2018-2019 World Sevens Series

  • The dates and locations of the 2018-2019 Series have been confirmed.



    • The first leg of the women's series will take place at a new location: Glendale Colorado. That first leg is quite early, already in October!

    • The 2018-2019 Series forms the principal route for Olympic qualification ahead of Tokyo 2020.

    • There are 15 core men's teams:
      Argentina, Austalia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, USA, Wales.
      Japan have been promoted back to the 2018-2019 World Rugby Sevens Series after winning the annual world series qualifier in Hong Kong (Japan was relegated from the World Series in 2017). Russia finished last in the 2017-2018 Series, so they have been relegated.

    • There are 11 core women's teams:
      Australia, Canada, China, England, Fiji, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, USA.
      China have been promoted to the 2018-2019 World Rugby Sevens Series after winning the annual world series qualifier in Hong Kong. Japan finished last in the 2017-2018 Series, so they have been relegated.

  • Scott Curry, Tim Mikkelson and Joe Webber have all re-committed to the All Blacks Sevens through to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    Joe Webber’s season was struck short with an arthritic infection ruling him out of the Commonwealth Games and the remaining tournaments of the season. The exciting play maker is recovering and set to return to the sevens field next season.
    Laidlaw said the three players will form a core base of the squad heading into the next two seasons. 
    The All Blacks Sevens players are currently on leave, they start their season at the Oceania Sevens in November, before the first leg of the World Series in Dubai. 


  • Black Ferns Sevens to play in Hamilton

    New Zealand’s world champion Black Ferns Sevens will play in front of their home fans in the new year with the addition of a four-team women’s Fast Four tournament to the 2019 HSBC New Zealand Sevens in Hamilton. 
    New Zealand Rugby announced today the Black Ferns Sevens will play France, China and England during the New Zealand leg of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series on January 26-27 next year. 
    The Fast Four format will see each women’s team play four matches in Hamilton, including three pool matches. The top two teams will play off in a gold medal match, with the bottom two playing for bronze.  
    The bronze final and gold medal match will be played directly before the men’s Cup final in what will be a thrilling finish to two days of Sevens. 


  • The All Blacks Sevens have secured the services of Regan Ware, Sione Molia and Vilimoni Koroi through to the 2020 Toyko Olympics.
    They join co-captains Scott Curry and Tim Mikkelson along with Joe Webber in forming the core of the All Blacks Sevens squad for the next two seasons.
    Kurt Baker, Trael Joass, Andrew Knewstubb and Jona Nareki, who were all part of the World Cup winning team in July, have signed to the All Blacks Sevens for the 2019 season.


  • Are Rayasi and Ravouvou on contract still?

  • Black Ferns 7s squad for the first tournament of the 2018-2019 season, the Glendale Sevens (new tournament):

    Shakira Baker (Waikato)
    Michaela Blyde (Bay of Plenty)
    Kelly Brazier (Bay of Plenty)
    Theresa Fitzpatrick (Auckland)
    Sarah Goss - captain (Manawatu)
    Huia Harding (Waikato)
    Tyla Nathan-Wong (Auckland)
    Alena Saili (Southland)
    Terina Te Tamaki (Waikato)
    Ruby Tui (Bay of Plenty)
    Katarina Whata-Simpkins (Wellington)
    Niall Williams (Auckland)
    Portia Woodman (Counties Manukau)

    Pool games:

    Sun 21 October (NZT):
    6.36am: v China
    9.20am: v England
    12.04pm: v USA

    Strong pool with both England and USA!


  • The Black Ferns 7s have won their first two pool games. 45 - 0 over China and 28 - 7 over England.


    The games are livestreamed on Facebook and Twitter. Each round of games with a new feed.

    The Black Ferns 7s play the USA next, at 12.04pm NZT.

  • FT: Black Ferns 35 - 12 USA

    The BF7s top their pool and will play their Cup Quarter Final at 5.30am tomorrow morning against Ireland.

  • Black Ferns 7s smashed Ireland 34-7 in the quarter final and just defeated Canada 28-19 in the semi.

    They will play USA in the final.

  • @mokey Surprised to see the BFs are meeting the USA in the final. Although it's their home turf, they surprisingly smashed the Aussies in the Cup quarters!

