• Deadlifts on Friday
    1x1 @200kg failed first attempt. Felt weak.
    5x5 @172kg
    Ran out of time to do anything else.

    This week is deload week thank god body needs a rest
    Chest today:
    2x1 @90% 125kg working on technique underload
    Seal rows 4x8 20kg
    Incline Bench 4x10 @30kg DB
    Rear delt flys prone3x10 10kg
    Curls 3x10 @20kg

    Taking it easy this week body is feeling the last few weeks. Focus on actually doing some rehab on a niggly achilles so I can get a bit of running in to benefit basketball as well (3-5km type runs and some sprints)

  • Squats today 1x1 @90% RM. Mentally pscyd myself out and failed at the bottom. A bit disheartening. As I got it last week @93%

    Kettle bell swings 3x15@24kg
    Glute banded bridges 3x15
    RDL's 4x6 @90kg (these suck as im super immobile)
    Front Raises 3x10 @10kg

  • @Magpie_in_aus aw man, that's a bit stink bro. Happens to all of us at some point. Did you lose tension and get stuck in the hole?

  • @Paekakboyz Yup. Had tried positive talk prior as I was almost talking myself out of it. Have to come in strong next week. Aim for testing in 4 weeks is to maintain my previous 1RM as I was off squatting for abotu 6+ weeks late last year early this year.

    Still annoying considering I did 5kg more the week before. Oh well plus side enjoying deload week.

  • Chest 2nd session
    3x5 paused @100kg felt good
    Incline bench think was 35kg 3x10
    Bent rows DB: 40kg DB
    Flappy angels 3x10

    Today was DL: Felt good compared to last week was just one @90% which was 193kg came up easy.
    Curls 3x10 @20kg
    shoulder press 4x5

  • Bench on Monday:
    1x1 @122.5
    4x4 @115
    Pulls up 4x8 with green band
    3x10 dips
    3x10 Curls

    Squats: 1x1 @160kg went well after last weeks blow out was meant to be 166 but just get confidence back up
    2x4 @140kg 2x4 @145kg
    3x10 lat raises
    Flagged the rest of the workout had shit to do.

    Basketball tonight.

  • @Magpie_in_aus how did the bench 1RM feel? Do you mind me asking about your set up/check list? lol I'm all about the detail on bench these days, it's a far more technical lift than a lot of people think.

  • @Paekakboyz My 1RM in testing is 125kg but ive been programming off 135kg.

    1. Get arch in back, knees bent back
    2. Derack.
    3. Set Shoulders, big breath and brace core
    4. Try and drive heels at the same time into the ground but often harder at lower weights so been working on that a bit. Heavier weight try and do it before i begin the movement to keep everything braced. That has been helping me keep tension better.

    Been working on paused bench to help with technical stuff as you cant muscle through it when pausing and makes me drive through me heels harder.

  • @Magpie_in_aus nice. A couple of bits of food for thought from my exp.

    1. Get arch in back, knees bent back - try rotating your feet outward - massive difference in quad/glute engagement imo.
    2. Set Shoulders, big breath and brace core - once you've taken the load I kind of think it's too late to brace effectively - I've been trying to do this ahead of lifting the bar off
    3. Derack.
    4. Try and drive heels at the same time into the ground - see that tip above, that rotation helps me anchor without feeling like I am actively pushing up through my feet. Find that keeps my butt on the bench and limits any torso movement.

    I'd also add pull the bar apart as hard as possible - that's a great activator for shoulders and keeping things in place during the rep.

    lol the above is all broscience, but I've been picking up tidbits from some legit powerlifters and my PT in recent times.

  • Mid day session today in a rush had a bit on.
    2x8 @95kg bench
    2x8 @100kg

    Some core, bent over rows and scap work, banded straight arm pull downs
    Didnt have time for incline bench DB 4x10 will do tomorrow with deads

  • Had busy weekend didn't get deadlifts in.

    Had bench session today
    2x3 @121kg
    3x3 @115kg

    5x5 pullups (got 5/4/3/4/3.5) did them freeweight rather than use a band.
    4x8 dips

    had couple of other extras I will try do tomorrow.

  • Ate shit big time today. Hoping to get the video footage and will share it.

    Left leg is lots weaker than right for multiple reasons.

    Did 2x3 @160kg squats
    then 3x3 @150kg
    on my final rep I ate shit big time. Because my legs weaker I often tend to slide my weight onto my right and makes me unbalanced and I have failed forward a couple of times.

    Had a moveable rack on a lifting platform. Failed forward, feel into the rack had to lean forward and kind of throw it forward over my head so I didnt go down with it. Clipped the back of my head, weight went flying, rack feel over, lots of noises.

    Glad I was still standing as could have bloody broken my neck.

  • @Magpie_in_aus

    Fuck dude! that is scary shit. It's good to know how to bail, but it REALLY sucks when you are learning that for the first time. I had a similar experience with overhead pressing and being a muppet and not dropping the bar. Slammed it into my thighs and got massive bruising and a bit of a haematoma.

    Hope you are all good man!

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