2018 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby

  • The U19 squad has been named:

    alt text

    Text from post on HBRU FB:

    After being out watching club rugby over the past few months, the HB Under 19 coaches are pleased to be able to name their initial squad for 2018. This squad of young men met last night to have the programme, schedule, team information and possible rugby pathways presented to them - the start of the campaign!
    This initial squad includes all eligible local players - including a number of players who are already involved with the Magpie Wider Training Squad. Potential players of origin have not been included at this stage. Also, additional players may be added to the squad as the club season continues.
    Next steps for these boys is the strength and conditioning block - time to get fit and strong!
    Well done to the players selected - the journey starts here!

  • Subject to change:

    alt text

  • Apparently, there was a trial game between Hawke's Bay U19 and Hawke's Bay U18 on Wednesday (11/7). Oddly enough, the U18s won 38 - 24.

    This was the U19 squad:

    alt text


    It looks like all the better players didn't play.
    Lock Aiden Fleming (HRS) is a late addition to the initial U19 squad I posted on 8 June.

    I can't find a line-up of the U18 squad that played on Wednesday, but they also must have been without their best as there was a Hurricanes U18 camp this week in Napier.

  • 2018 Hawke's Bay Saracens squad




    Edited to add that I read in a comment on the squad naming that Josh Eden-Whaitiri has made himself unavailable.

  • Twenty five forwards and twenty backs seems to be an extraordinary number of players named in what is essentially the HB B Team. Looks like they will need two busses to get that squad to away fixtures! No TBW tends to indicate he is either injured or retired from representative play

  • @higgins TBW got injured during one of the early preseason games. My guess is that he's either still injured or didn't get enough game time to show he deserves a spot.

  • 2018 Hawke's Bay Tuis squad

    Hailey Baker - Taradale
    Kaitlin Bates - Taradale
    Laurae Blake - Clive
    Hanna Brough - Hastings R&S
    Kathleen Brown - Tech
    Natalie Cotton - Taradale
    Krysten Cottrell - Taradale
    Natasha-Dean Greville - Taradale
    Jamie Heather - Hastings R&S
    Kara Huata - Clive
    Chanel Huddleston - Tech
    Rebekah Hurae - Clive
    Lara Shanaia Kendrick - Clive
    Tori Iosefo - Tech
    Niamh Jefferson - Clive
    Emma Jensen - Hastings R&S
    Rawinia Puawai Mason - Tech
    Helen McGregor - Clive
    Te Maari McGregor - Clive
    Turuhira McIlroy - Clive
    Whitney Olsen - Taradale
    Danielle Pomare-MacKay - Clive
    Felicity Powdrell - Taradale
    Jennifer Simati - Tech
    Jasmine Taukamo-Apiata - Taradale
    Shaylee Tipiwai - Clive
    Ruruhira Whaitiri Yarnisae - Clive
    Amy Williams - Clive
    Davina Winiata - Tech
    Gemma Woods - Taradale

    Their first home game will be against Wellington on Sat 1 September in Napier.

    I recognise several names from previous years (including several long-time Tuis), but I wouldn't recognise many of them, nor do I know which positions they're playing in. All due to their games hardly being televised, so no opportunity to get to know the players.

    Two clear exceptions: former Black Fern Emma Jensen, who has played for the Bay before but played for Auckland in previous years. The other is a current Black Fern, Krysten Cottrell (who also happens to work for the HBRU as a women's rugby development officer). Laurae Blake has been in the BF environment (trial squad?), but not capped as far as I know.

    Big loss is one of the most talented players the Tuis had last year, Renee Holmes from Poverty Bay. I remember seeing a squad list from one of the other provinces with her name on it (I forgot which province).

    One big improvement is the number of players. Last year, there were games in which they couldn't even fill the bench because of injuries or other reasons. Now, they finally have a decent sized squad. Not sure what the reason is, because there weren't more women's teams in club rugby (only 4). Hopefully, the quality of the squad has improved as well, because they were dreadful last year (last place in the Championship).

  • Found on Twitter: there are three preseason games today. Only the Saracens play at home.

