Magpies v Manawatu

  • With our injury crisis now looking at its worst, at least in the backs, what players are actually there to be selected? The Saracens' season finished on 23 September, so I guess they haven't trained since then? Or did some of them keep on training with the Magpies?

    Anyway, if we don't see the return of any of the players who weren't available for the Northland game or got injured during that game, what team can we field?

    This may be our 23 against the Poo:

    1 Jason Long, 2 Ash Dixon, 3 Pouri Rakete-Stones
    4 Josh Eden-Whaitiri, 5 Nick Palmer
    6 Hugh Renton 7 Tony Lamborn
    8 Fa'alemiga Selesele
    9 Brad Weber, 10 Ihaia West
    11 Mason Emerson, 12 Dan Snee?/Tiaan Falcon, 13 Cardiff Vaega, 14 Hayden Hann
    15 Tiaan Falcon/TJ Vaega

    16 Jacob Devery, 17 Tim Farrell, 18 Jarvy Aoake, 19 Ben Parsons, 20 Lucas Goodin
    21 Ellery Wilson, 22 .....?, 23 TJ Vaega/Dan Snee
    For that remaining bench spot: Cole Eru?, Tom Iosefo?, ...... Danny Toala?

    If Bucky is good to go, we may only need one Saracens player for a spot on the bench, probably Dan Snee.

  • Awesome, several players return from the injury ward for the final game of the season! Maybe, just maybe, we get to keep the Kel Tremain Memorial Trophy!

    This is the Magpies line-up:

    1 Jason Long
    2 Ash Dixon (c)
    3 Pouri Rakete-Stones
    4 Nick Palmer
    5 Josh Eden-Whaitiri
    6 Marino Mikaele-Tu'u
    7 Tony Lamborn
    8 Gareth Evans
    9 Brad Weber (vc)
    10 Ihaia West
    11 Mason Emerson
    12 Richard Buckman
    13 Jonah Lowe
    14 Cardiff Vaega
    15 Sam McNicol

    16 Jacob Devery
    17 Tim Farrell
    18 Jarvy Aoake
    19 Ben Parsons
    20 Hugh Renton
    21 Ellery Wilson
    22 Tiaan Falcon
    23 TJ Vaega

  • Manawatu:

    15 Te Rangatira Waitokia, 14 Newton Tudreu, 13 Jason Emery, 12 Hamish Northcott, 11 Ambrose Curtis, 10 Jade Te Rure, 9 Kayne Hammington,
    8 Brice Henderson, 7 Antonio Kiri Kiri, 6 Heiden Bedwell-Curtis (captain), 5 Jackson Hemopo, 4 Tom Parsons, 3 Michael Alaalatoa, 2 Tim Cadwallader, 1 Fraser Armstrong.

    16 Tom Crozier, 17 Tuki Raimona, 18 Sean Paranihi, 19 Liam Hallam-Eames, 20 Harrison Brewer
    21 Jamie Booth, 22 Sam Malcolm, 23 Lewis Marshall

  • Interesting quote from Evans in the HBT:

    "It has been a frustrating season with injuries and other things going on and the fans are disappointed. It has not been through a lack of effort. The young guys in our systems have got more minutes than they would have anticipated," he explained.

    Apparently, he hasn't signed a Mitre 10 Cup contract for next year yet. I sure hope he isn't going anywhere else! His Canes' contract is until 2019.

  • I actually feel optimistic about this game

  • @stockcar86 Yes, this must be our strongest line-up of the season! Only our first choice locks are missing from the 23.

  • Come on you Magpies!! Get up!!

  • I support the Magpies at Club Level, I guess I can support the Magpies this time at M10 Cup level too πŸ™‚


  • @stockcar86 said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    I actually feel optimistic about this game

    Optimistic as always (the jersey is currently hanging on the clothes line and the flag has had a couple of practice waves already this morning just to make sure nothing any repairs that might be needed can be dealt to today) but also realistic so not getting my hopes up too high. Checked the reserve list to see who is the back up loose forward that will be required to replace Gareth Evans when the inevitable happens about five minutes after kick off only to see it is another injury magnet so not much comfort from that. Have also checked all the news outlets in case news might have come through of Mr. Philpott's resignation but if it has happened it must still be under embargo so no glimmer of hope there.

    Apart from losing to Wellington there is nothing worse than getting tipped over by this mob, especially at home. All sharp knives have been safely locked away just in case!

