• Surprised no thread on this, actually no i'm not.

    But anyway, been working out there as a scorer for the last 4 days and walking around with the groups. Apart from yesterdays hoohaa (out of their hands as LPGA said wanted it to be 72 holes and extended to today rather than called short to 54) it has been a very well run tournament. We got some pretty good names here and most delivered in terms of quality of play. Must say that these girls can really hit the ball and are dam accurate.

    I worked with different groups each day but highlights were definitely Gaby Lopez and Ryan O'toole on Friday, Brooke Henderson on saturday and then a great group yesterday of Ryan again, Alena Sharp from Canada and Cheyenne Woods (tigers niece) yesterday. All very chatty throughout the round and its clear these girls have a great time out of tour, much like the guys appear to.

    Saw a bit of Lydia out and about and the crowds just love her. Must be massive pressure on here as everywhere she goes people are shouting out "Go lydia" etc and asking to pics and autographs. She's played ok but actually was coughing and sniffing a lot. Could be sick, could be hayfever, dunno.

    The course is pretty good for only being a year or so old. Fairly flat and wide fairways but the rough is ROUGH and often unplayable. Not overly long at all but was set up for the ladies. Not too many tees could have gone back much further. Greens look good. Slick (for NZ) and not many flat ones. I will be playing out there in a few weeks and fairly confident I can burn it up

    Play called off yesterday after numerous weather suspensions. We started at 8am and got 15 holes done. It was farken rough out there with sideways rain at times, hail and some ferocious winds which actually blew to bits the sponsorship signs on a couple of the holes. We were on the 15th green when the signs on the 16th tee pretty much exploded and blew in to a lake about 50m away. Pretty scary stuff.

    Brooke should win it from here. 4 shot lead with 12 to play. She has super focus and do what is required today.

  • Brookes just won by 5 strokes.

    Birdied the last too in to a howling wind.

    18th has wrecked a few others, last two holes are in to the wind. Lydia went 5 then 8 on the par 3 and 5 to finish!

  • @jk nasty! Glad they managed to finish the round. Really like that they stick to 72 holes rather than cut their loses.

  • Quite a significant amount of extra costs though going the extra day like players flights etc which could cost the players or those running the tournament depending on the terms agreed.

    This morning still looked tough out there!

  • Such a shame the weather decided to go shit. Seriously quality field, and Henderson absolutely deserved the win, she played great throughout.

  • Apparently we wont have it in 2018 as they are looking to change the date to Feb / March. Players were discussing this on friday or saturday from memory.

    Got a good photo with Brooke on Saturday. Showed it to the wife but she doesnt appear to think its that good

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