Springboks v Wallabies

  • And now Kepu is a LH prop...

  • NTA said:

    Bovidae said:

    Cheika has gone for size. Two locks on the bench at the expense of loose forward cover.

    One of them is Simmons.

    So he's not going for power

    Simmons has played some blindside in his time. I recall some time ago there were calls for him to move more permanently to there even.

  • Is Caleb Timu in the touring squad?

    No.8 cover would be the biggest issue. Hanigan?

  • Machpants said:

    Yeah going for height, rather than anything else. Just seems Cheika has no idea about making a balanced team. Pooper, Ned+4 locks in the 23.... Just weird, plays his favourites anywhere he can fit them, especially the back line. Look at our failed Kaino is great lets whack him in lock experiment. Foley must've accidentally deleted the incriminating shots he had of Cheika, he was undroppable for years.

    Well one of their loose forwards did stand himself down after last test.

    I actually see better rationale for this than some of the previous selections. Pocock and Hooper will play 80 minutes and then you pick next best blindside option which in the case of who’s in the squad is Simmons.

    Cheika has in the past taken one of Pocock and Hooper off to accommodate a bench player that only plays no8 or even openside.

  • Bovidae said:

    And now Kepu is a LH prop...

    Did it a lot when he started at the Tahs

  • Wobs by 5-7

  • Bovidae said:

    Is Caleb Timu in the touring squad?

    No 8 would be the biggest issue. Hanigan?


  • Boks looking confident, Ockers looking... shambolic.
    14-0 after 20'

  • Ha... Aussie sideline signals for a replacement, ref thought it was "yellow 8"... Hooper says "no... it can't be".
    He knows perfectly well the... ah... "limitations" of the bench.

  • Marks gets away with one at scrum time. Should’ve been penalised

  • 20-12 at halftime. 3-0 in the second half.

    Very poor test match. Oz created plenty of opportunities in the second half but kept turning the ball over.

    Beale, DHP absolute shockers. Korobeite was having his best test before going off crook.

    No variation in the Wallaby attack and the long cut out ball was not working yet they kept going back to it.

    Pocock a very good game.

  • In a game where there was a try in the first minute... I literally nodded off a couple of times.

  • Watched the last 15 minutes. I sense I didn't miss much...

  • I'm watching this now.

    I just fell out of my chair on the 35th minute. Jerome does know that rule after all? No attempt to find a way to weasel out if it.

  • Aussies should have won. They would have but they didn't seem to have the patience to break the South Africans down. The disappointing thing for the Aussies would be how difficult they found it to break down the defence. This team doesn't have a plan B. Some shocking passes and poor ball security let them down as well. They aren't a bad team but they don't help themselves.

  • Boks dominated again on the traditional posession and territory stats.


  • The Wobblies never quite recovered from gifting Boks a seven point start. Had it been within ten with ten to go, they could have taken the three and Boks would have had to toe the line much more. Wobblies lineout a shocker. Ended with Hupah as main jumper!! Ruck ball protection non-existent at times. Watched last ten on double speed it was so bad.

  • Aus turned down a lot of kickable 3s. But, even coming from me who is a take the 3 sort of guy, it never felt like the wrong decisions.

    That's what chasing a game can do.

  • Didn’t catch this , who won ? Expecting a big game from the wallabies to get them back on track a year out from a Rwc .

  • Rapido said:

    I'm watching this now.

    I just fell out of my chair on the 35th minute. Jerome does know that rule after all? No attempt to find a way to weasel out if it.

    Didn't bother watching. Please explain.

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