Magpies v North Harbour

  • We may have a first-five eighth problem, if Tiaan hasn't recovered from his injury on Saturday and if Pasqualle Dunn gets cited for his two tip-tackles. Dunn was the one replacing Falcon at first five when he got that injury to his face against Counties.

    I saw this post on Tiaan's instagram, and the first-choice 10 of the Saracens - Tianua Poto - is also injured.

    So, if this happens, will they throw McClutchie in at the deep end, or will they move someone else to 10, with McClutchie on the bench? Tuilagi took over the goal kicking when Falcon couldn't take the kicks, but can he play at 10?

  • They put Stacey Ili into 10 when Falcon goes off. Dunn is only a midfielder. They could look to put Lincoln into the starting spot or move Stacey into 10

  • Harbour


  • Magpies

    1 Mark Braidwood (31)
    2 Kianu Kereru-Symes (19)
    3 Ben May (35)
    4 Tom Parsons (28)
    5 Michael Allardice (26)
    6 Marino Mikaele-Tu'u (20)
    7 Josh Kaifa (26)
    8 Gareth Evans (cc) (27)
    9 Brad Weber (cc) (27)
    10 Lincoln McClutchie* (19)
    11 Mason Emerson (22)
    12 Pasqualle Dunn (24)
    13 Stacey Ili (25)
    14 Jonah Lowe (22)
    15 JJ Taulagi (25)

    16 Ben Power (21)
    17 Joe Apikotoa (22)
    18 Pouri Rakete-Stones (21)
    19 Geoff Cridge (23)
    20 Devan Flanders (19)
    21 Folau Fakatava (18)
    22 Sasa Tofilau (24)
    23 Michael Buckley (23)


    Woweee, McClutchie thrown in at the deep end; getting a start on debut. That's the 4th of last year's Hastings Boys champions squad getting into the 23. Only Josiah Tavita-Metcalfe and Danny Toala are still waiting for their debut.

    Edited to add the players' age.

  • Yep, like it - the only realistic option.

    Better than the other option of playing someone else there who is out of position.

    So Lincoln McClutchie debuts in the ten jersey aged 19.

    Back in 1963 Blair Furlong debuted in the ten jersey aged 18.

  • Just to have an idea how young our squad is, I've added the players' age (couldn't find the DOB of Buckley).

  • @stargazer Buckley was 23 in May.

    Average age of the team tomorrow is 23.

    According to the Rugby Almanack, the average age of a player in last year's Mitre 10 Cup (all teams) was 24.

  • Good start by the good guys
    The Bay 03 -00 Harbour after four minutes and JJ Taulagi not yet done anything warranting his sixth yellow card of the season

  • Try to Kereru-Symes!

  • And it gets better with the Bay hooker over for the try after Matt Duffy stuffs things up

  • That Harbour guy that started that breakout by getting in the way of a HB backline attack was at least three metres off side but it's OK as we have Mr. Dockery in the TMO box so any resulting try would have been disallowed,

  • This game is end to end. Harbour unlucky not to have scored a try.

  • Bullshit penalty earlier, NH guy was completely blocking the ruck whe Ili got penalised for holding on.

  • Interesting call there. Surely that should be an obstruction penalty after Harbour took a quick tap penalty right behind where a Harbour player was getting injury treatment preventing the HB guys putting in a tackle. That's a clear shepherd and a penalty to HB in my book.

  • Phew, an obstruction call there preventing clear Harbour try. The guy would have scored anyway so it was not required!

  • Dumb play by the Harbour 6 then, the Magpies haven't been able to tackle the Harbour 8 all day.

  • Lowe in after Allardice went all BBBR!

    Nice wide pass from McClutchie and Lowe beat a couple to get in.

    17-10 after Yellow Card gets the conversion ... seems like he should have been kicking all year.

  • Nice try all right, especially after continued off sides by the Harbour No 13. He might as well paint some black hoops onto his jersey to make himself an official HB player.

  • Duffy in, our defence is bloody poor this year.

  • Especially on our left hand side. Bloody unlucky that Duffy should choose this as about the first time he decided to catch the ball all game.
    It is starting to look a bit ominous now with scrambling defence and a bit of luck helping the Bay retain the lead at half time

    Hawkes Bay 17 - 15 North Harbour

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