• I was a bit busy this week an have only signed in now.

    A bit surprised there wasn’t a main post for this subject.

    The boys payed well for 60 but some little errors started to creep in

    Gusty effort though. And good promise for the rest of the season.

    Notable highlight was poor old HORI BOP getting the yellow card from the officials for supplying the crown with a few lollies.

    Love ya spirit and passion Hori.

  • What a joke!! I took my daughter to the game and she had no interest in any of the other so called mascots but was happy to receive a lolly from Hori and wants to get his autograph at the next home game. Great game by chase Taitai and good to see the srum go well with all the changes. SHAME we don't have a stadium that's up to standard tho.

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