World's strongest man

  • Saw a bit of the WSM on TV the other day. They were one arm clean and pressing 205 pound dumbells.

    One bloke changed arms halfway through to give his strong arm a rest.


  • I'm glad I've got Sky again, I love watching that. Those Scandanavians and Eastern Europeans have some big strong mo fo's. Our very own Levi from the Mitre 10 ads came 6th in the world one year if I recall......

  • Well Bartman it is not a madness but it is the power and fitness that is why they can lift heavy weight to 205 pounds or more .

  • Hey Tor, welcome to the Fern.

    Madness - meanig a good thing, mad strength, I think it's cool, love the big guys lifting the big weights, and all the differernt things they have to lift or pull or whatever.

  • I think it's a bot Bartman!

  • shit, looked like the most intelligent poster to hit the Fern since, well, me....

  • What's a Bot again Hooroo ?

  • Kind of asking the wrong person but I think it is a computer program that logs itself in as a memeber and selects pieces of a thread to make it look like a conversation. Usually has advertising as well.

    The sentances never look right and you can see all the keys words in a bots post previously in the thread.

    in this case "madness" and "205" etc

  • also the grammer is always really poor but that is not as easily identifiable on the fern

  • I want to see where the 'Russian salad' comment came from in Kirwans kai recommendations thread!! Good for a laugh if it is a bot

  • [quote name='Hooroo']also the grammer is always really poor but that is not as easily identifiable on the fern [/QUOTE]

    To me Tor just sounded like English may have been his second language. His post kind of makes sense....

  • that was my thought too MN. WE'll see if the TorBot replies and makes sense...

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