Fatties: Red Bull log

  • current weight: 99kg,
    goal weight: 95 kgs by the end of March.

    I did pre-empt this challenge by starting my fitness regime about 2 weeks ago, and already I've gone from 101kg down to 99 in that time.

    What I'm looking to achieve:
    Firstly I need to rid myself of the nasty pudgey beer gut. I suppose this comes down to burning more than I eat. Secondly, I'd like to get aerobically fitter so that my body is healthier, and so that I can run for an entire game of touch footy, which is a weekly thing throughout the year. Thirdly, I'd like to get back some of the acceleration off the mark I had in my earlier days, which is obviously an asset for my touch footy.

    The sessions involve a 12 minute run down to my local rugby park, then I do 3 sets of:

    start at one try line of the rugby field, sprint to the nearest 22m line, jog back to the try line, sprint to halfway, jog back to the try line, sprint to the opposite 22m line, jog back to the try line, then sprint to the opposite tryline. I then do a quick set of 20 pushups and 20 crunches, followed by a 1.30 minute rest. Then into the next set and so on.

    After 3 x gruelling sessions, I run back home, taking another 12-15 minutes, as I'm obviously going slower than I did on the way to the park. All up, the session lasts about 40 minutes.

    So here's my plan:
    Monday: 1 hr 20 min game of footy
    Tuesday: jog & sprint session. Pushups and crunches
    Wednesday: 1 hr 30 tennis game
    Thursday: jog & sprint session. Pushups & crunches
    Friday: jog & sprint session

    Additional to the exercise component, I will cut back on the fatty foods & drinks like chips, fatty nibbles, crap food like Macca's, Hungry Jacks, etc. and I have also replaced 'Bundy rum and coke', with 'Bundy rum, fresh lime and soda', sounds gay I know, but it's a far more healthy and delicious alternative.

  • OK, an update: last nights 1 hr 20 min touch footy game saw me disturbingly lethargic and lacking spark for the first half hour, but as the game wore on, the pace and energy I've been striving to develop gradually returned. Don't know why it took so long to get into the swing of it, 'cos I didn't have a big weekend or anything?  :nta

    Also, my pace in the clear was less than I would've expected, and I wonder if maybe my sprint sessions need to involve a high speed knee-lift run-through component to help further develop the fast twich fibres. I might work that into my sessions somehow, so I'll get back to you on that.Â

  • [b]21/02/06[/b]:

    ran down to the park and put myself through 3 strenuous sprint sets as described above, along with 20 pushups and 20 crunches between each set.

    The added another sprint set that I've adapted from my track & field sprint training days. I started at one try line of the field, jogged to the 22m line, then when I got there, I started the rapid knee lift as fast as I could to the halfway, then went back to jogging till I got to the other 22m line, then went as hard and high as I could with the rapid knee lift again through to the opposite try line. This roots you quite quickly.

    I did 2 of these sets on top of the 3 sets described above, then ran home, bringing the total exercise time to around 45 minutes.

  • [quote]OK, an update: last nights 1 hr 20 min touch footy game saw me disturbingly lethargic and lacking spark for the first half hour, but as the game wore on, the pace and energy I've been striving to develop gradually returned. Don't know why it took so long to get into the swing of it, 'cos I didn't have a big weekend or anything?  :think:[/quote]

    Dunno your age or previous fitness levels, Red Bull, but that's quite an intense exercise regime to start from cold if you aren't a really 'young thing'.  I'd bet you're feeling the effects of a bit of overtraining.  Try easing off/change the routine to add a rest day in the middle of the week - if not 2.  I like to only do hard sessions every other day, even though the obsession hits and you want to go at it every day.

  • yeah thanks Death, so you know.... I'm 29 and I'm not what I would call a completely fat unfit slob, because even before I started my regime 2 weeks before MvJ's inspirational call to arms, I was playing tennis and touch footy weekly already. Certainly, the first week I started I was going pretty easy, not overdoing things (well it didn't feel like it? :nta). That first week I was definitely a bit sore and stiff, but now I'm building up a bit each week, and feeling pretty good.

    I was actually supposed to be playing tennis (I treat it as one of my rest day) as I write this, but the other useless sods I play with pulled out. I now don't know whether to go on my normal sprint thing, or just have a rest for tonight?

