Working out with the ABs at les mills today

  • Snuck off to the gym earlier than usual today and who was there but the AB rehab (and get fitter) crew!

    Had the raised eyebrows - "sup bro" with Kahui. Trained next to Sivi and Piri for a while and had a bit of a yarn with Piri about selections for this weekend. Zac was cruising around as well so said hello to him too.

    Piri reckoned there wouldn't be many changes to the team this weekend - maybe a few swaps in and out for guys off the bench. I asked if he was likey to start with Ellis off the bench but he didn't seem to see that happening...but perhaps they are just blowing off any and all questions about the team?

    I gave him some shit about his snow on Wainui mountains tweet, he had a good chuckle about that.

    Both Piri and Sivi were working hard - each had a PT looking after them and Piri was getting thrashed. Looked a lot fitter than I thought he would though. Def dropping those extra kgs.

    Cracked up at Sivi, he was doing circuits of fast stepping and did a pretty lax one first up - trainer was right on him making him do it waaaaay faster. Shit that guy has fast feet when he wants to!

    It was heaps of fun working out with them around - didn't try any hero lifts though! last things I wanted to do was look like (more!) of a fanboy/fool ha ha

  • Were the guys with longer term injuries there as well? Dagg, Toeava and Woodcock?

  • Nah I didn't see those guys - they may have been around though. My mate said the AB's have been at Les Mills over the last few days.

  • Kahui got through his workout unscathed then ?

  • nah I pushed him down the stairs!

    I only saw him doing legs though, I'm sure as soon as he picked up a weight he busted his shoulder!

  • Hmmm, so if Kahui is out injured this week we'll know who to blame!!

  • I was just kidding Mokey!! it was all those girls chasing the poor bugger that would've broken him! what a way to go though ; )

  • Its tough work being a ladies man paekak, some of us handle it better than others

    No thought to maybe pushing Guildford down instead so as to ensure a smoother ride for no way Hosea to secure a spot on the 30 ?

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