New goal - Target 80.5kg - October 2nd - NATIONALS

  • Well, my dabbling in the physique classes of BB is over. Those lads are just too big, and I am too old, and don't have the time or money to get as big as these buggers.

    Sooo, back to the weight for height class - athletic.

    Sooo, back to a maximum competition weight of 80.5kg on 'game day'.

    [B]Current weight 85.7kg.[/B] BF 9.5%. Waist 79cm, Chest 105cm (only measures I can remember from trainer visit last night)...!

    Target 1: August 28 - Rarotonga, NABBA Aisia Pacific championships. If weight down for that, fine, otherwise will compete in Physique.

    Target 2: September 11 - Wellington, NABBA regional comp. Weight must be down for that one, to qualify to defend national title.

    Target 3: October 3 - Auckland, NABBA National champs. Defend title!!

    Weigh in now daily as training want to make sure current diet has little enough food so I keep losing weight.

    Not as bad as it sounds though, as I was competing at around 82-83kg in physique, but certainly was not as lean as I was when doing the athletic.

    So game on!

  • Where is the wgtn comp this year mate? The last one you went to down here was out in the Hutt wasn't it? You might even have some ferners shouting at ya from the cheap seats!!

  • Yeah, at Lower Hutt Town Hall - [URL][/URL]

    [B]weight this morning 84.9kg[/B] - 9%BF - although the BF% varies ugly depending on how much water I have drunk, so not too accurate - so long as it trends downwards though I'll be happy!! IIRC it was 3-4% at Nationals last year by there scales.

    Weight loss helped by having a poo this morning - yesterday morning did not!! Alpine Tea the answer...

  • please don't add an animation about that to your avatar Bartman!!

  • Will you be along to borrow my weights again Bart ? aw and I'll try and make it along this time as well !

    Not wrong about money to get as big as the big boys, a mate of mine manages a store that sells supplements ( complete with such silly names as Mutant Mass, Superpump 250 and Ripped freak ) and by crikey they are expensive considering a box usually lasts just over a month. Even with mates rates I've had to say no way I'll stick with steak and eggs thank you very much.

  • Superpump 250 and N.O. Blast pre workout is what we use.

    Add in the protein powders et al, and it gets bloody expensive alright.

    thankfully though Nutrution Plus and Raisey's have come to the party big time for us. Raisey's have some cool logos - complete NZ made, and neat clothes, while Nutrition Plus let themselves down with their logo, but hard core supplements!

  • and yes please on the weights!! Dumbells - 10-12kg eachish was sweet!!

  • [B]weight this morning 84.9kg[/B] - 9.7%BF

  • [quote name='BartMan']and yes please on the weights!! Dumbells - 10-12kg eachish was sweet!![/QUOTE]

    Consider it done. Even more rust on them now than last year on account of a leaky garage !

  • He'll be so orange that he won't notice it on him anyway!!!

  • [quote name='Hooroo']He'll be so orange that he won't notice it on him anyway!!! [/QUOTE]

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll leave them on the drive between now and then for maximum rustiness !

  • weekend at Waikato NABBA supporting mate who got stuck in aftert last years nationals. he got second novice tall men - lost 26kg to get to where he was - wicked, well done Deano.

    My weight after a hard weekend trying to stick to diet [B]85.7 and 8.5%BF[/B]. That increase thanks to water retention after 2 sultana pasties and 6 rice wafers with honey while watching the test with Deano. Along with HPLC protein bar eaten during contest as starvation set in - long night!!

    but still on target - although this scares me a little - from trainer...

    [QUOTE] It's the hardest training and diet together plus 16day carb deplete I've ever given anyone. You'll need to turn into a demon machine, focus on this and nothing else matters.[/QUOTE]

  • Scares you a little? It scares ME a little and I'm not doing it...

  • I am [I]so ready [/I]for this though it is not funny - with hernia and stuffing around not being able to train properly for a few weeks, and then watching the Waikato comp - any more ready and I would explode!! Focused - right now I can see the freckle and the bum of a flea I am that focused!

  • wow, cool new workout. 50 minutes, whole body blasted. core tomorrow, and then weights again, and then core, and weights - saturday and sunday off from weights, Saturday just cardio, Sunday a complete day of rest.

