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  • So with BOP, HB and Otago all going down, there has been no change to the placings on the table, only the points with Waikato extending thier lead (albeit with a game in hand) and HB getting a little breathing room from us.

    Table says Otago have only played 5, but hasnt been updated from thier loss to Canterbury.

    Northland (and HB 🙄 ) have a real shot at all but securing a top 4 spot and 2nd on Wednesday as we head to the business end of the comp.

    I dont think them coming off 2 losses and at the start of thier storm week will make any difference, they will be fired up!

    Hoping we have some good news on the injury front with either (or both) Goodhue or Robinson back this week, as I think we missed both, Goodhue at the lineout and Robinson with his work at the breakdown, be good to get Wright back too, but I hear that is not likely.

    Our defence is considerably better than HB, but our attack is a bit lacking, so should be a good match up.

    My team:
    Tu'ungafasi, Olsen, Straker, Goodhue, Mayanavanua, Matiu, MacNamara, Pryor, Nock, Debreczeni, Roberts-Te Nana, Gregory, Ranger, Hyland, Wright
    Moulds, Rinakama, Atkins, Douglas, Matich, Kitto, Thoroughgood, Hohaia/Tua depending who is fit


  • Do you rotate players for this game or Counties. Tempted to do it for Counties?

  • @kev I'd think Counties, gotta get the win against a Championship team.

  • Team Named for HB:
    Tu'ungafasi, Olsen, Rinakama
    Goodhue, Douglas
    Matiu, Matich, Pryor
    Nock, Debreczeni
    Hohaia, Ranger
    Gregory, Wright, Hyland
    Bench: Moulds, Straker, Atkins, Mayanavanua, McNamara, Kitto, Touroughgood, Roberts-Te Nana

    Goodhue back.
    So Jacobsen out, injured apparently.
    Hohaia back to 12, Gregory back to the wing, Cooper out of 23

    Any news on Tua, Robinson or Ross' injuries?

    Hope we get to see a bit more of Roberts-Te Nana this time, Hohaia needs to step up, reckon Gregory unlucky not to keep that 12 jersey.

    Must win.

  • @taniwharugby Jacobson is concussed. I believe he didn’t even attend the game last Thursday as he still had quite bad symptoms.

  • This is definitely the game to target, win this and we are all but there. That way we can try some new combos against Counties on Sunday.

    Could be an interesting game. Im hoping we get the ball out to the likes of Hyland and Gregory as HB have been quite leaky in their defence this year. It’s almost been criminal that Hyland has seen F-all ball this season. He’s a weapon and needs to be used.

  • @gunner ha I forgot he didn't play last week and yeah I heard he had concussion.

    Monday 🙄

    Yeah if we trust our defence and get more accuracy in our attack we can win this.

  • Good team although Hohaia is lucky to get his 12 jersey back. Has been unimpressive all season compared to what he showed last season and Gregory had a good game first up in the 12 jersey.

    HB will definitely try and stretch us out wide as they do have some pace in the outside backs. Agree with @J77 I hope we get Hyland on the ball more especially one on one with Emerson. Emerson is much faster but think he will struggle to contain Hyland.

    Also hoping we send plenty of traffic down the 9/10 channel, think that's an area to exploit. Nock Vs Weber is going to be a bloody good match up.

  • Good tough team. Had Olsen taken over from Moulds?

    Have want to do basics better. Exits after scoring, lineouts, holding the ball, not taking ball into touch, reduced individual errors. We have a power running game and really good defence but we need good energy levels from start.

  • @kev makes you wonder, but I do think they are such similar players I dont think it makes a big difference, which is a bit tough on both of them.

    Expect Moulds will start Sunday, and going forward if we make the top 4 I guess we will learn more then.

    I guess we are banking on neither injuring themselves with the very limited time Matthews has had as well, more so with Ross Wright on the injury list and from what I hear, not expected back too soon.

  • FFS, poor start.
    Ranger kicking the ball away while on attack then back to back penalties result in a line out drive try.

  • That grubber was bloody stupid. No wonder our wings see fuck all ball..

  • Another bad penalty on Ranger, he was first man there, had all rights to have a crack at the ball.

  • sounds like a good game for me to not be able to watch already...

  • It’s going to be a fucking cricket score the way we are playing.

  • @taniwharugby yep, HB look pretty focused, and patient.

    Oh great.

    The poor start is now an awful one.

    4 penalties and 2 tries given away in the first 10.

  • Magpies thread is a deadzone at the moment ... I'll contribute to yours (until Northland gain the ascendency, then I'll likely need to go and cook dinner or something).

  • Nepia said:

    Magpies thread is a deadzone at the moment ... I'll contribute to yours (until Northland gain the ascendency, then I'll likely need to go and cook dinner or something).

    I'm lurking here too Nepia, so you are not alone

  • Try to Northland - Matiu.

  • Oh yes, needed to hit straight back and Jake the Muss burrows over.

    More of this please forwards, don’t let the backs have it until you’ve committed a few defenders

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