NZ Super Team of the Week

  • Yalden's Team of the Week

    1 - DLB
    2 - Riccitelli/Taylor
    3 - Ofa T
    4 - Tuipulotu
    5 - Fifita
    6 - Squire/Shields
    7 - Ardie
    8 - Akira (Yalden's Forward of the Week)
    9 - Aaron Smith
    10 - Beauden
    11 - Ben Lam
    12 - Laumape (Yalden's Back of the week)
    13 - Goodhue (he acknowledges Goodhue played most of the game at 12).
    14 - Savea
    15 - Collins

  • Not sure how A Smith wasn't back of the week, he went full beast mode. Thought Jordie was very good also, but I didn't see the Blues game so can't judge that one.

  • Laumape is very, very effective at what he does. A young Nonu but with better discipline. I agree though, A Smith was more influential - he's hit the ground running this year which bodes well.

    Also surprised @Tim gave that an upvote despite both Savea's being named...

  • I'd put Parsons at hooker - he played really well and led from the front.

  • @bovidae My only real concern with Parsons is his ability to play like he weighs 10 kilos less. He just doesn't seem to be able to physically impose himself.

  • @antipodean

    I don't particularly rate Parsons as an AB hooker but he's fine at Super level. And IMO he played better than Riccitelli or Taylor last weekend.

    I would also say that your criticism is equally valid for Riccitelli.

  • @bovidae yeah I've been impressed with his physicality of late, actually starting to seem like a front rower.

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