A fern on your chest

  • In late breaking news...

    Ness and I were named in the 8 man NZ NABBA bodybuilding team to compete in Spain in five weeks time.

    This unfortunatly clashes with the Australasian Natural bodybuilding Champs which were are already committed to compete at as part of an invitational NZ team.

    So after 39 years, I have, along with my wife, been named in a NZ National team. So quietly, stoked to pieces, and making it even better, when your life partner (PC speak for your chick) is there alongside you. Flattering to be told that you have physiques that will be competitive on the world stage by the judges.

    So we are stoked to be selected, but won't be able to compete. It is a tough decision to make, but also financially tough to say yes - bodybuilding being a minority sport it is not a fully paid for trip - it would cost us about ten grand to get there and compete - plus throwing in the money spent on the Oz trip - which is also a holiday which we, and our 11 year old daughter have been looking forward to since we were named in the Invitaional team.

    The ANB thing though has some major prizes - first place gets a fully paid for trip to Vegas for the ANB world champs. So in the big picture this could be the better competition.

    So the whirlwind continues - 12 months and 25 days into our journeys as bodybuilders!

  • Far out that is great news! National selection is a big deal so well done to you both. Even though your threads have revealled quite a bit about BB life you know there is a truckload of work being done you don't read about!!

    Amazing results given you've been in the sport for a smidge over a year too.

  • Well done. Thats brilliant to be selected.

    You two have done really well in such a short amount of time. Amazed!

  • Fantastic and congratulations! You both must have worked really hard with a lot of discipline to do so well. Keep it up!

  • Big ups to you both! Well done.

  • thanks guys. Feels great to be rewarded for hard work and sacrifice - something that does not happen all the time in this world of ours.

  • Great work, congrats!

    Sounds like you need a bit of media profile to push for some sponsorship.

  • isnt there a pathway to the movies from here?

    then you could be the Governer of Whangamata?

    Awesome news though, well done!!

  • Here I was thinking this was a thread about Bart and his missus getting matching SF tattoos on their buff chests post a successful tourney....

    Well done to the Bart household. So when's the book release and speaking tour commence

  • Absolutely awesome news Barts. Great stuff.

  • Great work Bart! Would you have turned down an AB jersey in a similar dilemma?

  • hmmm, being that the AB's would PAY you to go, nope!!

    If it was an all expenses paid trip, sweet, would have thrown in the AUssie thing in a flash.

    Funny - that is how I explain it to people. Competing for the NZ Barbarians in Oz, or the All Blacks in Spain!

    Pretty stoked though, got the officail selection letter today - that's one for the archives, that's for sure. Never thogh when I got married that a few years later I would be getting selected in a NZ team for ANY sport, WITH my wife. Still shake my head over this whole chapter in our lives.

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