Waikato v Wellington

  • Waikato

    1 Toby Smith (Hamilton Old Boys)
    2 Samisoni Taukei’aho (Fraser Tech)
    3 Joshua Iosefa-Scott (Melville)
    4 Tim Bond (University)
    5 Laghlan McWhannell (Hautapu)
    6 James Tucker (Hamilton Marist)
    7 Mitch Jacobson (Hautapu)
    8 Jordan Manihera (Hamilton Old Boys)
    9 Kylem O’Donnell (Melville)
    10 Fletcher Smith (University)
    11 Sevu Reece (Hamilton Old Boys)
    12 Dwayne Sweeney – Captain (Morrinsville Sports)
    13 Quinn Tupaea (Hamilton Old Boys)
    14 Tyler Campbell (University)
    15 Matty Lansdown (Fraser Tech)

    16 Sekope Lopeti-Moli (Hautapu)
    17 Ayden Johnstone (Hautapu)
    18 Sosaia Fale (Hamilton Old Boys)
    19 Sam Caird (Hautapu)
    20 Adam Burn (Hamilton Old Boys)
    21 Raniera Takarangi (Hamilton Old Boys)
    22 Pepesana Patafilo (Morrinsville Sports)*
    23 Mosese Dawai (Otorohanga)

    *= Waikato debut


  • Bailyn Sullivan dropped?

  • Wellington

    15 Trent Renata (Oriental-Rongotai)
    14 Malo Tuitama (Oriental-Rongotai)
    13 Matt Proctor (Oriental-Rongotai) (c)
    12 Peter Umaga-Jensen (Wainuiomata)
    11 Losi Filipo (Petone)
    10 Pakai Turia (Poneke)
    9 Carlos Price (Petone)
    8 Thomas Waldrom (Avalon)
    7 Greg Foe (Poneke)
    6 Teariki Ben-Nicholas (Old Boys University)
    5 Isaia Walker-Leawere (Poneke)
    4 Will Mangos (Old Boys University)
    3 Joel Hintz (Old Boys University)
    2 Asafo Aumua (Avalon)
    1 Tolu Fahamokioa (Tawa)

    16 James O'Reilly (Hutt Old Boys Marist)
    17 Xavier Numia (Oriental-Rongotai)
    18 Tietie Tuimauga (Johnsonville)
    19 Galu Taufale (Poneke)
    20 Mateaki Kafatolu (Petone)
    21 Kemara Hauiti-Parapara (Tawa)
    22 Jackson Garden-Bachop (Northern United)
    23 Billy Proctor (Marist St Pats)

    Wellington Lions head coach Chris Gibbes has made eight changes from the side which ran out against Southland as he continues to give the entire squad an opportunity to push for selection.
    The majority of the changes are in the backline where Carlos Price comes in for TJ Perenara, who has returned to the All Blacks squad, Pakai Turia replaces Jackson Garden-Bachop at first five-eighth, Peter Umaga-Jensen comes in for brother Thomas in the midfield, Losi Filipo starts on the wing for the first time this season while Trent Renata returns at fullback for Wes Goosen.
    The tight five remains largely the same with the exception of lock Isaia Walker-Leawere who comes in for James Blackwell.
    There is plenty of experience among the loose forwards selected with Thomas Waldrom returning at No 8 while Greg Foe replaces Ardie Savea who has also returned to the All Blacks squad.
    The Lions bench also features a number of changes while prop Tietie Tuimaga has the opportunity to make his debut.


  • @dice
    Maybe injuried. Stratton looked to have gone off injured vs Auckland so is missing too.

    I'm sure Jono would be keen to get one over big brother but I can't see it happening.

  • Interesting that manihera has not been given a rest yet as im sure he has played every minute so far? pretty happy with his work rate around the park at 6/8 for the last few games.

  • Is Luke Jacobson still injured ? And what about Sosefo Kautai ?

  • @cgrant said in Waikato v Wellington:

    Is Luke Jacobson still injured ? And what about Sosefo Kautai ?

    A lot of the Waikato squad were also there watching the Waikato-BOP U19 game I watched. Jacobson was amongst them. He is a co-captain so surely must be injured. Kautai is a mystery but @OleOleOle said it was an attitude problem.

  • @stargazer said in Waikato v Wellington:

    14 Malo Tuitama (Oriental-Rongotai)
    11 Losi Filipo (Petone)
    10 Pakai Turia (Poneke)
    9 Carlos Price (Petone)
    6 Teariki Ben-Nicholas (Old Boys University)
    5 Isaia Walker-Leawere (Poneke)
    2 Asafo Aumua (Avalon)
    1 Tolu Fahamokioa (Tawa)

    Number of players to watch in this match

    Aumua was impressive last Friday so hope he can continue to develop. If he does he should make the end of year tour. And with Coles injury prone now we need another quality hooker in the ABs
    Isaia Walker-Leawere has been quiet so far this year so he needs to step up. Other Mangos will take his starting position
    Teariki Ben-Nicholas was impressive last game (at 8). Keep this up and surely he will get a super contract
    Losi Filipo is another bad boy but is still young (20) but looks promising. Hopefully both players can focus on rugby now rather than beating people up.
    Pleased to see Price start. He's still 19 but he looks potentially VG from the little I have seen of him. I plan to download and watch Folau Fakatava (HB V CM) but he also looks VG. Canes hopefully can sign both
    Pakai Turia has played from wellington before but haven't a clue what he's like. So maybe not great but also not crap as he was forgettable. So will watch with interest. Va'a hopefully will get at least one start to see what he can do with JGB in the reserves and Renata at FB in case he is crap and needs to be replaced early
    Malo Tuitama got the best player award last week. He was good but needs to cut out the silly mistakes. Like being pushed into touch rather than cutting infield

  • Wellington resting players might cost them. Have they underestimated Waikato?

