Five Finger Running Shoes: Barefoot runners

  • Anyone know anything about them? Im barefoot 80% of the time anyway and want to run barefoot without all the stones, prickles, dog shit and cuts. Also woulod wear a pair in the gym where footwear is compulsary but I love tolift barefoot. Might give these shows a crack. I see Nike, Puma and Adidas all have their own versions.

    These puppies only cost $199 which seems pretty good for a pair of runners thesedays. Am I blowing my hard earned loot?


  • I've read plenty on them and barefoot running. A lot of solid science behind it. Main premise is that no amount of cushioning in a traditional running shoe can overcome both the impact and the 'deadening' of all those muscles in your foot. The foot apparenty has a shit load of muscles in it and they react when your (bare) foot hits the ground.

    Wearing shoes tends to encourgage a heel strike rather than the ball of the foot or the midfoot which makes the impact even greater. Footage of people running who have never worn shoes really shows the difference. Their stride is different and smoother than when wearing shoes.

    My physio swears by them and wears them all the time. He said you want to start out with short runs, particularly if you have a history of running in shoes. It takes a while for your feet to get used to feeling again. I think he mixes between bare feet on grass and the toe shoes for day to day and off road antics.

    I'm mighty tempted myself!

  • I just wear sandals for the hills and trails-cushioning, grip, and flexibility to mimic my foot's action.
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  • Wait till Davidav comes on again.

    I think he trialled a pair or he happens to know a bit about these as I was looking at getting some about 6 months ago

  • Hi Red Beard, this is an excellent article covering the topic in depth:

  • [quote name='Kea']Hi Red Beard, this is an excellent article covering the topic in depth:

    Cheers mate!

  • bottom line, they LOOK really cool....

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