Chocks away - 2011 training - your time starts... now...

  • The final booze up for the silly season over - my 40th on Saturday night, now time to buckle down and start training and eating like I mean it again!

    [B]MONDAY 10th[/B] : Weigh in this morning. 94.5kg, bf%12.9

    Gym session this morning shoulders, followed by 20 minutes cardio, 10 on the treadmill and ten on the cycle. Tonight while Ness rides her GG I'll use shanks pony and walk the hills with her - that'll be an hour + cardio session to finish the day.

    While the body is a touch softer (I feel FAT), and I am only 3 kilos away from where I started this bb lark 2 years ago, it's certainly a lot leaner than way back then, and the belt is only 1 notch out from when I am running along at 80. And I still have abs!

    Looking to get back to the mid to high 80s in the next few weeks, so when it comes time to lean down for comp I am not starting too far out!

  • ha ha I was going to say 94.9kg!! you fat bugger!! ha ha nice work on avoiding rounding as well ; )

    You've got all that exp to draw on now so we'll expect some big results in 2011!

  • Is Mrs Bartman going to compete this year?

  • I didn't get the weight right - 94.5, so bonus 400g...!!

    Had a good break, good booze up on Saturday, and ready to go - amping in fact, and won't take long once off the grog for the weight to drop, probably. Might have a set back at the sevens though...

    [B]TUESDAY 11th[/B]
    Back workout this morning, followed by 20 minutes on the bike. Last night walked as Mrs B rode her horse around the back of the farm over some gnarly hills. However we won't do that again, as poor old horse was covered with ticks when we got back, so a 40 minute hill climb and trundle down again, followed by an hour and a half de-ticking the old girl. Pity, as a really nice ride with top views of Whangamata - lucky i took my camera, as we won't get those photos again!

    Hooroo, nope, Ness not going to compete this season, going to have a season off, just hit the weights and get some age into the muscles that she has developed! Horse is also in foal, so will be firing out a pup around the same time as the Nationals next season. So it looks as if I'll be flying solo come Nats and Welly in the weeks before.

  • [quote name='BartMan']Hooroo, nope, Ness not going to compete this season, going to have a season off, just hit the weights and get some age into the muscles that she has developed! Horse is also in foal, so will be firing out a pup around the same time as the Nationals next season. So it looks as if I'll be flying solo come Nats and Welly in the weeks before.[/QUOTE]

    OK that is either a shocking metaphor for Ness being pregnant or you actually own a horse?? I don't think it is the latter so a MASSIVE congratulations!! That is awesome news.

    Funnily enough I was just wondering this morning if you two were going to have more kids. Spooky.

  • nah mate, we DO have a horse, and it's in foal, our breeding days are over!

  • Oh ha ha!! Oh well, nice one all the same!


    AM - Gym session - chest, followed by 10 minutes bike, 10 minutes cycle. Feeling a million percent better too, third day of eating clean and you can feel the difference as your body clears the deck of all the shit that has been going into it for the last couple of months!

  • [B]THURSDAY 13TH[/B]

    First attempt at 'the BEAR' exercises. Modified slightly, no press behind neck, just do the in front of neck press, and squat sequence twice, so still 2 squats and 2 presses per exercise. Anyway. Did four sets, with 7,4,5,4 reps. Minutes rest in between, 55kg for all sets. Lungs almost blowing out of the room at the end of each. Have decided on my next hit out once I am too shagged to do the second squat and the second press, I'll just do the one, so I still finish 7 reps, just that some will be half reps.

    After the Bear jumpe into the smith machine and squatted 4 sets, with feet well forward, deeep, long pause at bottom. Then four sets of of shoulder press in Smith machine, with a four second decent, then 3 sets of lat raises to finish the weights - 20 minute cycle to finish.

    Was ready for bed at the end, not for work!!

  • FRIDAY was biceps and triceps day - 20 cardio afterwards. Walk with Horse and Ness in the afternoon.

    SATURDAY - chest again, 20 minute cardio and after work watching cricket and then the Sandrta Bollock movie Blindside, was cool.

    SUNDAY - morning walked the Wentworth Valley waterfall track, about an hour there and back, just over.

    tomorrow, the bear is back baby... gonna do 7s this time out if it kills me - mentally get on top, and the body will follow...

  • MONDAY 17th weight 91.8kh - BF 12.9%

    Attacked 'the Bear' again this morning, and again, it won. Same weight - 55kg. Managed 7,6,5,5,3 this time out. Followed again by Smith machine squats, and smith machine shoulder press then lat raises, 20 minute cycle to finish.

    The bear, I think I'll beat it by not pausing at the clean when I start getting tired. That killed me. Thursday I'll un-cage the Bear again...

    Finished yesterday with a walk while Ness rode with a friend - ended up being just under 2 hours. Much easier on a horse I am sure!! but all good as the weight comes back under control. Hope for sub 90 by next week - certainly feeling a lot better after just 7 days of clean eating.

