Supplements and growing teens

  • I've come to the TSF experts for some advice.

    My son (17) is a pretty keen sportsman (rugby, cricket and downhill mtb) and has been in an elite sports programme at school which has helped immensely in getting his fitness etc up to some pretty good levels.
    One of the things that is an issue though in most College rugby is the size issue between the Euro boys and the Nesians they come up against. He does pretty well using what he's got in the way of skill and technique against them but obviously feels that a bit of bulking will help at the contact zones.

    He is looking at a gym programme over the summer that will help add a bit of bulk and has asked me whether I think he should be looking at supplements.

    Now I know very little about this topic and am wary of a lot of what I am reading as obviously there is a vested interest in most of the information out there and I want to have a bit of knowledge to put around the inevitable suggestions of a trainer at a gym.

    What can you guys tell me about the need (or not) of supplements at that age and if there is any advantageto doing so given the type of workouts he would be doing? Bear in mind that he will still be playing cricket over the summer and doing a lot of Mountainbiking.

    He is quite well developed and probably touching on his full height (about 6'1"), about 80kg but still filling out. Very broad across the shoulders and deepish in the chest but lacking in the pec development (as general at that age). I guess that he is looking at increasing upper body strength and size while keeping speed, flexibility and explosiveness.

    Your wisdom would be appreciated.

  • Cricket and biking are a mix of endurance and strength (he's a bowler?) so he might find it hard to add bulk if he's just burning it off by being super active?

    17 certainly isn't too young for gym work provided the person gets good advice. Will be interesting to see other posters advice though, I haven't met anyone taking supplements at that age. Perhaps a good idea to stick with weights (and more kai) to begin with then look at supplements if he isn't making the sort of progress he's after.

  • More Kai?!

    Hard enough to keep the bugger fed as it is!

    Just clarify. The MTBing is of the Downhill variety. Aerobic fitness does play a part as the adrenaline and concentration levels are high and you are basically working your core the whole time so if you start to get tired you have to back off or you will arse off big time. What you do need though is the odd burst of pedal in a very high gear so leg strength is a bonus. His aerobic fitness is excellent (13-14 in a traditional Beep Test) and some pretty good power in the legs already. He would just need to maintain these levels.

    Cricket wise he is a Bat with some overs of spin so nothing too strenuous there. Just some general fitness and a a bit more strength in the shoulders and arms to make sure the big shots clear the boundary.

    Rugby, is a 10/12/15 mainly used at 12 this year gone and making a lot of tackles aginst the big munters most Colleges throw in their Centres to try and bust the line. I think this is where the issue is, wanting a bit more size in the contact areas.

  • mate, suppliments are a pile of shit - the only thing younr eally need I would think is protein powders to feed the muscles after working out. Most though are full of shit that you will never need.

    Check out the website - [url][/url] good pure NZ made protein powders. My sponsor to be sure, but also the highest protein content of any protein powder on the market today, and the best cost.

    I would recomned build after a workout and before bed (1 scoop, blended with a banana after the workout), and mixewd in with half a cup of non fat yoghurt before bed - a great desert!

    Breakfast / before a weights session honey and cinnamon or honey and whey.

    if you can get the young-un eating a decent breakfast and getting into that hanbit now, you're halfway to winning the battle. A decent breakfast - a cup of whole grain rolled oats, a chopped up kiwi fruit (roughage!), and scoop of honey a cinnaomon.

    anywaym check out the website, check out the readings of protein, and if you're keen on anything, let me know, I can get you that less 15% of the website price - the hydrate might be good too, instead of mizone or the like during cricket games.

    basically though, workout hard, and if he rips into the protein, he'll keep whjatever muscle he builds. If he does not eat enough protein, he'll get stronger, but won't retain the size.

  • Cheers Bart, that's just the info I need.

    He already does Breakfast well and drinks gallons of water staying away from the powerade stuff except for after a hard game.

  • my trainer reckons I would be the most un supplemented BB she knows, and reckons that proves you don't need half the shit that you read that you do!

    plenty of veg too, perhaps a multi-vitamin (I don't, trainer says I should!!), and lets watch the lad grow into a powerhouse!!!!!

  • Teenage is very important part of life so i want to ask a question
    about the supplement and the side effect of the supplement.

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