• Sooooo, flush another one...I think that puts paid to us pushing for a home semi, especially with 2 away games and our away record.

    Backs really against the wall now, I can't recall the last time we put in a good performance in Pukekohe, let alone won (2006?)

    We are in danger of stalling, and like v HB in the final round last year, needing to win v BOP to secure a spot.

    Waikato went from looking like 5 points several weeks ago to now looking like a real battle (which isn't a bad thing)

    Have to assume Matich won't be available, any news on other injuries?

    We havent played particularly smart at all this season.

  • Had we had a close hard fought loss last night I’d be going into this match a lot more optimistic, but with the garbage we served up last night in the second half I can’t see us getting close to Counties..

    Counties will be targeting this to avoid relegation and actually played well vs Tasman. They’ll run rings around us.. guaranteed!

    Shit ref or not, we need to adjust to the calls and respond accordingly. Instead we just carry on doing the same dumb shit week in week out (offloads, grubbers, discipline lapses).

    To me the leadership needs addressing, this whole Moulds/Olsen job share is not working! Choose one and stick to it. Have always though someone like Murray Douglas would make a good skip. Obviously his future is up in the air with Northland, but if he signs on would like to see him lead.

    Mentally we seem timid too. We need to toughen the upstairs up and go in for the kill. Can’t really think of any other teams (maybe the Blues!) that would have blown a game like that.

    The guys will no doubt be hurting, so hopefully they rectify the wrongs and get this season on track.

    When you think about it, the only teams we have beaten are the three worst performed teams across both divisions.

    Unless we pull our fingers out of our rectums I’m taking C-M by 20. Here’s hoping we wake up and play 80 so I’m proved wrong!!

  • @j77 the whole co-leader thing is odd to me in the first place, let alone the fact we have our hooker and reserve hooker sharing the role.

    Goodhue could be an option long term, but he probably just needs to focus on gettign through games right now.

  • @taniwharugby Yep Goodhue, Robinson or Matich are others worth considering. If we stick with Moulds, it needs to be just him.. it’s too disjointed the way it is.

  • This game now looms as a big one. For me we need to fix two things

    • one on one tackles. Move up, put your shoulder in and hit with some intent. Too many guys scragging, wanting to get up and make turnover. Put the hit in first.

    • lineout d. This is a really hard area but less penalties would help. The 5 or so guys that commit to mall need to make decision quicker and do something....

    After that the performance will come.

    Still hopeful 😀

  • I don't think we're miles away, the defence has been a strong point so far this season and last night was a lapse. I'm also hoping we've had our share of bad officiating for the rest of the season last night...

  • Counties Team:
    1.Howard Sililoto, 2. Joseph Royal, 3. Coree Te Whata-Colley, 4. Daymon Leasuasu, 5. Matiaha Martin ©, 6. Sikeli Nabou, 7. Fotu Lokotui, 8. Daniel Hyatt; 9. Liam Daniela, 10. Luteru Laulala, 11. Tevita Nabura, 12. Orbyn Leger, 13. Sione Molia, 14. Toni Pulu, 15. Etene Nanai-Seturo.

    Reserves: 16. Gafatasi Su’a, 17. Sean Bagshaw, 18. Jarrod Firth, 19. Viliame Rarasea, 20. Matthew Vaai, 21. Te Aihe Toma 22. Cardiff Vaega, 23. Nigel Ah Wong.

  • 1 Jack Straker, 2 Matt Moulds, 3 Paddy Jo Atkins, 4 Josh Goodhue, 5 Murray Douglas, 6 Sam McNamara, 7 Kara Pryor, 8 Jaycob Matiu, 9 Jono Kitto, 10 Jack Debreczeni, 11 Renata Roberts-Te Nana, 12 Scott Gregory, 13 Rene Ranger, 14 Jordan Hyland, 15 Matty Wright

    Reserves: 16 Jordan Olsen, 17 Isileli Tuungafasi, 18 Ropate Rinakama, 19 Temo Mayanavanua, 20 Aorangi Stokes, 21 Mac Sykes, 22 Myles Thoroughgood, 23 Blake Hohaia

  • I like our backline. Resting the starting props is ok. We lose nothing with addition of Sykes and Stokes. With better intent on D we should (?) be in with a crack.

  • @kev we still have the best defensive record (just) in the championship, just need to play like it.

    I've not got a good feeling about this game, hope I'm wrong.

  • hope we start listening to the ref today...

  • @taniwharugby
    Refs busy listening to the one eyed touchie.

  • then ignored the CM lying on his players to effect a t/o.

  • CM up offside at that ruck, wheres the call AR?

  • he saw the next one...

  • seriously, WTF...he was never on the actual ball

  • doing our very best to give CM more chances at scoring

  • and they are doing thier best at just staying down here without actually scoring

  • nice try on our first visit to thier 22...Kitto gets a stray knee to the head

  • poor lineout and unlucky bounce and CM in

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