Arnold says, so it must be right...

  • Weight Belts - waste of time unless you are lifting serious heavy squat / deadlift. Calls them gym fashion accessories. Don't use it and you develop strong back and core muscles.

    GLoves - unless you are a concert pianist or surgeon, TOUGHEN UP!!

    lifting straps - like the belt thing, get a strong grip and train like that. Although he did conceed that sometimes you might have to use them as your hands will get tired and give up before the body part you rea trying to train. But only use them when you have to.

    Gotta love the old guy - toughen up people!

  • Get to the chopper if you want to live!! argghhhh!!!

    The dude was amazing in his prime - and still pretty bloody cut for an old bugger these days! Agree re belts and gloves. I always thought straps made sense as grip/forearms etc will often mean you can't work a bigger muscle group to fatigue.

  • yeah, everything in the book amkes sense. You read it, and then nod your head, m,mmm, dead right there Arnold!

  • my friend used to call my gloves "tampons" because they absorb pussy sweat....
    As Paekakboys said lifting straps are very useful. I have a very strong grip (80kg on dynanometer) so there is nothing wrong with my grip, but when doing heavy things the grip goes well before the bigger muscles do, so straps serve their purpose.
    Dont use a belt.

  • I used to be a belt junkie when a young fella - and gloves too when I would remember them!

    Now just when I squat - more so for my mind, as I think my hernia would be fine, but I don't want to test my thought!!

    STraps, yes, my hands give out way before my back / hammys.

    if you get a chance though, read it,heaps of neat stuff about the legend and BB in genereal.

  • Arnie's a politician so I don't listen to anything he says....

    Never used a belt or straps, but do use gloves when deadlifting. My hands blistered up badly doing a session of deadlifts so I said never again and glove it.

  • Gives the hands that good calloused look and feel as opposed to nancy boy office hands as well. Thats gotta be good.

  • My fave arnie quotes are "Milk is for babies" and "Eating isnt cheating"
    Agree totally on belts and gloves, no need for them.

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