Sprint Drills

  • TR Jnr wants to get faster so been doing some work with him (hill sprints, standing 20m sprints, jog then sprint 50m kind, of thing)

    What he wants is mainly at rugby speed, he is a forward (wants to play loosie...)

    But after some other (probably better) ideas to help.


  • Get a ladder. Google ladder drills.

    Get some cones, google cone drills.


    Do them in between the drills you have him doing already.

  • @taniwharugby how’s his running technique? Reason I ask is that one of the best things I ever received as a kid was some training on arm and leg movement, stride etc.

    Some ‘fun’ sprint exercises:

    1. 10 minute intervals - go to an oval and set my watch to 25s/35s splits. Sprint for 25 seconds to anywhere on the oval and then walk around for 35 seconds, alarm goes off and repeat 10 times. The good thing about being on an oval as opposed to a treadmill is the obvious benefit of being outside, but I would pick out points and try and run to it in 25 seconds.

    2. Flag to flag suicides - start at one corner of rugby field and sprint to a next corner. Then do 10 push-ups and then sprint to next flag. Do 10 push-ups etc. go around the rugby field 3 times and you will have run just over 1 km and done 110 push-ups. Given he’s a kid, one variation is do 11 push-ups at first flag and then 10 next and 9 etc etc. so as his body is fatiguing from the sprinting are getting tired he is doing less push-ups.

  • @act-crusader technique needs work.

  • @taniwharugby pump the arms, get him to pretend he's gently holding a chip between thumb and forefinger trying not to break it. High knees get that front foot out as far as possible, push through with the bum. Teach him to get into small steps when stopping and changing direction, staying on the balls of the feet and stepping in place not planting feet.

  • @taniwharugby I'm a big fan of hill sprints, better yet stair based. It teaches you to bound when you know you're aiming to take a set multiple of stairs at a time. The result is an emphasis on high knee lift and explosiveness through the glute chain so you can bound. Anecdotally it made a big difference to my 20-40m efforts.

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