  • TUESDAY 18th. Sleep in! Then rugby training on the beach - many shuttles, press ups and lots and lots of running in soft sand - an hours worth of calf muscle mayhem!

    WEDNESDAY 19th: Gym in the morning - beach muscle day - biceps and triceps! 20 minute Cardio to finish. Mixed netball tonight, weather permitting. That's gonna hurt.

  • TURSDAY and FRIDAY a couple of days off - batteries of both Ness and myslef in major need of re-charge, and feeling better for it too. Walked a half hour with the horse on Thursday, curtailed by picking half a bucket of blackberries (great for breakfast on the special K for Ness)!!

    SATURDAY: morning, gym - Ness took the spin class, and thankfully there were enough in the class to make sure I didn't have to do it too! So I did THE BEAR. and after two tries at starting with 55kg, was about to give it up, as was hurting my right tennis elbow too much. Was going to give it away and do a chest workout, but instead dropped 10kg, and BEAR'd away.

    Happy to report, zero elbow pain, maximum quad pain. Did five sets, full 7 reps on each one. Adds a whole new dimension. The squats started ripping in with lactic build up, and lungs bellowing like a bull in heat. But stoked, have now 'run the gauntlet', so think will start each Bear with 45kg for the first set as a warm up, and then add weight as I go. I don't think it'll be much though, this hurt like a bastard, but a good hurt.

    After the bear (only took about 20 minutes, resting 60,60,90,120 seconds), did the 4 sets of smith squats, 4 sets of smith shoudler press, and 3 sets lat raises, 15 minute cycle.

  • MONDAY - weights - chest. 20 minute treadmill. Forgot to weight in.

    Tuesday - weights - arms - 20 minute cycle. fitness training tonight with boys. Again, forgot to weigh in - will weigh in tomorrow!

  • WEDNESDAY 26th: Weight 91.7kg, BF% 12.3
    Weights - back. 20 minutes cardio - 10 mionute row 2634m and 10 minutes treadmill.

  • Sounds like you're training the house down Bart but what happens when you undo all this work during sevens weekend ?

  • mate, it then gets serious after that - found a new trainer - describes himself as 'old school', so going to look forward to that.

    Also toying with not doing athletic, just getting as lean as possible and the weight will be what it will be - so go in at 2%BF, but if I am 83, then will have to enter physique. Toying though, as I know I won't win physique, just too little, and I like to win...

  • Why smith machine squats and presses Bart? All the info i have basically has smith machines 1 step above Lucifer on the evil-o-meter.

  • I lower the bar on the shoulder press over a 4 or 5 count, Slooooooowly. Can't do that on free weights. Also on squats, I have my feet well forward of my body to hit muscles at different angles.

    Good for a change.

  • THURSDAY - an hour walk in evening heat - bloody hot!

    FRIDAY 28: The Bear - 5 sets, 7 reps, 45kg, minutes rest. So that makes 70 shoulder presses, 70 front squats and 35 cleans... No wonder you end up sweating like a rapist... followed by 4 x smith squats - feet well forward here, so your body ends up at right angles (if that makes sense, knee to thigh to torso all at 90 degrees at the bottom of the squat). THen Smith shoulder press x 4, sloooow down.

  • SATURDAY: CHEST. Smith Machine bench, flat, incline and decline. Didn't do the slow down phase, just lifted as heavy as I could, and chest sore today. Dodgy left shoulder felt fine through the exercises, but yesterday was very fragile in AC joint. Bugger.

    SUNDAY - hour walk in morning.

    MONDAY - biceps and triceps, arm day, good swell!!
    two more workouts before we hit the skids and the big smoke for the WElly sevens - on our way on Thursday (thought it was Tuesday, d'oh)...

  • [url][/url]

    spotted this from one of the sidebar ads on TSF, and was considering it for my left shoulder-perpetual weakness/pain in a tendon...would it be worth giving it a shot for yourself?

  • [url][/url]

    spotted this from one of the sidebar ads on TSF, and was considering it for my left shoulder-perpetual weakness/pain in a tendon...would it be worth giving it a shot for yourself?

    Kees Meuws, Juston Marshall and Daniel Carter are proponents

  • ohhh, looking now, thanks!

  • visit to trainier and nutritionalsit today - good stuff, more tomorrow, but old school rules. TO get big, lift heavy weights, if you can't lift heavy thanks to injury, lift sloooooow. Interesting rooster the trainer, more ink on his body than on a year of Bart's school books...

  • [quote name='BartMan']visit to trainier and nutritionalsit today - good stuff, more tomorrow, but old school rules. TO get big, lift heavy weights, if you can't lift heavy thanks to injury, lift sloooooow. Interesting rooster the trainer, more ink on his body than on a [B]year of Bart's school books[/B]...[/QUOTE]

    Bart - you're a front rower - that doesn't say much!

  • I was a nerdy one though...

    Anyway - was super interesting - our nutritionist lady sat down and did our weights, did our skinfolds, and then sat down and did all the figuring while we were there - so we could see the workings (our old traininer would do all the measures and then email us our diets, so we did not see the workings), was just fascinating.

