The China Study

  • Anyone read it? Just begun listening to it (listen to a lot of audio books). Its pretty daunting evidence. Im a physio so health related books with a evidence base get me very interested. Still a lot of hours of it to go but pretty scared I might have to confront some of the food I eat!

  • I have to admit not doing anything more than skim some of it. I am always sceptical about such "studies" that come out looking ideological. I have also skimmed a contrary viewpoint -

    A good example from this is the following from the poorly named Denise Minger:

    The data do show that cholesterol is positively associated with various cancers, that cholesterol is positively associated with animal protein, and that cholesterol is negatively associated with plant protein. So by indirect deduction they assume that animal protein is associated with cancers and that reducing intake is protective. But if you compare animal protein intake directly with cancer, there are as many negative correlations as positive, and not one of those correlations reaches a level of statistical significance. Comparing dietary plant protein to various types of cancer, there are many more positive correlations and one of them does show strong statistical significance. The variable “death from all cancers” is four times as strongly associated with plant protein as with animal protein. And Campbell fails to mention an important confounder: cholesterol is higher in geographic areas with a higher incidence of schistosomiasis and hepatitis B infection, both risk factors for cancer.

    Please note I make no assertions that either viewpoint is correct, just that there is always seemingly "proof" from the other side of things.

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