NBL: Breakers and stuff

  • Not a good start to the season as the Breakers stunk up the joint in the 2nd half in a 86-73 loss to the Bullets. Gliddon loves playing in Auckland.

    So much for the uptempo game but you can't get up the court if you're dominated on the glass. Webster and Wesley were the only scorers of note, Abercrombie and Ili were AWOL. The Breakers' imports had their moments but not enough to get the W. A lot of work to do to get the team in sync.

  • Ouch. Home losses just kill you in this league

  • That was ugly

  • mariner4life said:

    Ouch. Home losses just kill you in this league

    Interesting that both home teams lost last night.

  • The box score shows that the Breakers shot better than the Bullets (48% vs 42%) but because the Bullets had so many second-chance shots they had more shot attempts. Unfortunately a lot of those were 3-pters (13 vs 7). And FT misses continue to be costly.

    A tough away game vs Melbourne next.

  • Bit of NZ interest in this game tonight.

    Vukona, Te Rangi, Lowe, Kenny playing. And DJ Newbill doing his thing.

  • Can't hit a 3 but somehow we've led every break

    New Taipans might be fun to watch when we eventually click

  • Boom!!! Huge win. Trimble looks good

  • Every home team has lost so far.

    Hope it continues tomorrow for the Breakers....

  • Well, new Taipans are certainly more entertaining than old Taipans. Last night we scored 93 and lost. Defensively we are still fucked while an entire new squad works everything out. But we can score. The Hawks couldn't miss a 3 in the last which didn't help.

  • Wow what a game. We were on fire in the first half and then imploded in the third. Abercrombie hits a game winner with .03 of a second remaining.

    We are starting to find our rhythm. Richard and Long playing well. Tai is our MVP. Webster is hot and cold and today he was cold. Good support from Shea, Weeks, Finn and Abercrombie.

  • I watched the game against the Taipans on Fri night and the Breakers looked very good, especially Webster and Richard who couldn't miss. Good to see others stepping up when needed, and payback for the opening night loss. I've recorded the highlights of this game.

  • This is a shit game between two ordinary teams

  • Yep, not great quality so far. Are you at the game?

    I'm going to watch the Breakers on Fri night so hopefully they get their shit together in the 2nd half.

  • An ugly win is still a win. Now for the Hawks...

  • Yes. I'm at every game. It's my penance.

    Fuck we suck. Most of our roster wouldn't get a game anywhere else.

    Breakers easily the worst team to come to town and beat us this year.

  • Haha must have been a bad one. Highlights on the sports news showed me with my head in my hands more than once. Fuck we suck.

  • Taipans are on. Starters have given us a lead. Our 2nd unit of absolute spuds are on and just handing it back. Mariner4life is reaching for alcohol

  • Good to see Perth's losing streak continue, against the Hawks no less. I enjoyed Friday night's game as it was my first chance to see the Breakers live in a regular season game.

    At the halfway stage, 4 teams are fighting for the last SF spot.

  • Sydney v Melbourne yesterday was a bloody good game, and i am still not sure how Sydney managed to lose it.

    Perth losing is good for everyone. But unfortunately for everyone else, we will play them back in to form on New Years eve.

    When you look at the Hawks' roster i am astounded they are not doing better, they are pretty stacked.

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