    The final is at 12.30pm, live on Sky Sport 3. I hope Sky Go works via the wifi at Auckland Airport.

  • @stargazer Ha - that surprised me also!

  • Yusss! The Black Ferns 7s win the Colorado 7s, the first tourney of the Series! Absolutely dominant!

    BF7s 33 - 7 USA

    Great start of the season. Woodman with a hattrick.

    Now boarding; see you at the other side of this awfully long flight.

  • @stargazer Woodman is fucking awesome. What's that 20 something games without a loss now?

  • Just heard that Niko Jones has signed with the NZ 7s.

  • Great opportunity for Niko Jones to start carving out his own legend.

  • This is the full list of today's (re-)signings:

    Kurt Baker (2020)
    Akuila Rokolisoa (2019)
    Ngarohi McGarvey-Black (2019)
    Scott Gregory (2019)
    Niko Jones (2019)

    They may not have published all (re-)signings, but I'd already written down:
    Scott Curry
    Trael Joass
    Andrew Knewstubb
    Vilimoni Koroi
    Tim Mikkelson
    Sione Molia
    Jona Nareki
    Regan Ware
    Joe Webber

    I assume Sam Dickson has been, or will be, re-signed as well, but I haven't seen any announcement (yet).

    Gone is Teddy Stanaway, who's now playing XVs in France.


  • Tonga to play at the 2019 HSBC NZ Sevens

    Fan favourite Tonga have secured the final spot at the 2019 HSBC New Zealand Sevens in Hamilton where the Pacific Island nation will return to the World Sevens Series for the first time in more than five years.
    Tonga will join fifteen other teams in the men’s draw at Waikato Stadium on January 26-27 after finishing fifth at the Oceania Sevens in Suva.HSBC New Zealand Sevens General Manager Steve Dunbar said Tonga’s return to the World Sevens Series was welcome addition to the 2019 tournament.
    Tonga takes the place of Papua New Guinea from the teams that competed at the 2018 HSBC New Zealand Sevens with Japan replacing Russia. Japan has earned promotion to core-team status on the World Sevens Series for 2019.
    The full list of men’s teams competing at the 2019 HSBC New Zealand Sevens are Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Kenya, the All Blacks Sevens, Japan, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Tonga, Wales and USA.
    Another new-comer to the New Zealand leg of the World Sevens Series is China, who will compete in the Fast Four women’s tournament where the Black Ferns Sevens will play in front of their home crowd for the first time. France and Russia are the other two teams in the women’s draw.


  • @bovidae Geez, that's a lot of fire power gone! For the whole season. Niall Williams is out, too (knee injury), for the Dubai7s. Glad it's not an Olympic or World Cup season!

  • Well that sucks. We still have Michaela though.

    Got to admit I have a bit of a crush on both Michaela and Portia. Not in a sick old bloke sexual way, just think they are awesome sports people at the top of the game. I felt the same about Richie (just to trigger the homophobes).

  • @snowy Sarah Goss for me. 🙂

  • This is the Black Ferns 7s squad for the Dubai Sevens:

    Shakira Baker (Waikato)
    Michaela Blyde (Bay of Plenty)
    Kelly Brazier (Bay of Plenty)
    Gayle Broughton (Taranaki)
    Theresa Fitzpatrick (Auckland)
    Sarah Goss (captain) (Manawatu)
    Tyla Nathan-Wong (Auckland)
    Risi Pouri-Lane (Tasman)
    Alena Saili (Southland)
    Terina Te Tamaki (Waikato)
    Ruby Tui (Bay of Plenty)
    Stacey Waaka (Waikato)
    Katarina Whata-Simpkins (Wellington)

    The Black Fern Sevens will be without Portia Woodman and Niall Williams for the HSBC Dubai Sevens at the end of this month, after injury ruled both players out of contention.
    Their absence sees the return of Gayle Broughton and Stacey Waaka – who will meet the squad in Dubai straight from the Black Ferns XVs tour in France, while Youth Olympic Games captain Risi Pouri-Lane is also named in the 13-player squad that travels to the United Arab Emirates tomorrow.
    Coach Allan Bunting said travelling without Woodman and Williams was a loss to the team both on and off the field, but it also presented opportunities for other members of the squad.


