Sunwolves v Rebels

  • Not a great game. But what's worse is that the Sunwolves have already suffered three injuries during the first 20 minutes of the game, including Hayden Parker. Not sure what happened to him (didn't see it), but the other two suffered pretty serious head knocks. Apparently, their injury list is already quite long. They now have a reserve forward play on the wing (according to the commentators).

    Rebels lead by 10.

  • And now another SW player down after a head clash.

  • Awesome intercept try from William Tupou for the SW. 10 all

  • The Rebels scored some nice looking tries.

    Amanaki Mafi might be the best 8 in Super Rugby.

    Leitch doesn't stand out at all with the Sunwolves. His backrow partners have outshone him so far.

    I wish the Blues could poach one of those Sunwolves halfbacks. So quick and accurate.

  • @dice how was the Rebels 10, Debreczeni?

    Asking as a Northland fan 🙂

  • @taniwharugby said in Sunwolves v Rebels:

    @dice how was the Rebels 10, Debreczeni?

    Asking as a Northland fan 🙂

    Honestly, he was pretty bad. Just very erratic. His only saving grace is that he kicks the ball a mile.

    I actually picked him up in fantasy as a cheap option to see if he could feast on the Sunwolves, and he got me a crappy 3 points. I've never seen a 10 get such a low score before unless they got injured early in the game. Most 10s normally get 30+ points against the Sunwolves.

  • @dice Yeah Mafi is all class. His performances for Japan at the last world cup proved that.

  • @dice ha funnily that is actually not that bad, not being bale to clear our line has been an issue for years now for us, so we have gone from erratic 10's with no distance to an erratic 10 who can kick for miles...definite improvement 🙂

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