Taranaki v Poverty Bay & v Wanganui - Ranfurly Shield (Heartland)

  • This game will be played on Saturday, 28 July, at 2.35pm - Live on Sky Sport 1

    1 Jared Profit
    2 Donald Maka
    3 Asaeli Sorovaki
    4 Jack Jordan*
    5 Kane Thompson
    6 Mitchell Crosswell (captain)
    7 Tom Florence
    8 Toa Halafihi
    9 Logan Crowley
    10 Daniel Waite
    11 Kiniviliame Naholo*
    12 Brayton Northcott-Hill*
    13 Latu Vaeno
    14 Avon Lewis
    15 Jayson Potroz*

    16 Scott Mellow
    17 Chris Gawler
    18 Reuben O’Neill
    19 Jarrad Hoeata (vice-captain)
    20 Kaylum Boshier
    21 Shaan Waite
    22 Ciarahn Matoe
    23 Liam Blyde

    *Players on debut


  • Comprehensive win to Naki

  • @act-crusader That game against Poverty Bay was always going to be a trashing; that's why I didn't watch it. It's great that 2 or 3 Heartland teams get a challenge each year, but they never really stand a chance. Next weekend's game against Wanganui will hopefully be a better game.

  • Second Ranfurly Shield game against a Heartland team:
    Taranaki v Wanganui.
    Sat 4 August, k/o 2.35pm (Hicks Park, Hawera)
    Live on Sky Sport 1


    1 Chris Gawler (Coastal)
    2 Donald Maka (Stratford/Eltham)
    3 Reuben O’Neill (New Plymouth OB)
    4 Kane Thompson (Stratford/Eltham)
    5 Jarrad Hoeata (Southern)
    6 Mitchell Crosswell (Tukapa)
    7 Tom Florence (New Plymouth OB)
    8 Toa Halafihi (Spotswood United)
    9 Logan Crowley (Coastal)
    10 Daniel Waite (New Plymouth OB)
    11 Kiniviliame Naholo (Clifton)
    12 Brayton Northcott-Hill (New Plymouth OB)
    13 Latu Vaeno (Spotswood United)
    14 Avon Lewis (Inglewood)
    15 Beaudein Waaka (Clifton)

    16 Scott Mellow (Tukapa)
    17 Jared Proffit (Spotswood United)
    18 Asaeli Sorovaki (Spotswood United)
    19 Leighton Price (Tukapa)
    20 TBC
    21 Warwick Lahmert (Spotswood United)
    22 Jayson Potroz (Tukapa)
    23 Adrian Wyrill (Tukapa)


  • Now with Wanganui line-up:

    alt text

  • Until the 18th minute, Wanganui was doing a great job at keeping Taranaki pointless. But then the flood gates seemed to open, with Kini Naholo finishing off a good Naki attack (he went off injured soon after). Then a penalty try because Wanganui bailed out of defending against a Taranaki driving maul, followed by two tries from Avon Lewis.

    Wanganui isn't giving up though, with Tremain Gilbert scoring a pick & go try at the other end in the 34th minute.

    Half time: Taranaki 28 - 5 Wanganui

  • Only two tries in the second half, one for each team. Simon Dibben scored for Wanganui off a good cross-kick (and benefitting from a mistake from the Taranaki fullback, not Waaka by the way). Soon after, Taranaki dotted down at the other end.

    Taranaki, obviously not with a full strength squad, didn't dominate as much as I expected. Apart from that short passage from the 18th minute in the first half, Wanganui was fully in the game and, at times, looked very much like a Mitre 10 Cup team. I think they could do well against some Championship teams. Wanganui played hard the full 80; Taranaki faded in and out.

    Full time: Taranaki 33 - 10 Wanganui

    Taranaki will now have to defend the Shield against tougher opponents. First challenge will come from the Turbos on Friday, 24 August.

    PS: the Taranaki line-up was different from the one published (see above). Among other changes, Beaudein Waaka played at 10 and Stephen Perofeta (who got steamrolled a few times and looked a bit rusty) at 12.

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