  • All Blacks 7s team for the Dubai Sevens:

    Scott Curry - Bay of Plenty
    Luke Masirewa - Bay of Plenty
    Tone Ng Shiu - Tasman
    Ngarohi McGarvey Black - Bay of Plenty
    Dylan Collier - Waikato
    Akuila Rokolisoa - Auckland
    Sam Dickson - Canterbury
    Andrew Knewstubb - Horowhenua Kapiti
    Regan Ware - Taranaki
    Kurt Baker - Taranaki
    Jona Nareki - Otago
    Sione Molia - Counties Manukau
    Scott Gregory - Northland

    Co-captain Tim Mikkelson will remain in New Zealand with the impending arrival of his first child while Northland's Scott Gregory is in line for his All Blacks Sevens debut on the World Series.
    “We are under no illusions that with Olympic qualification on the line, every tournament is going to feel like a pinnacle event and teams will be wanting to finish in the top four at every tournament. So if we can make the finals at these events it would represent a great start to the season,” said Laidlaw.
    Sione Molia, Jona Nareki and Regan Ware all re join the All Blacks Sevens squad after impressive Mitre 10 Cup campaigns, with Ware also gaining a Maori All Blacks cap against USA earlier this month.
    “It has been a bit of a juggling act over the last six weeks as we assembled our full group again but these guys played well in Mitre 10 Cup and have now been getting back into sevens conditioning and catching up on some of the detail around how we want to play the game,” said Laidlaw.
    Vilimoni Koroi remains in New Zealand working on his reintegration to sevens after a long break since the Commonwealth Games, Joe Webber is continuing his recovery from an arthritic injury and Joe Ravouvou awaits his New Zealand citizenship after changes to the World Series eligibility rules prevents him from competing until such time.

    Note the last sentence about changes in the eligibility rules. So apparently, players now need the citizenship of the country they're playing for in the World Sevens Series.


  • That's due to coming in line with the Olympics. All that it does is punish countries that have some honour when it comes to handing out passports.

  • Black Ferns 7s team for Dubai Sevens:

    1 Ruby Tui
    2 Shakira Baker
    3 Stacey Waaka
    4 Terina Te Tamaki
    5 Sarah Goss – captain
    6 Michaela Blyde
    7 Tyla Nathan-Wong
    8 Kelly Brazier
    9 Gayle Broughton
    10 Theresa Fitzpatrick
    11 Risi Pouri-Lane
    12 Alena Saili

    *Kat Whata-Simpkins is the travelling reserve

    Youth Olympic Games gold-medal winning captain Risi Pouri-Lane will make her Black Ferns Sevens debut. Bunting said Pouri-Lane has made great progress in her first year in the contracted squad.
    “Risi is ready to go. She has had a great build up with the Youth Olympic Games win; there is no pressure on her at all, now its about going out there and enjoying the experience.”
    Bunting also paid tribute to Michaela Blyde on being crowned World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year for the second consecutive year, along with nominees Sarah Goss and Portia Woodman.
    * Risi Pouri-Lane is set to become the 77th Black Ferns Sevens player when she takes the field in Dubai. Pouri-Lane hails from Motueka and earlier this week was named Junior Sportswoman of the Year at the Nelson Sports Awards.
    * Fresh from the World Rugby Awards, Michaela Blyde is on track for another milestone, sitting on 96 World Series tries, she could become just the fifth women’s player to record a century of tries.
    * The Black Ferns Sevens team has won the Dubai tournament on three occasions (2012, 2014 and 2016), finishing fifth twice and runners-up once. 

    Pool games

    Thursday, 29 November (NZT):
    10.50pm: v Kenya

    Friday, 30 November (NZT):
    1.46am: v Russia
    4.43am: v Ireland

    Where to watch

    Poolgames: World Rugby Sevens facebook page
    Finals: Sky Sport 1


  • All Blacks 7s team for Dubai Sevens:

    1 Scott Curry (co-captain)
    2 Luke Masirewa
    3 Tone Ng Shiu
    4 Ngarohi McGarvey Black
    5 Dylan Collier
    6 Akuila Rokolisoa
    7 Sam Dickson
    8 Andrew Knewstubb
    9 Regan Ware
    10 Scott Gregory
    11 Jona Nareki
    12 Sione Molia (co-captain)

    *Amanaki Nicole is the travelling reserve.