  • morning post walk and morning poo. [B]Weight 85.0kg 8.3%BF.[/B]

  • Awesome!! that's 5 or so kg in 5 days!!? won't even bother to ask how hungry you are...

  • whoops, where did that 5 go...!!!

  • morning [B]weight 84.4 [/B]and[B] 9%[/B] BF.

    weight was 85 before a decent morning evacuation of the bowels!!! Can't go past alpine tea...

    Waxed today, and the mnuscles are there on the pasty white body, best I have looked this year thus far, bring on the 28th...

  • Seriously Bartman! No need to hear about your bowel movements. Am interested in this thread otherwise though

  • it is ALL about bowel movements - they don't move, and we're in trouble. I think half the time in this eating sod all period you worry about making use you are regular, as it is important.

    I'll code it for you in the future... Alpine moments...!!!

    so you don't want the sound effects then...?

  • and I must have lost a kilo of hair today - fuck it hurts - chest / belly the worst. legs and back sweet now, almost fall asleep!

  • Waxed completely??

    What about Sack/Crack, is that starting to get to be a bit more bearable?

  • LOL, won't talk about poos, but want to know about sacks and cracks, I worry about you Hooroo, I truly do...

    nope, don't go there though!

  • I laughed so hard I almost had an Alpine moment. Hooroo that was classic.

  • weight this morning[B] 84.3kg BF$ 8.7.[/B] No alpine moments until after breakfast, so that good. The three grains of wholegrain rolled oats and half a teaspoon of protein powder - or so it seems like, tasted superb too - and the kiwifruit sliced on top. Mmmmmmmm kiwifruit.

  • So you weighed yourself before taking a shit? Given your starvation diet, I'm amazed there's anything coming out. Good luck, and hope you get in even more awesome fitness shape. Maybe after a few years of winning competitions, emulate someone like this:

  • weight myself when we et back from our morning walk. Sometimes the shit happens straight after the walk, sometimes doesn;t!!

    vital to keep bowels moving though, as in on weight in you need to be as light as possible so you nca be carrying as much muscle as possible. Post 'alpine movement' and pre 'alpine movement' yesterday was 600g difference!!

  • weight this morning, (pre alpine) 84.1kg, BF9.0%.

    Morning walks getting harder to drag carcass out of bed, but still managing!! Weights tonight, and then tomorrow two cardio sessions - it'll be walk in the AM, and then I think a cycle during the test - that'll make the time fly!

    Broke out the compulsory poses last night at the gym - only me and Ness and a bloke I know there, so not to 'poser' to strip down to shorts and climb into a few side chests and double biceps. Very pleased with where I am at three weeks (tomorrow) from competition. Best condition I have been in all year - counting competition days, of which there have been 3 this season - for a 1st, 2nd and 4th - not a great year when i think of it thus far - only way is up!

    Certainly think I will be hitting my weight though for the Athletic Div in Raro, so that is good news.

  • weigh in this morning [B]83.4kg (post alpine), 8.7BF%[/B].

    All going well, great workout last night, went through pairs routine with Ness, getting that down pat, which is good, as we head up to see our dance chick in Whitianga today for the final polish. Pairs do get judged on their routine - unlike individual routines.

    Have now gone through compulsory and symmetry posing rounds a few times and starting to feel like a bodybuilder again big time.

    Now to find some music for my individual posing routine, oh joy.

  • Sunday, 83.3 and 9.0%

    and Monday, after no apline movement since Saturday 83.8 and 8.1% BF.

    So if people think I am full of shit, they are right....

    Saw traininer today, and measurements coming along fine - skinfold on my back 3mm from my nationals measurement last year, that being important as my back is the last place that loses fat - biceps, triceps and other bits and pieces all going where they should be too. They reposnd easy at any rate!!

    That is all, bed time, walking in 8 hours....!!

  • barto, looking forward to the comp pics. for the alpine moments when you are low carbing what do you take? is it fibre or soemthing else. Always found it hard to be regular when low carbing?

  • Alpine tea - hence the 'alpine moment'. Also slippery elm, and shed loads of vit C to help keep things moving - up to 8000mg a day of the 'C'.