    Anyway, so weight on her scales was 92.9, and body fat was about 11.5 (I was "in really good nick for the off season" - stoked with that). My lean bodyweight was 82.5 or so - which makes me a little worried about my game day weight whici is 80.5... She was not concerned a bit though, so all good. Going to aim to get my BF to 4% on compe day, August 20. So will be slowly leaning down from here on in. 28 weeks to go, the lean down gets mean from 12.

    Ness was also pretty good - and she is now enthused and will all be on the stage August 20, yay!

    The trainer - very old school, and very tatt'ed!! SO it's back to basics for us, low rep range, and as heavy as we can go basically. "Want to build muscle, lift heavy weights". But not in a mindless way - if you have an injury, work around it, if not, go heavy!

    Think it'll be an enjoyable few months to come.

  • What did your old trainer have you doing?

  • the same, but different... Less of the basic exercises and more of the 'candy floss' ones - if that makes sense. Changes all the time, but this old digger is all about the basics, I will enjoy it.

  • Right, done bacK, shoulders and legs - chest on monday and into the rhythm properly.

    Deadlifts back on the menu, loverly, have not done them for AAAAGGGEEESSSS. One warm up set and then 3 sets of 6. Managed to get up to 130 for the last set, certainly the limit at the moment. A far cry from the 240s that I used to be able to crank out - mind you, I was 110kg then, as opposed to 92...!

    SO all good, all enjoyable, food is good - again, same, but different. We do get to eat some carbs at night with this dietitian. Kumara or Pumpkin. BUt still 16 weeks out from the lean down, so food will vanish from the menu as we close in on the date....

  • Friday was shoulders, good workout, shrugs whcih I have not done for years, clean and presses, which were cool, and a ton of lat raises with cables and dumbbells etc.

    Really enjoying the back to basics training.

  • [B]MONDAY 7th FEB. 90.8. 11.6% BF[/B]

    Chest day, first time on the bench since Adam was a cowboy = powerlifting bench, pause with the bar on your chest. Almost got up to bodyweight - 6 x 90 for last set. zero shoulder problems, just the normal grinding, no pain, so that all good.

  • What tempo do you use for your bench?

  • Dunno, controll the down, pause for a 1,2, and then up! Pause is not the bar sitting on your chest though, holding the weight!

    Also do a 4 count down at times too - that one hurts too.

    Legs today. Extensions to start, heavy as you can. Then squats, set of ten, then three of six. Last set at 130, still plenty left in the tank there, but a far cry from my rugby head days. mind you, 90 kg as opposed to 110-115, so not too bad, and in those days it was squats first, no pre exhausting!

    Then hamstring curls supersetted with stiff legged dead lifts (this one gets your lungs working as much as your hams), and calf raises to finish.

    nice workout. And with Ness training doing the same sets etc, is even better. Great to see ladies training properly with real weights! Think she was finishing at about 70kg, and also with plenty left in the tank.

  • Cardio yesterday (Wednesday) and then mixed netball - once again I was a whirling dervish on the court, and sometimes didn't knock over my partner... Good workout, and we won out second or third game of the year!!

    THURSDAY WEIGHTS: Shoulders. Fun but upright rows hell on my right tennis elbow!! Was fine all week until netball, woke up this AM sore. ONe more week of netball so, should be fine from there on in!!

  • FRIDAY - back. Another good session, up to 140kg on the last set of 6 deadlifts. Still room in the tank too - two weeks left before programme change though, so don't know if I'll be keeping DLs for the next 4. I hope so!

    Looking forward to weigh in on Monday, might be nudging under the 90 mark...

  • Did the Mrs's spin class at the gym this morning, sttill recovering....

  • Weights - Monday chest and biceps. Mrs away in Welly for a training course, so was tough by myself! Arms felt like Kauri trees at the end of workout too - and all the arms are is 3 sets of ezy bar curls, and 3 sets and 4 sets of concentration DB curls.

    Weight this morning - 90.9kg and 11.4% BF. So a gain of 100g and a loss of .2%

    Not using the lean protein powder yet (just arrived today), so expect to see me under 90 by next Monday, with hopefully BF continuing to lower too.

  • Legs this morning - great stuff, have that completely drained feeling that you get after a good leg hammering. Biceps and chset sore too from yesterday, have the 'tight' body feeling, things look like they are starting to work how they should...

  • my career as a netballer is over for it's first season. Gk rocks, even though I am a dwarf, but a stubborn spring healed angry dwarf that goes a little way in compensating for the vertical challenge... So Wednesday night mixed netball is over, phew!

    Thursday AM shoulders. Good workout, enjoying the simple stuff we have been doing, although funny today shrugs turned into a mini deadlift session, as the squat rack was being used. So had to lift the bar from the floor for shrugs - 140kg. But this tells me that tomorrow I'll push my deadlifts a bit more past the 140 mark!!

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