1st invitational fern bench press challenge!

  • [QUOTE]Yeah Franks had a pallet load of them. I'm sure some do work but I just think whats is the point of wasn't money hand over first for a guy like me? I mean if I was an NFL linebacker I would scoff everything going. But in reality I'm a broken arse 37 year old with two kids, paying a mortgage and living in the sticks.

    I love lifting tin and beating my PBs but do I need supplements? No. They could well accentuate progress but where would it end? Im only training for enjoyment now so can happily forgo the pills, bottles, injections, fake tan..... I think Im probably training now for the joy of training rather than being on a seek and destroy misson to become the next Arnie!!! Haha [/QUOTE]

    Dead right - I only take supplements as I compete as a BB. If and when I stop competing, I'll stop taking the suplliments. But I'll probably keep doing the protein powder oats for breakfast, as I like it!!

    Superpump, we use it, and it does work. Again though, when I stop competing, I'll stop - an have have a coffee with a dollop of honey in it before training - that works too, but not as good as Superpump!

  • Coffee with a dollop of honey? Never tried coffee with honey - is that because you dont have any sugar as part of your diet bart or for other reasons?

    I dont usually have sugar in my coffee anyway but might try the honey thing just for the hell of it.

  • no sugar in diet at all (added anyway), tastes superb, especially when it is normally black coffee we drink, and does give you a boost when you are eating bugger all carbs late in the BB diet cycle!

  • Probably notice it much more then when low on carbs. I dont add sugar on anything. And always black coffee - its goood stuff and didnt take long to get use to it

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