v Taranaki

  • @j77 now we have scored we kick straight away on restart...please

  • @kev we’ll take the scrum on halfway instead! 👍

  • @j77 Rinakama hmmmm.

  • We can can split these guys open. Just dumb penalties keeping them on the front foot. How many ‘not through the gates’ is that now??

  • W.t.f

  • Dreadful. Debreczeni has a shocker.

  • Appalling! DW and GK better read the riot act at halftime. Brain dead shit. God damn she’s a tough gig supporting this mob.

  • @kev has been poor...his prodigious boot is a myth this far. Thoroughgood to come on after break please.

  • @taniwharugby and Gregory for Tua please.

  • @j77 so much good, and some dreadful.

  • @kev I’d reverse that statement Kev! Haha

  • @j77 poor tactics too leading to errors and them scoring off them.

  • @taniwharugby exactly. Play for territory. Exit well and half the jobs done. This ‘free licence’ game plan is backfiring. Pick your moments..be smart.

  • @j77 especially with that wind.

    Doesn't look like any changes.

  • Shit we can’t see our phase play through. Always an inevitable error to wreck it

  • How fucking long for knock on advantage ffs

  • Another entry call. Third one today!

  • That looked like it missed from my seat

    Fuck yes

  • Nice. Good win.

    I didn't really watch the game, just saw the end result.

  • Great win.

    Taniwha. You called in the fist post. the lads certainly gave you 80 minutes.

    Great effort.

    I love NPC footy

  • Good game from Tom Robinson.

  • @taniwharugby haha, I was thinking that too.

  • Thank christ for that! Robinson was immense.

  • Great effort. Definitely the better side today led by Tom Robinson. Not usually a fan of Jordan Hyland but he looked very sharp with ball in hand. Probably the best I've seen him play.

  • Great to nail one like that, as that more often goes against us.

    I’m thinking we’ve got so much more to offer if we can tidy up certain parts of our game. Had a feeling we could have dismantled Taranaki good and proper if it weren’t for errors at crucial times.

    Robinson, Matich and Goodhue stood up. I must say Jacobson was quite impressive too.

    On the flip side Debreczeni needs to sharpen up, and Tua needs to play with the confidence we know he has. He tidied his game up in the second forty to be fair, but the first spell he was timid.

    Want to see Hyland involved more. Makes yards every time.

    Can’t fault the ticker though. We got the win we badly needed.

  • Man -we give away soft as tries and then grind out a win. You could say that was the performance we were looking for, in the second half.

  • @kev the thing is we always match sides for physicality. This time we played 80 on both attack and defence. Got to sort all the basics - forcing the odd pass, exits still not perfect but better.

  • @j77 thought Jacobsen played tighter than Pryor and forced less passes. Maybe switch them. If we can maintain that physicality then he might be a better starter.

  • Just wanna say WHOOOOOP!

  • LOL reminds me of @taniwharugby's sig "That's the most Northland thing you'll see today" Scotty Stevenson

  • Stoked for the Taniwha, great result for your boys. Well done.

  • Whooop whooop.

    But bloody hell. Thought I had recorded the game and just sat down to watch without knowing the result and the game is no where to be seen in my planner, FFS!!!

    Watched the highlights, looks like we really kept Taranaki gifting them their two tries.

    Shit, we desperately needed that result. Well done fullas.

  • Well fuck, what a second half.

    1st riddled with errors and dumb decisions, second much more composed and to steal it at the death, wow!

    I think only when Hawkins nailed that sideline conversion a few years back v HB have we managed to steal a game like that, and TBH too many times has it been us having the game robbed at the death.

    Tom Robinson must be having some super coaches take a close look at him with a third strong performance in a row.

    The usual suspects stood up again though, Matich, Nock, Ranger, Wright, Douglas, Goodhue et al but also Olsen looked the part leading the team, Jacobsen looks right at this level too, our scrum was solid all game bar 2 we struggled with, which feels like a concentration lapse after dominating thier scrum on the line and then getting pushed back.

    I'll chuck up a poll later.

    But I'll say it once more...F.U.C.K Y.E.S

  • Agree with @taniwharugby so often it's us on the wrong side of a 1 point loss.

    Massive effort by the forwards. Robinson again very impressive, Douglas had a very good game - think that switch worked very well. Thought Goodhue had a very good match - would be interested to know how many carries he made - was very busy and strong with ball in hand. The reserve lock wasn't on long but definitely got himself about while he was.

    Matich also stood up with his best game of the season so far too. Good to see that Jacobsen is capable if Pryor is unavailable.

    I think Nock is getting better and better, looking very confident and more physical so far this season. Debreczeni blew a bit hot and cold but I still think he fits our style of play very well. Hohaia and Ranger looked a better fit in the midfield - Ranger still showing he is one of the best players in the comp. Tua looked to get involved but will be gutted about the dropsie with the line beckoning (and probably the bump off from Mataele). M Wright had his best game so far - he lost his pace while he was overseas - he would've caught Vaeno within 15 metres about 4 or 5 years ago.

    I think 5 points from the first 3 games all against Premiership teams is a decent start. I think the coaches would've definitely taken that if it was offered before game one.

    The other thing that has been good so far has been the bench - the guys coming on have been adding something. The reserve props struggled against NH but have improved a lot in the next 2 games.

  • Loved the mongrel we showed. Yeah, we were making lots of mistakes, but we keeped defending with vigour and the two tries they scored we’re off errors and against the run of play.

    As I said before, if we were much tidier we’d have put 30 past them.

    That second forty we mucked in and kept them scoreless and they had the wind.

    I agree with Chiefy, the bench added value. Our reserve props stood up well this time.

    On to Otago in Dunedin now. This will be tough. Otago are very similar to us, but have two strike wingers who are on form. I think we’ll more than match them up front, just need to squeeze them out wide. We’ll go down there with confidence though. I think we’re a good shot if we minimise our errors.

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