    Waikato 7 - 0 up after 18 minutes and was close to scoring a 2nd try.

  • And there is the 2nd try from Reece!

  • Almost a 3rd try for Reece. Disallowed because of double movement, but Wellington should be worried.

    12 - 0 Waikato after 26 minutes.

  • Waikato's cutting Wellington up with the wide ball.

  • Manihera scored Waikato's 3rd try. Geez, Wellington's defence is poor.

    Smith converts the try: 19 - 0 Waikato after 29 minutes.

  • Malo Tuitama sure loves the big hits, but this was the 1st time it was effective.

  • Second deliberate knock-on from Tuitama. YC

  • Reece has had an unreal first half. He's even been great on defense.

  • @dice Such a pity he's going overseas. Would have been great for the AB7s.

    He may still play for Fiji though.

  • Playing 14 against 13 now, with Manihera and Fahamokoa both also in the bin.

  • 'Looked like a Frontal Hopoate attempt from the Wellington No. 1

  • Great turnover from Billy Proctor.

    Tuitama back on.

    14 v 14

  • Geez, that was an easy bonus point try from Takarangi.

  • Wow, 26 - 0 to Waikato.

  • Finally a try to Wellington. Renata.

    26 - 7 Waikato

  • Hopefully just a consolation score.

  • That was an awesome attack from Waikato, resulting in Reece's hattrick.

  • 43 - 14 Waikato with 12 minutes to go.

  • The team that was relegated in 2017 is smashing the team that got promoted. It would be nice if Waikato could grab the shield from Taranaki.

  • Hope I didn't jinx it. Try Matt Proctor.

    43 - 19 Waikato

  • I jinxed it. Intercept try Tuitama. Bonus point for Wellington.

    43 - 26 Waikato

  • Geezus. Try Filipo. Has Waikato already left the stadium?

    JGB misses another kick.

    43 - 31 Waikato

  • Never one to really be overjoyed about a Waikato victory but I have made an exception to that tonight. They won way better than the final scoreline indicates
    Waikato 43 - 31 Wellington

  • Lions were aweful tonight. Just can't afford to have guys like Blackwell, Kirifi, Goosen, Lam, Fifita, T Umaga Jensen rested at once. Too much experience off the park.

    Pretty poor season management by the coach. Could have rested half the players against Southland last Friday and then another half against Waikato instead of taking half the team out at once. Could cost us a playoff berth with a tough run home.

    Waikato well deserved their victory tonight.

  • @higgins Totally agree. Wellington were rudderless. No passion and none of them looked like they knew what was going on half the time.

    Only forward that really showed anything was "Izzy from Gizzy" as the commentators kept calling him.

  • I don't know much about that Wellington number 18. Looking at the team lists for when he played against my club I see he was listed on the bench but cannot recall how he played if he did get on the field. Got a vague recollection seeing him play for one of the Heartland Championship teams but again nothing to really remember him by. Looks like he is probably an import from somewhere offshore. Hopefully someone out there might be able to fill us in with a bit of background on him.

  • @higgins That Heartland team was Wanganui. He has played for Samoa A. Don't know whether he has ever played for the main Samoan squad.

  • Waldrom is well past his best. as is Renata. Foe was a bit rubbish too. Filipo is worth another look at though. But Turia is only a backup 1st at best.

    For the next game. Goosen at FB. He's Wellingtons best back and he's better utilized at FB than wing. I would have Lam and Filipo on the wing. And maybe try Billy Proctor at 2nd5 to see how it goes as defense in the first half was rubbish. Put Ben-Nicholas at 8, with Fifita and Kififi and Blackwell replacing Mangos. And hope JTA is back soon as out propping depth is not great

  • Best Wellington team for me would be:

    1. Numia 2. Aumua 3. Toomaga Allen 4. Walker-Leawere 5. Blackwell 6. Fifita 7. Kirifi 8. Ben Nicholas 9. Price 10. Garden Bachop 11. Lam 12. T Umaga Jensen 13. M Proctor 14. P Umaga Jensen 15. Goosen

    2. Anyone but O'Reilly - far too small at this level. 17. Fahamoikioa 18. ? 19. Mangos 20. Kafatolu 21. Hauiti Parapara 22. Va'a 23. B Proctor

  • 0_1536141636493_read my lips we won!!!.jpg

  • Very kind of Ox to help Jono break his losing streak with those selections!

    I’m sure thought they could get by them, but I’ll take it.

  • I haven't read the comments yet but a few observations from the game.
    (1) Waikato looked OK for 65 mins but the porous defence in the last 15 mins was bloody annoying, and a return to previous form.
    (2) Wellington were very poor during that period, a lot of handling errors (from both teams really).
    (3) Manihera is a frustrating player as he is always good for some meathead moments.
    (4) The Waikato tactic of passing wide was always susceptible to an intercept so it was no surprise to finally concede one.
    (5) Fifita did SFA in this game. You would expect him to shine at this level.

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