• Push press yesterday 5x 8 with the last one meant to be AMRAP. Didn't AMRAP it as arms/shoulders were fucked from the day before probably could have done 20 anyway and weight was based off strict press.

    Snatch grip deadlifts 4x8 then 1x18 @97kg then bench 4x8 @ 84kg and some light front squats.

    Body is fucking tired.

  • Weekend off then?

    I did heavy deads this morning and worked up to decent doubles which I hadnt done for a while. Feeling pretty drained!

  • Yup going to watch the rugby tonight then gorge myself in a leather recliner at the New Star Wars movie.

    See how the body holds up for pick up b ball tomorrow!

  • Weekend off (apart from basketball). Today is a deload week. Was 3x2 at 80% of 1rm with pause at the bottom squats so about 120kg plus some warm up sets. Snatach grip high pulls and good mornings. Meant to do split squats but I don't have exchanged for box jumps.

    Feeling good after doing 120 as 140 was my 1RM just over 4 weeks ago. 120 Felt really easy.

  • Start of week 6 of 12 week block.
    Last week was a bit of a deload (3x2's on new predicted 1RM's)

    Previous 1RMs were 105kg bench, 140kg squat, 170kg dead. We did snatch grip deads so haven't changed predicted.

    Technique is coming along and becoming a bit more natural which is helping with the lifts.

    Last night squats : 2sets of 1 with 2 second pause @120kg then 5x5 @120kg. Good depth, no belt or anything.
    Did some Ecc deads, box jumps (i do instead of bulgerian split squats), snatch grip high pulls

    This morning: 5x5 Bench with a pause on the first rep of each set @100kg then 105kg for my last set which was my previous 1RM.
    Dips,pullups (banded for me) and was a couple of other exercises I ran out of time with.

  • Strict press: 4x5 @60kg 1x5 @65kg
    Front Squats (not main squat for the week): 3x5 @60 1x5@70kg
    Bicep curls: 3x20kg DB (missed it on tuesdays workout
    Muscle Snatch: 4x6 @40kg
    Kneeling (one knee on the ground) single arm shoulder press DB: 3x10 @15kg (left arm is shit house).
    Some shoulder stability exercises and core to finish.

    Deads tomorrow.

  • 5x5 deads @136 not an issue
    bench 4x10 @76kg
    bent over rows 4x8
    closed grip bench 4x8 @73
    Found all pretty easy. Time to raise above the % next week i reckon

  • 5 sets of 4 squats@85% . Still working on getting my cues right under heavier weight. did 130kg previous 1rm is 140kg
    Also did few slow Deadlifts
    box jumps
    snatch high pulls

  • 5x4 Bench @105kg which was my 1rm 6 weeks ago. Which is exciting.
    Also did some dips and pulls ups but didn't do a full workout as played 2 games of basketball last night as well.

  • @magpie_in_aus said in 1RM's:

    5x4 Bench @105kg which was my 1rm 6 weeks ago. Which is exciting.
    Also did some dips and pulls ups but didn't do a full workout as played 2 games of basketball last night as well.

    Nothing beats repping a weight you used to bust a blood vessel on just to lift once. Well done fella!

  • So last week was a deload week. I needed it. I am now repping my 1RM for bench, knocked my 1rm for squat out with a pause with some ease, and did 5kg increase on deadlift with not much struggle.

    Then went to NZ for a 3 day bucks weekend and have to hit the gym tonight. Fairly worried I will shit myself with squats tonight and possibly die. The 3 day hang over is real....

  • Good luck!! Maybe a tactical dump before squatting 😂

  • 5 sets of 3 @85% for squats so 127kg. I survived and was pleasantly surprised. Should be back in the game the rest of the week with a good sleep

  • 2 games of basketball on Wednesday (lost by one in both).
    Thursday: 3x3 @65kg strict press 1x3 @70kg (old 1RM)
    4x5 front squats @80kg (just accessory exercise)
    4x6 muscle snatches @ 40kg I think
    Some other rehab/core ex's

    Got deads today I think

    Excited a few more weeks before retesting.
    Hoping to get 190kg(170) dead 160kg(140) squat 120kg bench(105 current)

  • Deads: 5x3 @150kg pretty "easy"
    Bench: About 8 Sets have a sore shoulder so worked up really slowly. Did about 4x3 @90 and 1x3 @100
    Few Accessory exercises etc as well. Deads was Friday Bench Saturday.

    Gonna smash out some heavy 2's next week I think. Tighten up the diet last 3 weeks of the program to hopefully get good lifts and good rescan on the DEXA I got. Have had about 3 people say I am looking good (compared to previous)...haven't weighed myself since I started.

  • Squats: 4x2 @140kg my old 1rm. Had a few warm up sets too @60,80,100,120 so got some endurance in the legs coming along.

    Accessories as per usual.

    Improvement of the diet slowly on track. Looking to be less shit each day.

  • Cant work out the rest of the week so did strict press and deads tonight (thurs and Fridays workout) with a few other acc exrecises

    4x2 @70kg for press (old 1rm)
    4x2 @170kg for dead (old 1rm)

    1 more week of training until retesting

  • Last week before testing. Deloading again.

    built up to old 1rm of 140kg. did 2x1 and did paused sets of 2-3 @60,80,100,120,130 focusing on making sure technique was on point.

    140kg was pretty easy. Excited to see what next monday brings for testing. Want to get 150+ would be super stoked with anything around 160.

    Goals/stoked: Squat: 150/160
    Deadlift 190+
    Bench: 115/120 if should isn't playing up
    Strict press: 80

  • Was mainly just a 'keep the body moving' week with low reps and not that heavy weight. They said if it wasn't a paid gym they would have programmed in a rest week.

    Resting up this weekend then squats are the first test on Monday. Got a niggly to my knee playing basketball on Wednesday but should be all good.

  • I used to focus heaps on the 'big 3' but nowadays particularly past the age of 40 I'm much more about a mix of strength, explosiveness, flexibility and overall function. I can't remember the last time I had a proper hoon at benching or deadlifting, my best in both were 140kg and 230kg respectively yet I reckon I'm in better overall shape now than when I was going hard out with them. People have said I look better than a few years ago even though I haven't pushed tin as it were for quite awhile.

    I guess in one sense it's comparing Pine Tree Meads if he was suddenly transplanted into the ABs nowadays. For starters he'd be 6 or 8 as oppoaed to lock and whilst I doubt he ever saw a weight bench in his life his 'functional' strength would be through the roof ( although obviously the ABs do a lot of this compared to the gym freaks they encounter from England and S.A.)

    Just one example of course, I think any number of 85kg flankers from yesteryear would be trampled underfoot if Read, Vermuelen or Picamoles ran full tit at them off the back of a scrum....