Reds v Highlanders

  • Highlanders

    1 Daniel Lienert-Brown
    2 Ash Dixon (c)
    3 Tyrel Lomax
    4 Jackson Hemopo
    5 Tom Franklin
    6 James Lentjes
    7 Dillon Hunt
    8 Marino Mikaele-Tu'u
    9 Kayne Hammington
    10 Lima Sopoaga
    11 Tevita Li
    12 Teihorangi Walden
    13 Rob Thompson
    14 Waisake Naholo
    15 Josh McKay

    16 Greg Pleasants-Tate
    17 Aki Seiuli
    18 Kalolo Tuiloma
    19 Josh Dickon
    20 Liam Squire
    21 Aaron Smith
    22 Josh Ioane
    23 Richard Buckman

    Not available: Thomas Umaga-Jensen (shoulder), Siate Tokolahi (Knee), Guy Millar (knee), Elliot Dixon (elbow)

    New look back row to take on the Reds in Brisbane

    The Reds, coached by former Highlander Brad Thorn, will face a Highlanders team with a new look back row and two All Blacks on their bench in the Saturday night showdown in Brisbane.
    All Blacks, Ben Smith, Luke Whitelock, Shannon Frizell and Liam Coltman are not included this week however Waisake Naholo will start in his normal right-wing spot while Liam Squire returns from his round three injury to take his place on the bench, he will be accompanied by Aaron Smith and Richard Buckman, who will be making his first appearance of the season. Lock, Josh Dickson and hooker, Greg Pleasants-Tate also come into the match day playing 23.
    An elbow injury to Elliot Dixon, sustained in last week’s game against the Waratahs, means a new look back row. James Lentjes will play in the blindside flanker position and Marino Mikaele Tu’u earns his first run on of the season. Teihorangi Walden returns to his midfield partnership with Rob Thompson and it will be a Highlanders’ debut for young fullback Josh McKay.
    “We have had a good training week and there is a real determination  amongst the group to meet the challenge on Saturday. The Reds in Brisbane are always a difficult prospect and their performance last week demonstrates their capabilities,” said assistant coach Mark Hammett.

  • Finally, the Buck Truck is back!

    Mikaele-Tu'u getting his first start and McKay his first cap as well.

    Will be interesting to see how Mikaele-Tu'u goes; no. 8 is his preferred spot.

  • Nil all after 15 minutes. Not the best of games thus far. Reds have had a few more chances, but managed to butcher them all by themselves.

  • Mikaele-Tu'u seems a lot bigger than last year.

  • Awful pass from Sopoaga, blew a try.

  • Lentjes off for a HIA.

  • Bugger.

  • WTF has happened to the Landers in recent weeks? Their scrum and set piece have turned to mush

  • @shadowtrooper Not sure. Too many changes in the line-up?

  • Rashivenge is such a shit ref, same as he was in Sevens.

  • You get sinbinned for an intentional knock on 45 metres out but Higgenfuckwit takes out a half back 1 metre out and penalty only?
    Fuck off

  • 5 penalties in the red zone and not even a talking to. Rasta can fuck right off back to sevens. Or under-7s

  • @siam but that penalty is nonsense. Highlanders had under resourced the ruck - in any fair world it is play on Reds ball.

  • Buckman that was shit

  • Naholo has been very average tonight.

  • @smuts What? Taking out the halfback?

    That's a penalty all day

  • Take the points!

  • I can't help thinking that the Landers are not as good as last year. That's a bit unexpected, as last year they had an awful lot of injuries and this year they have not.

  • Well, I saw today why DLB was not on the AB's radar. Many, many missed tackles and getting partially dominated by a fat kid that looks barely out of puberty

  • @stargazer

    Yeah last year they coped remarkably well with many injuries, a bit like the Chiefs this year, but the game plan demands high accuracy on attack which was lacking tonight.

    Certainly a few creaks and leaks there now


    With key players rested I'll fucken take that win!

    Reds kicking the ball away with 5 to go was flabbergasting.

    We're playing ugly but a win away and a break.

    Should have scored a try in the last 15 or so

    Smith was class. Made the win happen

    Ref is an example of how inconsistent law interpretations between refs is frustrating. Many base of the ruck turnovers were just players coming in from and up the side according to most interpretations

    Reds blew it really, and that's always funny

  • Is that 42:1?

  • @siam you’re right most refs would call it. But they’d be wrong. Genuine question: which rule applies?

    Those reds were attempting to win the ruck, Smith is the only Highlander on his feet over the ball - why can’t they play him?

  • @smuts I'm not across many laws in the modern game and, like many, I rely on observable patterns.

    Taking out the halfback with the ball at his feet nearly always results in a penalty, doing it off your feet like Higggenwankstain did might satisfy a law wording - I don't know, but on field interpretations seem to trump the rulebook these days and patterns are patterns

  • I must say I am super happy with the win! I was sure we were going to let this one slip before the game.
    Happy to see Squire back just adds an edge. Thought game changed when Aaron came on, just manages game so well you never feel worried, Sopoaga going isnt going to be a huge loss, its when Smith goes we will see issues.
    Set piece still a worry but again im just happy with a win.

  • @98blueandgold Yep me too. Very happy with the surprise win

  • @98blueandgold Yep, if any game highlights Smith's value to his team it's this one. They wouldn't have won without him.

    Sopoaga has been pants this year - what has happened to him?

  • love seeing those passes from Aaron Smith when it goes behind the dummy runner out to the next guy, this one was a shorted one to Squire but still a joy to watch.

  • Didn't see the game. In the pics I've seen it looks like they've ditched those appalling fluorescent yellow/green jumpers and reverted to the more normal green: would this be correct?

  • @shark nah, afraid not, still look like they've just finished a shift retrieving shopping trolleys

  • Bugger. Weird how they're so bloody hard on the eye on TV but in pics they look like the green they used to wear.

  • @nepia said in Reds v Highlanders:

    @98blueandgold Yep, if any game highlights Smith's value to his team it's this one. They wouldn't have won without him.

    Sopoaga has been pants this year - what has happened to him?

    Lost his aura since declaring he was heading overseas.

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