• Did a climb up a mountain in the sunshine coast then basketball at night on Sunday. Legs I think suffered on Monday
    5x4 @85% so 136kg. Didn't feel that great in the warm up was last set failed on my 3rd rep. Not too bad at least shows I am probably at abotu capacity I think if I was fresh would have got the 5 sets out.
    Missed back session today will do it tomorrow. Its a 4 sessions per week program so MT TF ideally but can do between M-Sat.

  • @magpie_in_aus bro I've picked up a new squat mobility exercise. Not sure if you are already doing it, or something similar, as you sound right on the ball. It's working well for me and my PT reckons it def adds kilos!

    Band squats, with the band around mid-shin, rather than on the thighs. You set up and take a wide enough stance so there is decent pressure. Then hit pause squats (say 3 sec at the bottom) and drive your knees out as much as possible during the pause and on your way up. We did that with body weight, the bar then up to 60kg.

    Hip mobility is one of my weaker areas, and the difference afterwards is massive. Note: if you are actually mobile through the hips results may differ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I use to do my banded squats with bands just above knee on lower thigh but for last few months been placing the band below knee which I think is much better for me.

  • @Paekakboyz yeah if by mobile you mean stiff as a board. Will give it ago. Both positions are good for glute med activation and most people struggle with it in the deeper ranges to get it to engage and stabilise. I am far from a finished product and have lots of limitations in my lifts even just looking at the difference in weight between my squat and dead is bad 160 vs 210. Have some long issues in my left leg so its 20-30% weaker but need to keep chucking everything at it.
    Cheers for the reminder/motivation/tips.

    Ps never answered the wedding question....no bridesmaid went with my misses. Although have a long standing joke with the groom about his sister and i always call her out on it so was some good banter 'we are up next 2 for 1 wedding' 'we will hire the room next to yours on the wedding night' 'where are we going for our honeymoon'. My misses knows its all a bit of a laugh not sure her newish bf quite does which made it pretty funny.

  • @JK get that bad boy mid-shin and far out it does the trick. Especially when you start out under tension.

    @Magpie_in_aus, you are tracking well with your squat numbers, get some more mobility in there and they'll improve a lot I reckon. Plus you'll be less likely to damage yourself... well, that's the theory at least!!

  • Got through the rest of the week ok. Assissted pulls ups with other acc for Tuesday. Looking to start doing non assisted as at 110kg the red band is doing more moral support than anything else. Will test this week how many I can get for a set.

    Bench was fine 5x4 @105 not too much drama. Mixed with 4x10 @35-40kg DB incline and 3x max tricep PU was a good chest

    Deads: Still working on technique with heavier weight. 4x4 @180kg .

    Think this week is a deloading week (week 8 of this program I think) think its multiple singles @90%

  • Jesus havent posted in a while. Have still been working out. Missed maybe one workout but this week is deload week so pretty cruisey. Got testing next week. Not sure how I will go. Think my bench should go up (would love to go from 120 to 130kg).

    Deadlift was 210 if I got 220 I would be happy 225-230 would be really stoked.

    Squat havent been able to fully train it due to spraining my ankle at the start of the program so missed a couple of key volume sessions. Last 3 weeks squats been feeling ok though. Was previously at 160. 170-180 would be great.

    If I had 50kg improvement between the lifts I would be wrapped.

  • 177.5 for my new 1RM for squat. Pretty happy with it. Had nothing left when i attempted 180 but think if i tried it instead of 177.5 would have got it.

    Main thing is my mate went earlier in the day we both previously had 160 he got 175. When I hit 170 I was like lets make it 177.5 because I want to beat him.

    Bench tomorrow. Previous was 120 want to try hit 130

  • Hit 125 for bench was a lot better than my 120 last time couldn't quite get 127.5 up.

    Deadlift probably tomorrow or strict press undecided yet.

  • Best cheap pre workout supplements? Looking to buy some and want some cheap stuff thatโ€™s still good.

  • @yeahtheboys Not cheap but allows you to work out nonstop. Its called Meth. Its more pre-intra-post workout haha. Ive only recently started using it so can't help the one I use seems alright nice flavor but I don't have much stimulant stuff so they all give me a buzz.

    Years ago took mesomorph which got taken off the market quick. I took it once and never again. Was falling asleep on the couch mid afternoon....took a scoop ran to a xfit gym smashed a workout ran home then got invited to a netball game and played a full game. Then just died. Felt like I had taken drugs and even had a comedown. Was like hmmm something that does that much cant be too good for you. About a month later was off the market due to active ingredients.

  • In other news did deadlifts today. Only went up 5kg with that 210 to now 215kg. Was a better form deadlift than my 210kg last testing. Only a small gain and trained pretty hard would have loved 220 but wasn't to be. Will push some of the weights for the next program. Going test strict press and front squat tomorrow.

    New goals: 200kg squat, 230kg deadlift, 135kg bench. Got to get to work with it.

  • didnt work much on strict press this block. Increased 2.5kg (82.5kg) did front squat testing as well was pretty fucked got 115kg really needs work but havent worked that much either. Goals for next block.

  • Really shit training week this week. Did everything but was just meh from their programming. Think they are easing off a bit leading up till xmas working on a more body building program. That can fuck right off. This was first week after testing so getting the bodies back into doing a little volume but my GF and I both found it easy.

    If its similar next week I will be using last programs guidelines and my own knowledge for my weaknesses for acc exercises.

    Am putting the next 12 weeks into getting better at pull ups (want 10 by the end of the year) and getting better at nordic hamstring GHD curls. Suck at them but know they will benefit my squat and deadlift alot.

    Got a gym at my apartment so going to go every 2/3 days to use the recumbent leg press machine to get some single leg leg press in to work on my left leg.

    Weekly program will look like:
    Gym 4 days a week
    Basketball game 2x and pickup 1x
    Golf 1-2 times per week.
    Walk 13000+ steps a day.
    May start jogging to the gym but hot weather may prove otherwise.

  • Liked purely for golf 1-2 times per week. That will get the steps up!

  • ha ha I love that you are chasing improvements in your 1RM's while doing all that other stuff too!!

    Have you noticed any cross-over improvements in your sports from your gym gains? jumping higher, smacking the ball further etc??

  • Haven't noticed too much in basketball (jump in general is a little higher) need to drop 10 kgs and I think I will notice it more and work it back into my program for jumping as well.

    Golf im not sure. Only been back into it last few weeks. First few round were back in NZ with hired clubs so couldn't tell. Feel like im hitting my clubs a lot longer. Going to get some time at the range in some group coaching want to get some distance measures to confirm. At times when I played yesterday was scared because I was dropping an entire club (around 10m) and still went long a couple of times.

    Yeah increase the 1RM's is main goal. Other two are a bit of cardio and more enjoyment factor and good to get out on the course (apart from when its hot as fuck in Brisbane)

  • Still chugging along. Golf couple times a week, basketball couple times a week and gym 4 times which has been a mixed bag of stuff leading up to xmas at the powerlifting gym. Havent bothered posting up sets and reps as still trying to figure the pattern myself.

  • Hey I havent fallen off the wagon. Still been lifting up until 23rd dec then gym was more or less shut over the xmas period (powerlifting small gym). Got back into it on the second of Jan. First two weeks are just getting some weight moving again then start our next 12 week block on the 14th. Planning to go hard (injuries pending).

    Been playing golf everyday of my break and had a game of social basketball yesterday got comp starting back on next Sunday.

  • @Magpie_in_aus unless the gym is next door it's a hard time of year to keep momentum going. Even if it was I reckon I'd find an excuse ๐Ÿ˜

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