Pack the protein into you...

  • here's a treat that has no sugar, but tastes like it...

    Whip up 6 egg whites as if you're going to make a pav.

    add a teaspoon of weight watchers jelly as you blend or whip or whatever you call it (mkaing it fluffy)...

    then microwave for 40-60 seconds.

    Result, protein packed marshmallow...

    that's our current bedtime snack!

  • Sounds...............................interesting. Will definitely give it a try though !

  • Will do. What do you do with the yolks? Biff them or eat them? I need to research eggs more.

  • yolks, biff em out, freeze em, make scrambled eggs for the kids with em, give em away, curried eggs for sandwiches... But don't eat 'em!! White = protein, yolk = the yummy stuff, so is therefore bad for you, the fats. is quite sweet, but that is when you are not eating ANYTHING sweet at all in your diet!

  • oh, this comes with a high wind warning, a 'bubble burp' warning!!

  • I tried this with gelatin, and two eggs, and it was flat. :whistle:

    Eggs are cheap here, so I'll do this again. I probably can't find weight watcher jelly, so might try regular jelly.

    I think I failed the Bart diet though since I added salt and pepper for taste. No butter though!

  • hmmmm. if you cook it to long it goes all eggy. Think jelly would be fine, and you have to whip it HEAPS. Need more eggs thant two too - Ness uses 4-6, and I use 10.

  • Just walked past (ok didnt make it past) the Mount BK - whoppers $3 each.....mean.

    Couple of those for lunch - there is is my Friday treat now done and dusted

  • YUM, my faourite fast food burger is BK - juicy. Will have to check Whakatane for a BK and closing time!!

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