• Just getting into cycling so I can be useless at triathlons and I am finding the meat and veges get a bit numb after sitting on the bike for a while. Is this common? Can't see how it can be good for me.

  • I had this from time to time while cycling. Some people seem more prone to it and I'm not sure why.

    Things you can try.
    Stand up more while cycling to give yourself a break.
    Try tilting the seat down a little bit. Not too far so that you're sliding forward. Just enough so more of your weight is on your sit bones.
    Wear decent cycling shorts.
    See if a local bike shop will let you try out different seats. This could make a big difference.

  • yeah, get fitted to you seat - I used to mtb bike heaps and get the numb-nuts happening! Angle of the seat and getting a decent gel seat, along with a decent pair of gay pants (as we called cycle shorts back then) sorted my troubles!

  • Bigger equipment means there is more in the way. That's why roadies have small equipment or take steriods to make it shrink.

  • Thanks guys, sounds like a trip to the bike shop for me to get the seat sorted.

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