  • @taniwharugby said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    I support the Magpies at Club Level, I guess I can support the Magpies this time at M10 Cup level too πŸ™‚


    Nothing to do with the fact that if Poo lose, then Northland make the semi's? πŸ™‚

  • @taniwharugby I feel uncomfortable with you and Sumo 'supporting' the Magpies, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If it wasn't for the fact we were playing those Poo-ians I'd almost want us to throw the game. πŸ˜‰

  • @nepia Kamo Magpies, Hawkes Bay Magpies, it's just the Magpie part I support...

  • @taniwharugby said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    @nepia Kamo Magpies, Hawkes Bay Magpies, it's just the Magpie part I support...

    Urrgh, look we deliberately tanked the Vikings because Northland kicked up a stink about it. Kamo needs another black and white animal so as to not confuse themselves with the Magpies. Say the Penguins? Yeah, I like that - I give the club permission to use my brilliant idea for no fee whatsoever. Or maybe the pandas or zebras?

  • @nepia well in my son's grade there are 2 Kamo teams, Magpies and Sharks, my son's is the latter if that pleases you any...

    As for the Vikings, bro you need to get back on that train, stunning kit too!

  • Yesterday was a brilliant day - warm, hardly any wind, hardly any clouds.

    Today is now overcast and windy.

  • @number-10 said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    Yesterday was a brilliant day - warm, hardly any wind, hardly any clouds.

    Today is now overcast and windy.

    Damn, add some rain to that and the Poo players will think it's a home game.

  • @nepia I'm down in the Bay for the weekend,heading to the game,talk about weird weather,24 degrees yesterday,a chilly 16 degrees today with precipitation hanging around..!

  • Right guys, my pre-game buildup is over and have just come back from the fridge with the essentials required for fluid upkeep. Check, flag ready, black and white socks pulled up, jersey tucked in, rosette attached, beanie on, scarf in place - yes - right I'm ready to go

  • Well it looks like we have got the mis-tackle technique perfected if the first three minutes of the game is an accurate indication.

  • A couple of big long runs down the left flank by the HB guys have further enhanced my spirits, this could be the day!

  • And then a bullet is dodged when the referee rules a knock on which prevents what looked to be a perfectly legitimate 'Poo try.

  • One which he equalizes by calling a line ball forward when HB looked dangerous a few minutes later.

  • TRY to HB after scabby kick and chase after the 'Poo falconed a HB head with an attacking pass 55 metres back up the field

  • This referee gives me the shits. It seems like any time he needs to make a call it is a lottery

  • Ah damn it, a very minor knock on is spotted which over rules the initial decision, Mr. Dockery the TMO as per normal.

  • Then a poxy intercept from former fringe Magpie Lewis Marshall puts the 'Poo ahead seven nil. I have yet to utter a curse word, out loud anyway.

  • Gee. Hawkes Bay and Waikato should have a game to see who should go into the Heartland Championship

  • Looks like about the only thing Mr. Philpott has worked on in training this week is the miss-tackle technique. It is about the only thing he has got the team doing well at as there have been plenty of perfect examples of them today.

  • That last bit of play epitimises just how shite we are.

  • We are winning a genuine fight but here comes a red card for Tony Lambourn after he landed few really good smacks to the head of a 'Poo player, who obviously deserved it!

  • What a good scrap!!!

  • @hooroo said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    What a good scrap!!!

    What a fuck wit that 7 Black is

  • Two reds, one for each team - Tony Lambourn and Newton Tudreu

  • Good reffing!!!

  • Very poor from Lamborn, but just like the old Manawatu Hawkes Bay games from the 70's and 80's

  • @stockcar86 said in Magpies v Manawatu:

    Very poor from Lamborn, but just like the old Manawatu Hawkes Bay games from the 70's and 80's

    I don’t advocate dirty play like knees and elbows but nice to see a bit of funk in the game.

  • That try is on you Lamborn. As an international player you should know better than to throw an elbow to the head

  • The 'Poo score from the restart but then the Magpies display just how inept they are when they botch a certain try from the kick off when it was virtually impossible not to score.

  • Thank goodness the referee has blown for half time. Gives me a little time to compose myself after watching that atrocious display, unsurprisingly mainly from my side.

    Hawkes Bay 00 (and lucky to have the zero) - 17 Manawatu

  • Andrew Horrell was in the changing room. Get him on the field

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