    • Hawke's Bay Saracens v Poverty Bay @ Tremain Field, Napier (k/o 2.30pm)
    • Hawke's Bay Tuis v Taranaki @ Lincoln Park, Ashhurst (k/o 1.00pm)
    • Wanganui Dev v Hawke's Bay U19 @ CET Arena, Palmerston North (k/o 1.00pm)

    This is the Saracens line-up.



    Because the Saracens named such a large squad for the season and decided to take 28 players for today's preseason game, the Hawke's Bay Māori team Te matau a Māui lost 9 of their players for their game that was scheduled for today. According to their FB page, also two of their players earned contracts to play in France and Italy. So they didn't have enough players for the HB Samoa v HB Māori game, which had to be cancelled as a result. I understand this was their only game planned for this year, with no regional games taking place this year. They're trying to get funding for next year.

    Edit: Te matau a Māui also had a lot of injured players (from last weekend's promotion/relegation game).

  • There look to a about half a dozen Samoans in that B Team and that doesn't seem to have been an impediment to being prepared to front up.

  • @higgins I don't know. Maybe the HB Samoan team has a bigger player pool and are better organised because they have an actual competition to play in? For the HB Māori team this was a one-off game.

  • I've been able to find the results of two of the three preseason rep games:

    Hawke's Bay Saracens 62 - 12 Poverty Bay
    Wanganui Dev 38 - 25 Hawke's Bay U19

  • The remaining preseason result from Saturday:

    Hawke's Bay Tuis 43-12 Taranaki Women

  • Rep rugby weekend 18-19 August:

    Preseason games - Sat 18/8:
    1.00pm: Hawke's Bay Tuis v Manawatu @ Tremain Field, Napier.
    2.00pm: Wanganui v Hawke's Bay Saracens @ Marton Park, Marton
    2.30pm: Wellington Samoa v Hawke's Bay Samoa @ Tawa Rugby Club.

    U19 Seeding Tournament - Central Region - Sunday 19/8
    11.30am: Wellington U19 v Hawke's Bay U19 @ Westpac Stadium.


    This is the U19 Extended Training Squad as posted on 10 August. I haven't seen a final squad.


    I think it's the same squad as posted on the Magpies FB page yesterday (what's up with announcing squads in sometimes difficult to read gifs/videos?).

  • That's more like it. Tomorrow's U19 squad for the seeding game against Wellington. That'll be a tough game.


  • @stargazer Does 'Player of Origin' mean a player who's based in another province but is from the Bay?

  • @nepia I haven't seen the regulations applicable to U19 rep teams, but if they're the same as those for the Heartland Competion, this is what the Heartland Regs say (note what it says under d):


  • @Nepia A quick google search tells me that both Nikau McGregor and Nathan Giles attended Napier BHS.

  • @stargazer said in 2018 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby:

    That's more like it. Tomorrow's U19 squad for the seeding game against Wellington. That'll be a tough game.


    Oh dear, an 11.35am kick off looks to be a bit of a challenge getting out of bed in time to get there for kick off. With a bit of luck there will be a free entry for early comers, gatekeepers and spectators in particular!

  • @higgins Yeah, it's the curtain raiser to the Wellington v Otago Mitre 10 Cup game, which starts at 2.05pm.

  • From the HB Facebook page:

    The HB Under 19 game on Sunday is going to be broadcast live on radio. In Wellington it will be on 1161AM, and we are hopeful that it will be simulcast in Hawke's Bay on 94.3FM. Listeners can also live-stream the commentary on http://www.teupoko.co.nz/

  • Two results from today:

    Wanganui 19 v Hawke's Bay Saracens 34
    Wellington Samoa 41 v HB Samoa 27

  • Our U19s are being butchered in Wellington. 3 tries in the last 10 minutes. 😣

    26 - 0 Wellington

  • Half time:

    Wellington U19 (40) v (0) Hawke's Bay U19

    They started well, but couldn't get past the Wellington defence. But lots of handling errors and the last 20 minutes it was all Wellington. Disappointing.

  • @stargazer said in 2018 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby:

    Half time:

    Wellington U19 (40) v (0) Hawke's Bay U19

    They started well, but couldn't get past the Wellington defence. But lots of handling errors and the last 20 minutes it was all Wellington. Disappointing.

    Jesus H. Christ ...

  • Apparently, a much better second half from our U19s. What I took from the commentary (I didn't listen the full game) is that McClutchie had a good game; Toala several breaks, but also dropping the ball several times. The commentators called left wing Nathan Giles a promising player.