    Will decide as I drive home. Hope I don't smell the fish and chip shop on my way past it, that will put an end to any of tonight's aspirations for sure. 😁

  • [b]22/02/06[/b]

    very proud of myself, after the cancellation of my scheduled tennis game last night, I worked on at the office till 7.30 pm, then instead of dropping into the fish and chip shop on my way home as I'd feared I might, I got home and donned the running kit and went off for another jog/sprint session, which lasted 40 minutes. Then whipped up a quick stir-fry which was laden with vegies....a far better option than the dreaded batter bombs.

    I think tonight, I'll take it easier as Death suggests, so as to avoid any overtraining issues.

  • [b]27/02/06[/b]

    Having had a lay-off of sorts over the weekend due to the need to attend an out of town wedding, I got back into things last night with another game of touch footy in the humid drizzle of Brissie. The game was not well attended due to other regulars shying away from a rainy game....fucking softcocks. As a result there was a lot more running to do, and the game went for 1 hr 20 min, meaning I was pretty rooted after it.

    After spending the first 5-10 minutes shaking off the after effects of the weekends activities, I noticed that my sprint training is starting to show some results, with a number of dashes requiring my full acceleration, and pleasingly the result was a glorious 3 try performance, including the match winner.

    Tomorrow, it's back to the drudgery of running. Still the same 98 kgs, which indicates perhaps I've still got some work to do on my diet. :nta

  • [b]28/02/02[/b]

    last night, went for my usual jog down to the footy park and did 3 sets of my usual 22-50-22-100 sprints routines, with 20 pushups/20 crunches in between each set. Then, with the remaining energy left in the tank, set about doing 2 sets of the following: jog from the tryline, and when I hit the 22, I'd go "hammer down" with an absolute 100% 'all I've got' sprint to the half way, then jog to the other 22, and then go flat strap to the tryline. I really put all my effort into running as fast as I possibly could, and found that when I'd done 2 of these, I nearly fucking collapsed. Took a few minutes to regather my composure, and jog slowly home.

    My struggles might have had something to do with the numerous cigs I monstered over the weekend. :shifty: Very bad Bull!

    Tonight is my tennis night, but the grey skies in Brisbane at the moment has this much anticipated weekly event in grave danger.

  • [b]1/03/06[/b]

    ended up getting in 3 sets of frenetic tennis last night, with Red Bull opting for the Rafter-style, serve-volley approach only a lot less graceful that the great man Paddy. Actually my tactics seemed to work quite well because the opposition were laughing so hard at my lack of style.  😁

    It was a welcome change from the pain of sprint training, but tennis is still good because it goes for an hour and a half.

  • RB, I am curious: If the doc thinks your eyesight isn't the greatest for rugby, then what the hell are you doing having someone launch tennis balls at you? :neutral:

    Only thing I can think of is you can still wear glasses and/or contact lenses ....

  • No Nick, it's not that my actual sight isn't good enough, it's that because I'm very short shighted, with the added disadvantage of astigmatism, my eyes are of an unusually [i]elongated shape[/i], and consequently, according to my opthalmologist, my eyes are quite vulnerable to [i]detached or torn retinas[/i] with big hits to the head or eyes.

    A further impediment to playing rugby: I am no longer permitted to wear contact lenses after my eyes reacted to my contact lenses several times, and resulted in small corneal ulcers, which if left unchecked, or untreated, could have blinded me. As a result, it's glasses only for me now.

    But I can see perfectly well with my glasses. Also, tennis is not a sport that I would treat as dangerous in any way, and even if my reflexes weren't fast enough to avoid a ball in the head (highly unlikely 😁), my glasses would protect my eyes from actually getting the ball squarely in the eye.

    Also, touch footy is fine, but I stopped playing indoor cricket because I realized a cricket ball in the eye would not be a good thing for me in my situation.

  • And wearing a helmet while fielding is poor form

  • correct, I didn't want to look like Simon Katich fielding in close.

    Nah, what tipped me over the edge as far as indoor cricket goes, was when I was batting in a game with a really big, powerful-hitting mate of mine, I was at the non-strikers end, my mate flat-batted the ball so hard back down the pitch, the bowler had no time to even move, let alone protect himself, and was hit in the head with the ball. Consequently, the bowler was taken off with a profusely bleeding face, and a badly shattered nose. All my mate could do was apologise, and continue to flail the bowling attack. The point is, the ball could easily have hit me in the eye. :nta

  • Indoor cricket is for suicidal, or homicidal, maniacs. It should be played with a plastic bat and a tennis ball.

