Steamers v Waikato

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    1. Aidan Ross (21)
    2. Liam Polwart (11)
    3. Jeff Thwaites (18)
    4. Keepa Mewett (32) – Captain
    5. Culum Retallick (109)
    6. Tom Franklin (9)
    7. Hugh Blake (17)
    8. Jesse Parete (17)
    9. Richard Judd (8)
    10. Mike Delany (69) – Vice Captain
    11. Joe Webber (23)
    12. Terrence Hepetema (16)
    13. Lalakai Foketi (26)
    14. Monty Ioane (27)
    15. Chase Tiatia (23)


    1. Nathan Harris (28)
    2. Jordan Lay (6)
    3. James Lay (7)
    4. Tyler Ardron (4)/Troy Callander (20)
    5. Mitchell Karpik (3)
    6. Ajay Mua (1)
    7. Luke Campbell (13)
    8. Elijah Nicholas (1)

    Great looking team....fine day....TAB has us as favorites....A chance to relegate DSW. Can't wait.

  • Good line up for the Bay, no excuses - bring it on!

  • And today it won’t just be us watching the Bay with blood pressure pills and defibrillators at the ready - Auckland fans get to experience the roller coaster ride too πŸ™‚

  • Early days yet with just five minutes gone but Waikato have looked rather ordinary to say the least so far.

  • Zac Guildford off already, a hamstring injury and not a failed random breath test!

  • Doesn't appear to be a lot of traffic here today, all the BoP guys must be at the game. It looks a great sight at the Tauranga Domain in the lovely sunshine up there. Anyway after seventeen minutes both teams have crossed the line for unconverted tries, BoP first followed by DSW just a few minutes ago. The DSW are looking a bit better after a slow start but overall it still looks like BoP have the slight upper hand, albeit not by much at this stage.

  • A lovely break and run by Monty Ioane puts the BoP left winger over in the corner for a converted try after about 22 minutes and his team lead twelve five. Daytime rugby in sunshine has a touch of magic to it.

  • Waikato make another mistake trying to run it out of their own twenty two and turn the ball over. Ioane makes another powerful bust that results in another BoP try, this time in the right hand corner. Delaney converts and BoP 19 - 05 Waikato after thirty five minutes.

  • That was not a deliberate knock on referee. Why do refs rule all attempted intercepts close to the goal line as deliberate (and a yellow card) even when, in this case anyway, it did not look like one? As it turns out Waikato scored a converted try from the penalty to close the gap to BoP 17 - 12 Waikato at halftime

  • @higgins Waikato had penalty advantage regardless. I thought it was deliberate in real time he wasn't close to catching it and Waikato was open with one more pass

  • Ok, I'll go with your opinion but why then did the referee not then award a penalty try if it was that obvious?

  • Waikato come out of the sheds all fired up after halftime and have already dotted down under the posts and all but score again a few minutes later in the right hand corner so Auckland followers must be clenching their butt cheeks together a bit harder now.

  • Waikato almost in again but win a penalty right in front ten metres out and Pita Aki's successful kick now makes it BoP 19 - 22 Waikato after forty nine minutes

  • I hate it when players use their boots that way to get the ball. Too much risk that they injure their own and opposition players. Judd has a bad temper that could cost them.

  • Agree with Turner, they should have looked at the knock-on by BOP and then that deliberate knock-down by Ahki wouldn't have happened.

  • Another intercept sin bining to Pita Aki after a series of powerful BoP attacks on the Waikato goal line. Shouldn't have come to that as there looked to be a BoP knock on earlier in the play missed by the officials.

  • It's a disgrace that bad officiating might lead to a team's possible relegation.

  • BoP in under the posts (Foketi) after continuing their attack and a string of penalties BoP 26 - 22 Waikato after sixty two minutes

  • A penalty and another try in the last few minutes and things are looking more comfortable for Auckland (but not for Northland) with the score now BoP 36 - 22 Waikato after sixty nine minutes