v Counties-Manukau

  • I'll be quite interested to see what sort of team we put on the paddock for this one. I believe this is another opportunity to cash in, so I'm hoping once again we put out our strongest lineup possible.

    Counties have been average this year, so I reckon this is a good chance to topple them. Having said that they will be pretty keen to keep themselves away from the bottom of the premiership, so will be fired up in front of their home fans.

    My only concern for us is burnout after a tough week. Hopefully we have a strong bench so we can use them effectively with 20-30 mins to go. I'm hoping for a big effort from them this week, as we've been poor in the last stanza over the last couple of weeks.

  • @j77 we have a few guys that have been playing a lot of minutes so will be due a break.

    Think Alaimalo, Macilai, Ranger, Nock and Jack G have played a lot of minutes so far, Jack only missing game 1 and Macilai off the bench?? Alaimalo played every minute so far?

    Same with Moulds & Douglas, and possibly Wright who has probably played a lot more minutes than expected...we have managed our loosies pretty well though.

  • @taniwharugby Yep, I think a few guys will be rotated around, but I'd still like to see all the guys you mentioned in the 23.

    Id go with a backline of Alaimalo, Matty Wright (needs a run!), Tua, Jack Goodhue, Macilai, Breen, Nock. Bench backs: Pitman, Hawkins (if fit), Ranger.

    Up front there's a bit more room for play. Would still like to see that core involved though. Be good if we can bring experienced guys on later in the game for that boost in leadership when we need it most.. Having guys like Ranger and maybe Dan Pryor coming off the pine will enhance our chances alot.

  • @j77 I know we have some injury concerns, but assuming the ones we don't seem to know about, I'd like this team to run out.

    Sililoto, Moulds, Kite
    Larsen, Goodhue
    Faleafa, Matich, KP
    Nock, Hawkins/Breen, doesn't matter, both have had shared minutes
    Tua, Goodhue
    Malicai, Wright, Alaimalo
    Olsen, Wright, Rinakama, Douglas, DP, Pitman, Breen/Hawkins, Ranger

    But I have a feeling there will be changes to some of our core.

  • @taniwharugby Yep that's a fair lineup. Although I'd rather Wright on the wing, as Alaimalo has been a rock at the back. I'd keep him there for defensive purposes.

    1. Ross Wright
    2. Matt Moulds (Captain)
    3. Ropate Rinakama
    4. Joshua Goodhue
    5. Tim Bond
    6. Jack Ram
    7. Kara Pryor
    8. Matt Matich
    9. Sam Nock
    10. Peter Breen
    11. Jone Macilai
    12. Tamati Tua
    13. Rene Ranger
    14. Solomon Alaimalo
    15. Matt Wright
    16. Jordan Olsen
    17. Phil Kite (Blazer Game)
    18. Chris Apoua
    19. Michael Faleafa
    20. Jaycob Matiu
    21. Emil Pittman (Debut)
    22. Tim Blundell
    23. Blake Hohaia

  • haha shows how much I know!

    So DP, Douglas, Jack G and Hyland out of 23.

    From that lineup, 2/3 of our loosies likely to play 80, as will one of the locks...hope Bond is good!!

    Looking forward to seeing this Pittman!

  • Wow, rotation if ever I saw it.

    Jack G obviously being rested..

    The bench is a tad light on experience, but hopefully they perform when they come on.

    Good to see Bond back.

  • Looking forward to seeing this team - Tamiti Tua and Kara Pryor get runs which is great. Tua is a real talent and started so well before injury intervened. Kara looks to be jumping out of his skin and has always been one of my favourites. Also Matt Wright is all class. Still a strong team without Jack!

  • Yeah I think Kara is better starting, he's so full of enthusiasm and energy when he comes on, he does a few reckless things, good to see M .Wright back on, he'll be keen and fresh.
    Bench is fresh, that's an asset during storm week.

  • Thank god for having depth.

    Everyone apart from Dan Hawkins will be available for selection against the Magpies next Saturday.

    Unfortunately the season for Matty Marwick maybe done and dusted,has an issue with his hand,could be a break,also Namatahi Waa has a neck & back problem,from what I understand will be seeing a specialist this week,bit of a bugger for Waa,has he looked primed to have a big season.

    I am surprised Bond is starting as he pulled out of the captains run a day before the Otago game,hope he does not aggravate the injury..!

  • Yeah loving our all round depth at the moment, anyone stepping in is doing thier job, particularly our loosie depth, with 7 guys that we are comfortable starting, in such a high attrition position you need it too.

    Hopefully we can get through tomorrow with a couple of points and no further injuries and move on to HB next week where we may be able to secure a home semi if we can win and some other results fall for us.

  • Counties Manukau Team to play Northland

    1. Tim Nanai-Williams, 14. Albert Nikoro 13. Nigel Ah-Wong 12. Orbyn Leger, 11. Tevita Nabura, 10. Baden Kerr, 9. Augustine Pulu (c), 8. Sam Henwood, 7. Fotu Lokotui, 6. Ronald Raaymakers, 5. Matiaha Martin, 4. Jimmy Tupou (c), 3. Coree Te Whata-Colley 2. Joe Royal, 1. Pauliasi Manu.

    Reserves: 16. Gafatasi Su'a 17. Sean Bagshaw, 18. Kalolo Tuiloma, 19. Viliame Rarasea, 20. Viliami Taulani, 21. Liam Daniela, 22. Stephen Donald, 23. Luteru Laulala

  • That's a strong side!

    We need points from.this game

  • @taniwharugby Auckland did us a huge favour beating the Bay & not offering up any bonus points,but would rather we put our destiny in our hands,Counties Manukau will be desperate to get away from the bottom of the premiership table..!

  • @taniwharugby we can win this game and have to play with that mindset. Accuracy, retain ball, don't give away territory with silly penalties- and we have the players to score points. Arguably Auckland has a great team on paper but we should have won that one.

  • Damn, Mitre 10 preview has us edging this one...

    TAB has them solid faves though

  • Poor defending but looks like 2 forward passes there

  • Forward pass. Come on.

  • Looks like Macilai ain't out there, injured in warm up?

  • Kara don't look good

  • Back to back line out losses...

  • And another....fark

  • Noooo

  • Draw and pass was the right option, just needed to be forward a bit more and still Solomon shoulda caught it

  • Not looking good at moment, still too many errors

  • Jesus this is terrible. Matty Wright needs to lift his game.

  • Average there, barely got to,the gain line through all those phases

  • Nice work Ram

  • Good aggressive d from CM against our passive attack

  • Very average defence...I do hate how you can attempt to turn the ball over and drag the guy along the ground due to not releasing and not be awarded

  • Isn't that a penalty? Or was there a deal?

  • God our line out is a shambles today...it had been humming along ok last few weeks too

  • We are playing average but ref is allowing a lot of players go off their feet and the odd shoulder without arms.

  • Need a rocket now! Can't even blame that half on storM week.

    Not making much with our ball and falling off a number of tackles too.

    Positive is our continuity when we do have it, our scrum is solid.

  • I'm surprised we are only behind by 6.

    C-M way more tenacious, they're getting up in our faces and we just can't break through.

    Nock and Ram are a two man band at the moment.

    Our wide defence will get split open if we don't pull finger...

  • Perfect start...

  • We need a bit of luck if we want to get this game

  • Offside and a shoulder charge

  • Great call by Moulds rewarded!

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