  • Correct MvJ, and there was certainly no shortage of this personality type where I used to play at one northern Brisbane indoor sports centre. Bogans of the lowest order seem attracted to indoor cricket like flies are attracted to a fresh, steaming, moist dog pooh.

  • [quote name='Red Bull']
    Bogans of the lowest order seem attracted to indoor cricket like flies are attracted to a fresh, steaming, moist dog pooh.

    Yeah; a mate of mine used to umpire indoor cricket and was paid handsomely to do it (as far as student jobs go). I expressed an interest (it's like rugby refereeing, only done from the comfort of a chair and with a loudhailer). However he said he hated it because all the players were bogans (and therefore abusive, ignorant twats).

  • [b]6/03/06[/b]

    weekly touch footy game last night which stretched for 1 hr 25 minutes thanks to a very drawn battle for "last try wins". I was a bit disappointed to find that I got reeled in on 2 occasions by younger, fitter, faster blokes who wore those piston wristed gibbon 'grass cat' boots. These other tossers are getting a little too serious in my opinion. I'm still the only regular player who refuses to wear any footwear at all while playing touch footy. I just feel a little faster without shoes/boots, as I need every bit of help I can get. Because it's long, soft grass, I can't see it is harming me at all.  :nta

    Anyway, it'll be back to my usual sprints tonight, which as MvJ would say, I am looking forward to about as much as a turd on toast.

  • [quote name='Red Bull']
    I was a bit disappointed to find that I got reeled in on 2 occasions by younger, fitter, faster blokes who wore those PistonwristedGibbon 'grass cat' boots. These other tossers are getting a little too serious in my opinion.

    Isn't NTA looking to buy a pair of those?Â

  • [quote name='Red Bull']
    I just feel a little faster without shoes/boots, as I need every bit of help I can get. [/quote]

    News flash - grass shoes are grippier than your feet hillbilly

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie'] News flash - grass shoes are grippier than your feet hillbilly

    yeah, yeah.....laugh it up, you sophisticated git 😁

    Tell me Nick, what weighs more: half a shoebox full of oxygen, or a pair of size 11 grass shoes with a sole an inch thick? :nta It's the weight I'm more interested in, and normally the track is dry, so the traction I'm used to is generally capable of defeating most defences.

  • And getting your sorry arse run down by gits in sophisticated shoes The amount of power you gain with the extra grip should easily account for the weight

    I tried playing touch in runners, not thinking about the amount of dew you get in the middle of winter even at 8PM Fell over on my sorry arse twice and got penalised for playing off the mark another time because I'd just slide forward a meter :2funny:

  • well Nick, getting my sorry arse run down happens so rarely that i don't consider it a big enough issue to warrant the purchase of shoes that make me look like a sophisticated, highly competitive twat like like these younger blokes.

    But you raise some fair points, which is rather unlike you On really dewie or rainy nights, maybe I could pack my old footy boots to gain the extra grip required, just in case? :nta

    Occasionally I pull the old Adidas World Cups out and have a run, but it feels like I have besser bricks tied to my feet, only because of what I'm used to though...these boots are feather-weight.

  • Good for your legs - think of it as a weights workout

  • geez, this is a bit embarrassing that I should use a pair of footy boots as a weights workout.  They'd weigh about, what...300 grams? Holy shit, this is pathetic. :shifty:

  • What happened to the besser blocks?

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    What happened to the besser blocks? [/quote]

    If you keep up the smartarse attitude, I'll throw them through the windscreen of your car. :twisted:


    Usual sprints again last night, with a jog to the park, 3 x aforementioned sprint routines, with 20 pushups/20 crunches in between each, followed by 2 x shorter sharper sprints as mentioned in my 28/02/06 log. Trundled home. the session again lasted about 38 minutes. I had 2 smallish ham, lettuce, tomato, avocado rolls for dinner, and rewarded myself with one small bundy, lime and soda to replace lost sugars

    One point I'd like some feedback on please: is it good to be still sweating from your excercise after having a cold shower and dinner an hour or more after the end of the exercise session? I have no idea how hot it was last night, but it was very humid in Brisbane. I'm thinking as long as I keep pumping the water into myself after finishing, sweating shouldn't be too much of an issue should it? :nta