    Low carbs start from this Thursday - a 16 day carb deplete this time out, fark. mine own fault though, for wanting to go and play with the big boys in physique and packing on extra muscle, and then deciding what, 5 weeks our from Raro that I want to play with the athletic boys...!!

    Anywho, this morning, after a minor alpine tremor,[B] 83.4kg and 8.4%BF![/B]

    bloody cold walk this morning too - frost in WHangamata, which is not usual!

  • I found this online:

    % BF can be calculated using a formula developed by Hodgdon and Beckett at the Naval Health Research Center...

    The formula for men is:

    the measurements must be in centimeters with an accuracy of 0.5 cm

    I would be interested to see if it turns out right, since I am sure your daily measurements are accurate. Would you mind divulging your waist/neck/height numbers?
    I'll give it a crack if it turns out to be accurate according to your numbers.

  • height 178.6 waist was about 76 at the last measurement, and I'll pop over the road to the craft shop and ask them to measure my neck shortly!!!!

    Weight getting sticky - [B]83.5kg and BF remained 8.4%.[/B] That was pre alpine moment this morning. waste is currently at a minimum - carb deplete starts from tomorrow, so it'll be less - oh joy!!

  • yay, some downward movement at last - although trainer does not seem too worried about the lack of weight loss, so she is either worrying and not wanting me to worry, or is not worried. I chose the latter. Although last year after WEllington when I gained 8 kilos in a few days, she was worried as buggery, just didn't tell me. That fact it was all fluid and dropped off back to normal in seven days was all good though! Especially as Nationals were only 7 days after that! but I digress.

    Weight this morning [B]83.2kg - BF% 8.2.[/B] Bowels still sluggish to say the least!!

  • oh, and the carb depletion starts today - food, what's that...???!???!

    half a cup of oats and half a cup of rice through the day is my lot, which is more than Ness - who takes in a QUARTER of a cup of oats and a QUARTER of rice. Do you know how little a quarter cup of rice is? you can count the grains!!

  • yay yay yay!

    Dipped below the 83 mark at last. [B] 82.9kg this morning, and 7.5%BF[/B] by scale readings.

    Sooo progress. Bowel still sluggish as a sluggish thing.

    But at last some movement on the scales, perhaps I will be hitting target for the Aisa Pacific champs. Fingers toes and NOse hairs crossed!

    Training BLOODY HARD with no food - and last night was just a half hour core session! God knows how I'll last tonight's supersets from hell. Well, I know I will manage it, but it'll be tough, and I think that is what I love about this - the mental challenge that never ends - be it eating, training or whatever!!

    Raro comp 15 days and counting, BRING IT ON BRING IT ON BRING IT ON, I'm ready for you you bastard.

  • Cmon BartMan!! push it! push it!! hold on, I'm talking bout training here not bloody alpine excursions!!

    Tear into it mate, you can do eet (in that dodgy Waterboy type voice)!

  • Yoyoyoyoyoyoyo goes the weight...

    pushed it over the weekend (yes, the apline moment happened - ducolax (sp?) works well)...

    anyway, weekend readings...

    Saturday - [B]82.4kg and 7.7%[/B]
    Sunday - [B]81.9 and 8.3[/B]% (that is me EMPTY)...
    Monday - [B]82.6kg and 7.1%[/B] (that is me not empty)...

    Soo all going well, feeling like a screwed out washcloth, but did our 'goody' shopping for Saturday night Raro last night. FUN.

    ON my agenda that night, in order...

    Pump up goodies - Snickers bars (hazelnut and standard) and Moro gold bars (those party packs, 1 of each, and 4 twin packs of the Snickers also). Port. Giant Jelly beans. Rice wafers with honey and jam. Energy Chocolate.

    Between morning judging and afternoon show. HPLC bars and no doubt a few wafers and perhaps some veg. probably not the veg to be fair.

    Pump up for night show - see above.

    [B]POST SHOW...[/B]

    Packet of Toffee Pops (+ what is left of Ness's TimTams, her eyes always bigger than her belly - hehehehe)
    Peanut M&Ms.
    Honey roasted peanuts.
    Caramel Chews.
    Jelly jet planes.
    Pineapple Lumps.
    Chocolate Pretzels.
    Huntly Palmers Cream Crackers.

    Mmmmm, it's these things that keep you going at the moment - me anyway

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