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  • Right,
    Time for my go at this fat busting stuff. Well the latter part of last year was more fat busting focused. This next 6 to 9months is about putting on a bit of lean muscle mass and improving my strength. And of course busting some more fat.
    So back to September last year, spent 3-4 weeks up in Dublin and London for work and boozed and ate out everynight. Left at 80 kg and came back not far off 85 lol. Nasty!!!
    Thought to myself that I had enough so joined the local gym. Weighed in 1 October 84.5kg and 18.6% body fat. Oh and shockingly unfit. FYI, i'm 6ft on the dot and use to be a skinny bugger due to all the cross country and distance running I did. Don't like running much nowadays so as a rule I don't do it.
    Started doing spinning classes 2-3 times a week plus the odd basic workout with a row either side for 10mins or so. Worked ok - lost some weight (80kg 24/12) and gained some fitness but more importantly felt good, felt alive! Started to eat better too. Got on to 5 smaller meals a day and started my addiction to cold oats in the morning mmmmmm
    2 weeks off over Christmas and I thought a bit more about my goals and did some studying up on some of the vast amount of info out there on nutirition and body building. Unfortunately I didnt do a lot of intensive exercise over this time and ate a lot of custard (usually with oats haha).
    Weighed in again 5th Jan and 82kg. Body fat down to 14.9% so its coming down slowly but suspect it was slightly better pre-christmas.
    Since then I have continued with the spinning classes 2 days a week. Great start to the day at 6.30am. Arrive at work already cranking!
    In addition, I'm also in the gym 3 days a week just doing a basic rountine of mainly compound exercises

  • Btw, use to work out whilst at uni (over 10 years ago) and also did 12months at the gym while in the UK. Have always enjoyed working out but never got great results when trying to put on mass.

    However I am finding I put it on a bit easier this time. I also have done my reading on nutrition alot more than I ever did and amended my eating accordingly. Much more focused now on what I am fueling my body with and dont have those fast food or sweet treat cravings that I use to have not that long ago.

  • If you have only just started getting back into the gym after a long break the 3 sets of 12,10,8 will be good to help create a base for you to build off into the future. If a PT designed that training stick to it for 6-10 weeks and then book in for another PT session, evaluate your progress and go from there. If you are looking to put size on you should consider eating more often (healthy food), and taking protein after each session, and potentially during the day. Talk to Bart or a PT about the protein etc, as they'll know more about the specifics of what will work the best for you.

  • Cheers Chubby - yeah, fair to say its been a while so the key now is getting that base.

    Yep eating enough of the right stuff is dam important, especially getting enough protein. I have 1 whey shake daily post workout plus on the off days as well. Eat plenty of fresh fish as well but its mainly white fish (ie snapper and kingfish) so have been upping my tuna (usually with brown rice) as one of my additional meals each day.

    Another key for me is getting enough sleep. Usually function on about 6 hours a night but need to try get my 8.

  • Stuff like rice crackers as well for a healthy snack to pick on. I got back into the gym in October after a break since March (had niggily injuries throughout the rugby season), and it took me til xmas doing 2-3 gym sessions to get a decent base to work on. It can be a pain and feel like you're not making much progress, but the gains you'll get when you do switch to a strength plan will be higher and quicker than what would otherwise be the case if you jumped straight into strength.

  • Agree. I think the efforts I put in pre-christmas just got me warmed up and started building my base.

    And corn or rice wafers with cottage cheese mmmmm all good!

  • sleep is good - as the wafers are!!

    WE train at 6 in the morning to get it out of the way - need to be lgihts out by 10, 10:30 at the latest or we're fucked!

    and when dogs bark all night from 12 to 2 in the morning, that's when you start thinking of weed killer in the water bowl....

  • Hmmm I have tried lifting early in the morning and never really felt the best. PM seems more for me.

    What are your thoughts on sushi bart? I know white rice aint the greatest and usually the salmon and tuna comments are pretty low but still a reasonable snack or small meal?

  • Sushis good energy. We used to get pushed into eating it back when I was in the rugby circles. White rice might not be the greatest, but as long as you're not eating a mountain of it you're fine. They work good as snacks.

    And I know where you're coming from JK about the different training times. Everybodies different, so you have to do what suits you the best. As long as you're getting all the work done that you'ld normally do (or need to do) theres no major issue.

  • Awesome workout this afternoon. Well same workout as I have been doing for the past couple of weeks but it felt awesome.

    Had a black coffee before I went it and I seemed to charge through the workout and even found myself wanting to do an extra set here and there haha. Might have also been due to the hard work week so far. Lots going on and tight deadlines so stress levels pretty high at the moment, well not as high as they were a few hours ago.

    Spinning session at dawn tomorrow so won't be a late night.

  • Hmmm felt really flat this morning....just couldnt get in to it.

    Guess we ocassionally have those days

  • you get used to the early morning workouts - body adapts and all I expect.

    Sushi - yes, that is part of our diet plan - or for Vanessa anyway, so can't be that bad!!

  • I don't think I could do weights in the morning in a million years. I do have a habit of staying in bed until the last possible moment so that is always gonna make things tough.....

  • mate, I now wake before the alarm and am out of bed and we're on our way to gym within five minutes, done and dusted an hour and a bit later, day is then OURS!!

  • Its something you definantely get used to. I always find it easier to do morning trainings when Im meeting up with somebody or a group. Struggle for motivation to do it on my own accord though. But thats more laziness than lack of ability to do so. I always train best about 1-2pm, however I have to agree with Bart that it does feel awesome to get the training out of the way early so you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

  • I've been doing spinning early in the morning for about 4 months now and usually crank through it, just a bit pies this morning. You are right though, feel awesome for the rest of the day.

    I train best around that time too Chubby. Seems to work well for me so thats the time I plan to do weights and can get there 3 days a week at that time no probs.

  • Another cranking session this afternoon. Sure helped having the cricket on there and the long black before heading to the gym doesnt seem to hurt either. Might be a regular pre-workout I think.

    One thing I noticed today is that while I have trimmed up pretty well around most of my body, my necks looking fat as. Seem to hold a bit of weight here. Any ideas or tips for shifting it?

  • lol - spot reducing on the neck, get a looser shirt...???!!!

  • haha tried that. Shirt has gone from a 39 to 42 over last couple of years lol.

  • Noticed during my spinning session yesterday that the gym looked pretty dam quiet at 6am so decided to bowl back in there today but this time to lift some tin.

    As per my previous posts, dawn workouts havent really felt that good in the past (better time to be fishing really) but need to fit the weights in to my busy schedule and have a lot of after work this week.

    So up at 5.45 and downed a long black / bannana combo and was in the gym by 6 and in to it. Felt pretty good really and cranked through the routine and before I knew it 7am had come around. Squats felt really good today, like I had heaps of control. Only squatting 50, 60 and 70kg but felt really good. Deadlifts felt a bit funny, kinda not quite right so will have to check technique. Otherwise really good workout. Downed my protein shake and in to work by 730 and right now I'm smashing my oats mmmm

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