Cricket sans NZ and Ashes

  • Sri Lanka in India first test. only 12 overs in first day

    Lakmal got a wicket with first ball of the test so royal duck and then bowls 6 of the 12 overs for 6 maidens and 3 wickets!

    A bowlers wet dream comes to life

  • Sri Lanka collapsing like a wet sponge 22 - 4. Our mythical 26 must just be in a bit of danger!

  • Ahh damn it, a couple of swishes and the score rockets onto 33 without further loss and our ingnomy remains.

  • Seventy five for seven but light is fading quickly so India will probably run out of time. An appeal against the light is a certainty after the fall of that last wicket.

  • The batsmen have just been offered the light and they have accepted, so it's a draw. Test cricket can be so full of tension and is streets ahead of any other type of cricket when it gets like this one turned into on this last day.

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