  • No it will be OK. I find that you shouldn't have the shower as soon as you get home because you're still pouring heat onto your body and convincing it that it needs to sweat by raising core temperature and humidity. My post-ride/walk/gym session is basically:

    • get home and throw down 500mL cold water.
    • take off sweaty garments - yes down to buck naked if you feel comfortable that way
    • grab another 500mL cold water and find a cool place to walk around in while sipping - this is either outside (where the neighbours can't see) or if its too hot outside, in front of a fan or in an air conditioned room. The walking is just so you're not sitting still and potentially cramping up
    • Once you've got to a point where the sweat is basically dried you've cooled down sufficiently - time for a shower

    After the shower get around in boxers because in the Brissie humidity covering your body up will simply make it heat up and sweat.

  • yeah Nick, I pretty much do all those things you mention, except the buck naked part. It was half an hour after I got back from running before I even jumped in the shower, but even then I was sweating as soon as I got out. Must just be the heat, as the house gets shut up all day, and is often like a sauna when I get home.

    Got my tennis again tonight, which is something to look forward to. I have a habit of racquet-throwing tantrums, but since buying a new racquet, I've become a lot more selective in when I chuck a MacEnroe moment. 😁 My mates call me "the mad racquet thrower from Kenmore" :nta

  • Lower the temperature of your shower then. In ambient heat you're always going to sweat like a bastard so you'd probably do better to have another litre of water after the shower....

  • I have a cold shower after I exercise, but only then after waiting some time for the sweating to stop. Obviously the longer I can parade around the house naked the better as far as MvJ is concerned.

    There is nothing worse than exercising, having a long cold shower, drying off and still sweating. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  • well Miller, count yourself lucky you don't live in the warmer, humid climes of Queensland then.

    I have that problem after every exercise session I do in summer, even when I wait for half an hour before having the cold shower...but I am a pretty sweaty person :shifty:

  • [quote name='Red Bull']
    but I am a pretty sweaty person :shifty:

    Thank you for sharing that...

  • [quote name='Miller V Jackson']
    [quote name='"Red Bull":l5be5pl0']
    but I am a pretty sweaty person :shifty:

    Thank you for sharing that...

    oh shit, come on Emma, it's not nearly as offensive as a particular TSF poster, turned fastbusting moderator telling us he's going home to masturbate himself almost to death.

  • Judging from my press-up abilities ascertained tonight, I need wrist and elbow strength. Which means more of that, and some heavy elbow bending at the pub as well...

  • thank you for sharing that with us 😁


    tennis last night which went for 1 and a half hours. Was good to have a run around, but my form was as shit as a shit burger wrapped in 2 big pieces of shit, with plenty of woeful shots played, and lots of explosive and volatile tantrums from me. One blowup even saw my racquet accidentally fly out of the court, over the fence, and onto the top of the enclosed cricket nets adjoining the tennis courts. It was a hell of a job retrieving the fucking thing, and this caused another Red Bull tantrum when I had to climb up onto the cricket nets to get it. A tough job because I'm surely not a monkey.

    I was, however, happy with my speed around around the court, which might be a product of all that fast-twitch fibre training. :nta

  • It's good that you are still sweating/or hot that long afterwards. To me, that means your metabolism is high and still burning away.

  • thanks for that bit of reassurance Kirwan, I've been ....ahem ....[i]sweating[/i] on someone putting that spin on the issue. 😁

  • Bit of a grumpy possum on the court eh? You need a contact sport

  • maybe just a touch, yeah. :shifty: 😁 I just get pissed off with my own performance....when I don't play as well as I know I can.

    Fucking oath I need a contact sport. I miss the proper rugby [i]so[/i] much!

  • [b]09/03/06[/b]

    another sprint session last night, cruised down to the park, did 2 sets of the 22/50/22/100 routine, with 20 pushups/20 crunches after each set, then did 2 sets of jog 22m, sprint 22 m, jog 22m, sprint 22m. Polished it off with another set of 20 pushus/20 crunches, then trundled home a little the worse for wear. Total duration of the session was just under 40 minutes.

    As a side issue: my mother tells me I'm looking considerably fitter than a month or so ago, and I haven't pulled out the measuring tape to confirm or deny any improvements.

    All my good work this week is likely to be undone at a wedding I have to attend in northern NSW, especially as it's a day-time thing which normally requires copious amounts of beer to be consumed.  :nta

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