Canterbury vs Hawkes Bay

  • 1 Alex Hodgman
    2 Brodie McAlister
    3 Sef Fa'agase
    4 Luke Romano (vc)
    5 Mitchell Dunshea
    6 Billy Harmon
    7 Tom Christie
    8 Reed Prinsep
    9 Mitchell Drummond (c)
    10 Brett Cameron
    11 Ngane Punivai
    12 Phil Burleigh (vc)
    13 Braydon Ennor
    14 Josh McKay
    15 George Bridge

    16 Nathan Vella
    17 Harry Allan
    18 Chris King
    19 William Tucker
    20 Hugh Renton
    21 Connor Collins
    22 Sam Beard
    23 Connor Garden-Bachop

  • Be interesting to see how CGB goes. Got gas and no fat arse like his brother

  • Can he actually kick goals, too?

  • Machpants said:

    Can he actually kick goals, too?

    I don't think Canterbury will need to bother with the 2's in this match.

  • Hastings Boys HS plus aka Baby Magpies

    1 Jason Long, 2 Ben Power, 3 Joe Apikotoa, , 4 Tom Parsons (c) , 5 Sam Ulufonua, 6 Geoff Cridge, 7 Josh Kaifa, 8 Devan Flanders, 9 Folau Fakatava, 10 Lincoln McClutchie, 11 Michael Buckley, 12 Sasa Tofilau, 13 Shae Tucker*, 14 Jonah Lowe, 15 JJ Taulagi.

    16 Kianu Kereru-Symes, 17 Pouri Rakete-Stones, 18 Mark Braidwood, 19 Michael Allardice, 20 Solomone Funaki*, 21 Brad Weber, 22 Danny Toala,* 23 Mason Emerson.


  • @machpants no he can’t. I think he might struggle at this level. A couple of years early I think.

  • Righto chaps, time for us to put the pleasure the ABS have just given us away and prepare for what lies ahead. Fingers crossed the scoreboard does not need three nails on it, on the Canterbury side anyway.

  • This could get ugly. Annoyingly I have a lunch at 12, so I can only watch the 1st half then record the 2nd half. Hopefully it isn't a cricket score by halftime.

    Good luck to the Baby Magpies.

  • Weird that the one year out of school-boys look the most composed players for the pies.

  • Do they not have a groundsman in Chch? That ground looks like the paddock we used to have Pa Wars on just without the sheep poo.

  • Canterbury in ... Hodgeman, hopefully that's not the gates stopping the flood opening.

  • Probably a question more suited if this thread was hosted on the HB Magpies site but it isn't so I will ask here. Whatever happened to Billy Rophia that played midfield a year or two back? And just as I write this Canterbury in for their first converted try for the day after about ten minutes. Perhaps not quite all doom and gloom for the likes of Nepia, Stockcar 86, Stargazer, Number10 and the other HB regulars on here, not just yet anyway!

  • @higgins I think he's in France.

  • Goodness, a converted try to HB after about twenty minutes to tie the scores up. Things going amazingly well so far..

  • No sooner said before normal lack of tackling the Bay has specialised in so far this season rears its ugly head again as Canterbury stroll in for a try o the right hand corner. The conversion not helping matters much either.

  • Yikes, Yellow Card kicks a penalty and the Bay exceeding all expectations by getting into double figures.. Canterbury lost to the 'Poo a couple of years ago, could this be another one of "those" games?

  • Not if they leave such gaping holes in the defensive line five metres short of your goal line as wide as that, simply inviting Canterbury to stroll in for the converted try. Half time eventually comes up with the score line being Canterbury 21 - 10 Hawkes Bay

  • We may be behind by 11 points, but not a bad first half from our boys. I love the halves combo of Fakatava-McClutchie. Even if the present will show a loss, the future looks much brighter. Tucker doesn't seem to be the answer for the midfield.

  • You are possibly right there. He looks to be a club player just filling in for the day to me, at least body shape wise anyway. Is he a member of the original squad or an injury replacement? I don't recall seeing him play for the Bs when they played Wellington Samoans in Porirua a couple of weeks ago.

  • Whoop whoop whoop, Mike Buckley in for the converted try closing the gap to just four points

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