    Northland’s Scott Gregory will make his World Series debut in the black jersey this weekend, after his first hit out with the All Blacks Sevens at the Oceania Sevens earlier this month.
    “Scott has only been in our environment a short time, but he has proved to be a quick learner and we are excited to see what he will achieve on the field. He’s already had an impressive year with New Zealand Under 20s and a strong Mitre 10 Cup campaign, he’s looking forward to this next opportunity.”
    Sione Molia will join Scott Curry as co-captains for the tournament, with Tim Mikkelson in New Zealand awaiting the arrival of his first child.
    “We can’t stress enough how tough the series is going to be with Olympic Qualification on the line. Every tournament is important which means every time you step on the field you have to be ready,” said Laidlaw.
    Kurt Baker had originally travelled with the team but returned to New Zealand with a calf injury earlier this week.

    Pool games

    Friday, 30 November (NZT):
    6.22pm: v Wales
    9.22pm: v Spain

    Saturday, 1 December (NZT)
    3.22am: v USA

    Where to watch
    Sky Sport 1


  • Forgot to watch, but the BF7s have won their first game 34 - 7 against Kenya.

  • Full time: Black Ferns 7s 29 - 12 Russia

    Great game. The Ferns are missing Woodman, but Stacey Waaka is looking very strong. She scored two tries in this match. Injury to Nathan Wong, who limped off. Hopefully not too bad, because her replacement is playing her first tournament and her lack of experience may cost us in the bigger games. Not sure who would be the third playmaker. Maybe Broughton?

  • The Black Ferns 7s also won their last pool game against Ireland: 24 - 17.

    They'll meet Russia again in the Cup QF at 6.00pm tonight.

    As the women's Cup Quarter Finals games and the men's pool games will be played at the same time, I suspect that we can only watch these women's games on FB again. The women's Cup Semis and Final should be on Sky Sport 1.


    Interestingly, the Aussies were beaten by the USA (17 - 22, last US try scored after the hooter) and England (10 - 26)! These two teams have always been good, but in previous years, the Aussies have always beaten them. I know they've signed a lot of their usual stars (e.g., Sharni Williams, Ella Green and Charlotte Caslick are in this weekend's squad), so I'm not sure what has changed. Missing a few other key players?

    Australia finished 5th in the first leg of the Series. It will be interesting to see where they'll finish this week. I think that they'll still make the Cup QF as the best third placed team if the tie breaks on points differential. In that case, they'll play England again.

  • @stargazer

    Terina Te Tamaki.

    I haven't seen the games but I would have expected that she is the backup to Nathan Wong. Pouri-Lane below her.

  • @bovidae That's possible, although in the game against Russia, Pouri-Lane took over the playmaker role when Nathan-Wong left the field. She looked pretty good for such a young player. I didn't watch the Ireland game.

  • The Black Ferns 7s won their Cup QF against Russia 31 - 0 and will play the USA in the semi at 10.28pm NZT.

    The All Blacks 7s beat Wales 28 - 7 in their first pool game. They'll play Spain next at 9.22pm.

  • Power is down in Dubai, so impossible to watch the games at the moment. Apparently, Spain is dominating possession.
    Spain scored the first try (0 - 5), but NZ has hit back with a converted try scored by Scott Curry. 7 - 5 NZ

  • Karl Te Nana is livescoring the game on Twitter. Try to Knewstubb, after dummying through the Spanish defence. 14 - 5 NZ

    Things are going fast. Turnover by Spain on NZ 22m, break in middle of park, try Spain. 14 - 12 NZ That's the half time score.

  • Scott Curry just scored his 2nd try of the game: 21 - 12 NZ

  • Try Collier: 28 - 12 NZ. According to KT, the Spanish players are looking very tired.

  • Spain finally manages to get through the NZ defence and they score their third try: 28 - 17 NZ.

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