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  • hey fellas, team oversize has landed in Surfers Paradise - comp tomorrow night, all going well for Ness and myself - Ness looking AWESOME, me still retaining a little fluid, and just looking awesome - lol. Shoyuld be right for tomorrow show at any rate, bring it on - tons of competitors apparantly, so going to be the real deal!!

    check out the website [URL=""][/URL] for results from the comp - the chick that runs that site also twitters live, so she'll be updating on a regular basis through the day - kicks off 10:30am Aus time - so think some lean thoughts for me and Ness!!

    Cheers, and over and out!

  • Good luck to both of you!

  • Good Luck guys!

    I've followed the twitter link over on [url][/url] too so those of us who twitter can find it easily.

  • sounds good - kick some ass yo!!

  • Well done you two! 3rd and 4th. That is a great first year for you both IMO!!!!

  • The geezer on the right is clearly blown away by Bart.... and the guy on the left.... he has just given up.


  • well, it sucked!!

    Political, stereotypical bodybuilders/supporters all over the place, it was not a nice environment to be part of!! All the bad sterotypes you can think of - they were there, and in force, and with Aussie accents - does it get any worse?

    Anyway, I placed 4th, while most pundits were picking me top two between this MASSIVE brute and the more symmetrical me. But the opinions that counted - the judges, slotted me into 4th. Gutted, yes! Did i show it, no, that's not what you do, until you get back here!!!!

    The women though, even worse. Almost a glorified beauty contest. the muscles and leanness secondary. Ness did not make the top five - she too should have been top three - but the judges call for the pretty girls with the soft muscles.

    So a very frustrating experience in all, we will NOT be back. The feeling you got was from the organisers it is just a giant money making exercise - thinly veiled as promoting' drug free sport' - the propaganda that the pricks were spouting was sickening. Especially the 'team meeting' we had when the Aussie president of the ANB spoke (and fuck could he speak - half an hour and says nothing, yawn), extolling the virtues of being on the Kiwi team and competing for NZ and being proud of your contry etc. probably would not have been so bad if it had not been with an Aussie accent. but it was, so it sounded like shit!

    Outside the BB comp though, theme parks were fun, Movie World and Dream WOrld, and Wet 'n' Wild. Ness wouldn't let me buy a SUperman Jacket, a sad day.

  • stink that the exp didn't turn out better Bart. Must be a let down to work so hard and then find that judgement rests on 'other' factors. Did you get any sense that comps outside Oz would be any different? or is it like that the world over. Doesn't sound like a good way to build a credible competition... particularly ignoring shape over looks etc.

    You should both be bloody stoked with how far you've come in your short careers as BB's. Sad that the (Aussie) environment you've entered has been a let down. Politics aye!! you just can't escape them.

    ps I reckon you earned that Jacket!!

  • [url][/url]

    more thoughts.

    It was a VERY bright blue though...!!

    yeah, think old farts need not apply to the ANB - don't fit their criteria, unless you are in the old fat divisions - which I qualify for next season (40+)

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