• I have gotten onto the health kick again and have this week lost three KG's (109kgs now but am sure it's weighing me light as I started at 112 but felt at least 115) this week by doing a bit of fitness and just eating fruit and salads with just smallest amount of meat with dinner (1 sausage last night )

    Anyway, I have been biking and a small bit of running but last night I ran for 15 minutes and then did in lots of ten per exercise 500 reps.

    50 Press-ups
    50 Double handed behind the head tri cep curls with 10 KG weight
    50 Sit Ups
    50 Back Extentsions
    50 Squat Thrusts
    50 Squats with 10kg in each hand
    50 Lunges, with no weight
    50 Bicep curls with ten KG in each hand
    50 Calf raises on each leg
    50 Shoulder up-punches with 10 kg in each hand

    I was fair knackered after and felt great. Thing is, I will get bored with that and want ideas for excercises. I will start adding Burpees in once fitter.

    All I have is a Suiss Ball, 2 ten KG hand weights and a skipping rope.

    Any suggestions using these items and the back yard will be appreciated.

    Aiming for 96 KG's on the home scales as I reckon that will be around 99! I've been over the tonne for ten years now and it is just plain unhealthy

    Cheers for ideas

  • look further down the board for some gut busters and differet things. CAn remember one that was a set of 20 burpees or down and ups, minutes rest, then 19, minutes rest, 18, muntes etc...

    but there are some good ones down there, and I'll keep my ear out...

  • Burpees. If you could only choose one single exercise to burn calories, build overall fitness, agility and explosiveness, it's burpees. Nothing else comes close. Of course doing a proper burpee means adding a press up at the bottom and jumping in the air at the finish. You can find plenty of "how to" videos on YouTube, just search "burpees."

    As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of, you guessed it, burpees.

    Try doing 20, and tell me if they don't hurt like a mo'fo'. And if you can do 20, then try for 30. You get the picture. There's a reason why burpees are also called "prison push-ups." They are very popular among our incarcerated friends. Because if you do them often enough and make progress in your sets and reps, you will become as hard as a coffin nail.

  • Cheers Davidav,

    There is a thread that has been brought to my attention about them where you start at 20 and go down to 1 with a mintues rest between each one.

  • That is the one Davidav - someone had it here (you maybe). A set of 20, with the push up and jump, minute rest, 19, minutes rest 18...

    It HURTS, I think I did it about twice...

  • You can do Tabata intervals as well, which is a whole other level of brutality. Very simple: do as many burpees as you can at maximum speed for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. That's one set. Repeat for eight sets without stopping until all eight sets are done. Warning: these are very brutal. Total time exercising: 4 minutes. That's right, 4 minutes in total. Try it.

  • You could add the dumbbell clean and press. Doing them using one arm or both.

    Try kneeling on the swiss ball when doing exercises like the bicep curl.

    Do you have a bench or wooden box you could jump up and down on?

    Also you can make a home made medicine ball. Buy a basketball from the warehouse, drill a hole in it, fill it with sand and fill the hole with salleys hard as nails or whatever that product is.

    Swiss ball prone roll out to help your core.

  • Fantastic Ideas thanks Toddy!

    Please remind me what a clean and press is?

    Love the idea of kneeling on the Swiss Ball

  • google is your friend - but like an upright row, snapping the bar over at the top into a pressing grip, and then shoulder pressing. if that makes sense!

  • [url]

    I prefer doing single arm ones.

    Maybe some bent over rows and reverse flys to use your back muscles to.


  • Great stuff Hooroo.

    Couple of suggestions that have helped me lose body fat

    • stability ball jacknifes - arms on ground and feet on ball like a pushup position and then hold tummy in while bring your knees towards your chin rolling the ball with your feet in process. Concentrate on holding in stomach and your ''big'' (quads etc) muscles get a good burning

    • 100 rep dumbell squats - dumbbells in each hand and do squats. Key is maintain form. Time how long it takes and then try and better it each time. Hell of a workout and it will require sporadic resting but key is to not rest too much in between. BURN Baby BURN

    • Spiderman pushups - youtube is your friend.

    • Bulgarian split squat w/weights - I see you're already doing lunges etc. Put one foot on a chair or bench with other foot forward in a lunge position and holding a weight in each hand and squat. Love this exercise supersetted with incline pressing.

    • Burpee with chin at end - If you have a bar or anything you can pull up on then as you do the jump movement on the burpee pull yoursef up for a chin up.

    I've got a few more but try a few of those and see how you go.

  • [QUOTE]Bulgarian split squat w/weights - I see you're already doing lunges etc. Put one foot on a chair or bench with other foot forward in a lunge position and holding a weight in each hand and squat. Love this exercise supersetted with incline pressing.[/QUOTE]

    Is that what it is called! I'm doing those at the moment, super setting them with leg extensions - blowing my mind, and my legs off the pain scale - no weights though, I don't think I could at the moment!!

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