2018 June Internationals

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  • Scotland look to be about to run over Argentina...
    Rain starts, therefore... start playing turgid shit like Eng/SA? Aye, nae, that's when we'll start throwing it aroun, ya ken?

  • Well played Scotland. Took nearly every opportunity presented and created.

    Thrashed Argentina with some great tries.

    That wasn't the team which played the previous two weeks against Wales.

    Those two losses put the Argie heads in the shed.

    This weekend's loss will see them get hammered in The Championship.

    Sorry times in Argentina.

    Sons of the Disappeared.

  • I think one reason why the Argies are not playing well is because they're basically the Jaguares in another jersey. These guys don't get enough rest.

    The Pumas coach has resigned, so hopefully they can find a new head coach who can change things sufficiently to improve their game in time for the RWC.

    I just hope that this bad June Series from the Pumas doesn't lead to the Jaguares going backwards in SR. I like seeing them in the finals, even if they are unlikely to make it to the semis.

  • A few changes for the Scots but I'm scratching my head as to how they can go from a narrow loss to USA to an absolute hiding of Argentina.

    By golly they're gonna struggle against the Sanzar teams.

  • Finally caught the Argentina game

    alt text

    Los pumas "Hold my beer"

    Utterly disinterested in effecting a tackle

  • @machpants if that's meant to be Maradonna saying that then he's talking gibberish. Where are these "Falklands" you talk about?

  • @chester-draws said in 2018 June Internationals:

    @machpants if that's meant to be Maradonna saying that then he's talking gibberish. Where are these "Falklands" you talk about?


  • @chester-draws said in 2018 June Internationals:

    @machpants if that's meant to be Maradonna saying that then he's talking gibberish. Where are these "Falklands" you talk about?

    Here is a video I shot of the Falklands earlier, for your edification, they're a bit ESE of here - if you haven't seen much of the world.

    Also it's not Maradona the Madonna talking but the guy next to him 😉

  • Hi all.
    From a Scottish perspective our tour was all about Japan next year, there are few opportunities between now and then to see who we've got behind the front rank players if they take a tumble before our first game of the tournament.

    Scotland's front five in the Argentina game sort of resembles what we'd put out in a competition game, albeit only if WP Nel and the two Gray brothers aren't available. Playing our second choice hooker on the flank raised a few eyebrows, especially when we've got a genuine up and comer in Jamie Ritchie sitting on the pine, but that's Gregor Townsend for you. I guess he was looking at options within the limitations of the squad numbers allowed at the world cup.

    We were also looking at where we sit regarding depth across the backline, and to be honest it doesn't look great. Young George Horne at scrum half looks good, though very inexperienced. Likewise Son-of-Gav at fly half looks promising but green. Who knows wrt to the centres? They struggled against the US and ran a really poor Argentinian defence ragged, Huw Jones and Alex Dunbar won't be losing sleep over anything other than their injuries.

    Blair Kinghorn was a plus in the backline, he's gone from a callow Edinburgh fullback prone to the odd howler to a pretty useful attacking threat at this level, he turned 21 in January so there is still a lot more to come from him.

    Overall, Canada and Argentina were woeful, and so were we against the USA, who were good for their win.

  • @talisker Hi, long time no hear from you. I didn't see much of the Scots' tour but I did see some lovely tries against the Argies. Yeah, the Argies were poor defensively but you've still got to do the work and I have to say the vision, execution and handling for some of the tries would have had the attack coach purring. I'd count the US game a blip. You're allowed to have two blips on a tour, so England are looking good too. 🙏

  • @catogrande said in 2018 June Internationals:

    England are looking good too.

    Every silver lining has a cloud 🙂

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