the tv

    Going to the game probably will not do much for your recovery so just keep sticking the pins into that Philpott doll from the warmth and comfort of your lounge!

  • @taniwharugby said in North Harbour v Magpies:

    that PT was inevitable, the HB 9 shoulda been done the scrum before.

    It could be a long night after seeing the way Harbour have dealt to my guys scrum on more than a couple of occasions.

  • Bugger! Ash Dixon Dixon denied his second try for the night after a spectacular intercept right on the Harbour dead ball line

  • That should be a penalty try and yellow card for high tackle on Dixon

  • We need someone to nobble Philpott so he can't give his usual inspirational speech at half time

  • Only delays the inevitable though with Dixon running powerfully from the restart and sets up C Vaeaga (the ogre for his knock on that cost Dixon his try moments before) for a try in the right hand corner Nth Harbour 13 - 17 Hawkes Bay after 28 minutes.

  • What the fuck was that call. NH player goes to catch kick, fumbles, gets tackled, meanwhile, NH teammate has collected the ball and taken off....ref blows the whistle and incorrectly penalises HB player for tackling without the ball. Idiot.

  • These Harbour players look well coached. Can we get Tom Coventry back?

  • Why were commentators saying it was Renton with the HIA when it clearly was Lamborn?

  • Looks like a much better Hawkes Bay line-up tonight.

    Moala-Liavaa is a promising player, but he really needs to work on his ball skills if he wants to play eight at Super Rugby level.

  • LOL, a commentator (not Willie Lose), when emphasising the need for a safety first attitude, said "they need to hold caution to the wind."

  • Much, much better performance from the Bay. It's a pity young Tim gave away that penalty, otherwise we'd have a draw, but can't really get upset by a mistake from an U19s player who's only had very few minutes in the Magpies jersey. Most of our boys played really well today, so - apart from the final score - I'm pretty happy about this game.

    What's concerning is that, again, two players left the field injured. Lowe early in the game and Cridge late in the 2nd. Two of our best players this season.

  • @stargazer just got in from the game,much better performance,at least they stayed in the fight,
    I really wish they had the conviction to have a crack and kick for the corner when harbour lost a player to the bin,I really think had they scored a try,that may have been the difference,

    Something really noticeable was that Geoff Cridge had an injury either to his shoulder or arm,and then stayed on for way longer than he should have..
    Chatting to a few of the players at games end,at least their heads are still up.!

    Buckman was very good..

  • @steven-harris Good to hear that the mood among players is still positive. You couldn't blame them for being down after the season they've had thus far. I hope they can use tonight's game to lift even more, so they can get at least one more win this season (or two, if I can be greedy). I'd prefer them to absolutely smash the poo, of course, and keep the Kel Tremain Memorial Trophy.

    Did you see what happened to Jonah Lowe? I wonder whether it was the old foot injury playing up (the one that kept him out of the first few games), or something new? I think Cridge was reluctant to get off because Allardice had already been subbed and the only one to replace him was a not so tall loosie (Selesele). Although he should have gone off sooner, at least it shows how committed he is.

    Yes, Buckman was great, but I was also impressed with West, Dixon, Weber and Emerson. I'd really like Emerson to be picked up by the AB 7s. He's got so much speed, but it's too crowded for him in XVs, although he's not afraid of those big forwards trying to burry him under the turf. He could be deadly in 7s.