What are you listening to, right now................

  • OK, post clips of the stuff you are listening to right now.

    I am having a nostalgia moment and listening to Sam Cooke and the Staple Singers. Here are a couple of examples



  • Black Uhuru: Guess Whos Coming to Dinner

  • [video=youtube;KWEGXb2juvM]

    Here is the clip for everyone

  • I've been listening to a lot of Drag City artists recently - Silver Jews, Bonnie Prince Billy and Bill Callahan

    Not many vids around but here 's a fan made one for a Silver Jews song


    Might as well throw in some kiwi stuff. I was listening to the Verlaines for the first time in ages yesterday.. they really should have even more recognition in NZ


    Also been listening to a lot of Pavement/Stepehn Malkmus. I was lucky enough to see Pavement in 3 different cities this year :drinks:

    Here's Malkmus covering a Verlaines song in NZ (does he really need to read the chorus??)


  • On the car home today it was a Beatles day. Forty years on and no one has bettered the four boys from Liverpool.



  • Mellowing out for the evening with Nina & Billie



  • Aloe Blacc CMF


  • What's on my winamp playlist?

    New Laetitia Sadier track is quite nice:


    Lots of electro/minimal wave stuff, quite a bit of the poppy stuff:



    Tracks from the Carlos soundtrack:


  • Amon Dull II:


    Some metal and other shite. Lots of horror movie soundtrack stuff:


  • It always great to be introduced to new music,keep the contributions coming

  • [video=youtube;Hb2RuUuuoww]

    Tool - 46 & 2... in preparation for the BDO. Oh yeah!

  • The early years, Led Zep
    Autumn in new york, Charlie Parker
    Farewell Song, Janis Joplin
    Made in Japan, Deep Purple
    Nina Simone in Concert
    Live 1977, Marc Bolan

  • Nice Paekakboyz, a M4L pre-rugby staple that one.


    As the Dazed & Confused soundtrack is a current favourite


    Reliving my highschool days


    Topical, and so very awesome. Cliff Burton was awesome.

  • Just love the intro to this...

    ..and an unashamed rip off of early Who from the Len Price 3. Just because it's derivative doesn't mean it's not good.


  • Right now - Anjelique Kigjo


    Last year or so I have really been getting into music from the Putumayo label.

    Otherwise A Cordial Collision by Barry Charles and Haggis MaGuiness (I think its me walks in front of the camera )


    and Kniki and Mike Beale


    who saw at BOI Blues and Jazz Fest back in July are on a fair bit.

    I spent about 20 years not really listening to much music but in the last 2 years have converted 100 Gig og my old vinyl tape and CD's into mp3 formats and have been really enjying rediscovering all manner of artists from Blues, Classical, Prog Rock, Jazz, Dub, Electro, Hard Rock you name it.

  • I am in a mellow mood. Ray La Montagne


    a Gnarls Barkley cover


  • Dog Meat, love ol' school blues. Here is one of my favourites


  • [video=youtube;q1-zdU1cXjI]

  • Listening to some Shuggie on the way to work this morning. Clips of the man playing live are very few and far between and of poor quality but if you don't have this album already and like some blues ghee-tar then it's a must. Even more amazing that he was only 14 years old at the time of recording this.


  • Joey Cape, singer from Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut, has been releasing one song at a time of his acoustic stuff. I think it's fantastic.

    Bad Religion released "The Dissent of Man" recently, it's a very good album.

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