• Here's a wee saga I encountered last week.

    Any advice, comments welcome

    Me and Mrs booking two return flights from Melbourne to Bangkok

    Decide to try everyone's favourite, Jetstar as the 400 odd bucks saved (from Thai air) will go a long way in Siam

    The booking is a bit peculiar because we want same flight to Bkk but different return flights.

    I ring the call centre to ask the best way of booking this and any trick so we can allocate seats next to each otheron the first leg - also wife needs a changeable ticket for the return leg

    Bloke says it can be done easy enough and I say cool, I'll do that on the website.

    Bloke says I can do that now on the phone if you like and then you can change the bundles extra etc later on line

    Yeah cool thanks

    All done, basically 20 minutes of spelling names and confirming dates, then credit card recital

    Good thanks, see ya mate

    Look at the emailed details and it looks a bit more expensive than I figured on the website. Check the tax invoice for a fee breakdown and the "fare" looks high.


    Write to the chat line asking for a fare breakdown

    "Did you book on the phone?"


    Well then that is $50 more per booking = $100 for using the guy on the phone in a 20 minute call which consisted only of reciting names and dates.

    Pretty fucked off!!

    Not because there's a fee (fucken steep one though) but more because no warning from phone bloke of the charges (naturally there's a big warning about personal information/data and recording for training purposes), or any notice that the next 20 minutes is going to add 100 bucks to a fare which I only rang to enquire and get online booking advice about.

    Also shifty that no documentation of the "service fee" appears on booking confirmation or tax invoice.

    Yes I know about budget airline business model and I understand you pay extra for baggage, entertainment and meals etc but non disclosure of a fluffybunny booking a flight over the help line = $100 of work and endeavour - Get Fucked.

    Anyone had anything similar?
    Is there a good way to whinge/resolve about it?
    Suck it up or go down swinging?
    Thinking of trying to get them to credit me a "bundle" for one of the flights as recompence for not notifying of the charges at the time of the call.
    I demand utu!! 😉

  • @siam Is this JetStar Oz? According to their website there is a charge for 'offline' booking, but nowhere near $50.

    Check out the fees and charges section.

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