    Full time: Wellington 47 - 7 Hawke's Bay

  • Obviously a much better second half - any wind factor?

  • @number-10 Not much wind in Wellington at the moment. Excellent conditions for rugby.

  • Chainsaw was at the game with his camera so there might be some shots put up on his chainsawphotos.co.nz website sometime in the not too distant future

  • Yep I was there, sorry should've posted this earlier.
    My photos of the U19 game v Wgtn here-

  • Result:

    Hawke's Bay U19 31 - 12 Manawatu U19

  • @stargazer said in 2018 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby:


    Hawke's Bay U19 31 - 12 Manawatu U19

    If we can beat the Hurricanes Heartland team in the next match it will confirm our appearance in the top division of the Jock Hobbs tournament for the first ever time. Overdue.

  • @number-10 Hmmm, yeah, although after being smashed by Wellington last week, I'm afraid we might get crushed in the top division.

  • I was at the game last Sunday and agree we got demolished, at least on the scoreboard. What not many people will know was that about five players had been subbed off within the first 20 minutes which obviously upset things. Whether that was injury related (at least a couple were) or simply because of the scoring blitz Wellington were handing us will never be known outside of the team environment.
    I did not have a programme so do not know whether there were any changes to the HB Team published beforehand. I have only seen Denny Toala play once previously ( Well Coll v HBHS) and the guy playing 2nd five on Sunday did not really look like the way my memory of him was. Physically he looked a lot bigger and he certainly did not exhibit the same things on the field anyway. The second five reminded me of the days of Hallum Kupa, some nice breaks/half breaks but not looking for his supporting players when needed, also some rather ineffective chip kicks were returned with considerable intertest by Wellington.
    There were a couple of guys in the 22 and 23 jerseys that came on and did draw my attention with some nice jinking runs but by then the game was well and truly lost and Wellington had also run on their entire bench during the second half.
    Lincoln McClutchie (or whoever it was at first five) looked accomplished and scored a nice solo try underneath the crossbar after cutting through the defence early in the second half. Might have to do a bit of work on his punting as some of his kicks did not travel all that far but a lot of the time the defence was up on him quickly and he was receiving back foot ball so that probably contributed.

    It must be remembered that a number of others that could have been run out actually turned out on Rugby Park in Invercargill about two hours after this game finished. I also heard that one of the players also fronted for HB Samoans the day before so that would not have helped much.
    All in all whilst extremely disappointing (more so after losing a jug to one of the guys that fronted for Wellington!) it must be remembered that Wellington did play very well and scored a couple of long range tries. Not the best return for the $25.00 game entrance it cost me but it was a HB rep team playing and it was my duty to be there to support them no matter what.

  • Try highlights of yesterday's U19s game (found on FB).

    A solid performance by the boys today - getting up over Manawatu 31-12. JJ Scales was strong up front, Lee Moleli added good impact off the bench, Nathan Giles was strong on defence, and Luke Johnson was always a threat on the flank.
    Tries were scored by Jacob Devery, Josiah Tavita-Metcalf, JJ Scales, Lincoln McClutchie and Luke Johnson. Lincoln added 3 conversions
    Players player was JJ Scales.

  • This was the squad they posted on FB yesterday morning, not long before the game.

    alt text


    No Danny Toala.

  • @stargazer Thanks for that. I think Clerk Kopelani was one of the guys I was referring to wearing the 22 and 23 jerseys mentioned above.
    EDIT After watching the highlights he was one of the players

  • Rep games 1 September 2018

    12.00pm: Hawke's Bay Samoa v Horowhenua-Kapiti Samoa @ Bill Brown Park, Palmerston North
    Edit: Horo-Kap has defaulted

    1.00pm: Hawke's Bay Tuis v Wellington Pride @ Tremain Field #1, Napier

    1.00pm: Hawke's Bay U19 v Hurricanes Heartland U20 @ Tremain Field #2, Napier

    2.30pm: Hawke's Bay Saracens v Wellington Māori @ Tremain Field #1, Napier


    Tuis squad v Wellington


  • The HB squads for the other games would be appreciated, at least for me anyway, if you can track them down for us thanks Stargazer.

  • Saracens squad


  • U19 squad


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