v Waikato

  • A bit of good news out of an utter disaster Jack Debreczeni has been signed by the chiefs..and Northland are negotiating with Solomon Alaimalo to return to the Taniwha..

  • @steven-harris coulda done with Solomon at 15 today...playing a guy who played 10 all club season there not a good idea, dont expect he will recall his first start fondly

  • @steven-harris is Jack NZ qualified?

  • @machpants he is born in Auckland and never played for Aus

  • ✅ ah ok

  • @taniwharugby and about 14 others,had the player of the day sponsor catch a lift up with me from Auckland, even he was gutted..!

  • I must say I was very surprised to read the final result. I'll watch a replay tomorrow.

    Obviously tackling was optional today. 🤣

  • @bovidae the Northland team because of injuries have had to roll many of the same guys,on saying that with one of the better crowd turn outs I have seen for an Mitre 10 Cup game this year..they should have been better,credit to Waikato though..you give a team that’s got pace that much ball and field position,your gonna pay for it..!

  • I’m a bit speechless to be honest. Not a good day to be a Northland fan. Can any trainspotters tell us when we last shipped north of 70 points? I recall Otago pumping us by 80 at Carisbrook in the days of Kronfeld and Wilson etc..but since then I dont think we’ve leaked that much..

    Even in our darkest periods (03-05 & 15, 16) did we not get smacked like that.

    Well done to Waikato, they pounced on every opportunity and made us look like schoolboys. Can see them clipping their tickets for the premiership next year already.

    What a fucking weird old year, so Jekyl and Hyde! Can’t believe we’re actually in the semis after some of our performances. But hey, we’re there, so I’ll take it.

    Hope we go and right some wrongs against BOP. Be nice to win this one and at least have a chance of avoiding Waikato in the semi.

    Not really in the mood to beat up on players, but Thoroughgood at FB was not the best option...enough said really.

  • After a week from hell I took Mr almost 3 along for some fresh air with a mate and his boy. Lucky for me I wasn’t in the mood to even care about the rugby.

    One thing I do know is I saw far better tackling from our two young lads on the hill than anything I saw from anyone wearing blue.

  • The coaches probably learnt a few things...

    Thoroughgood unfortunately not big enough/physical enough for this level yet. He seemed to get dominated every time the ball was near him. Maybe next season for him? Cooper looked a lot more comfortable in comparison.

    Reserve props got shown up badly too I thought.

    Nock easily our best halfback - his pass is so much faster than Kittos. Use Kittos running game off the bench.

    Tua might do some dumb stuff but definitely a threat with ball in hand, would have him involved before all of Hohaia, Thoroughgood or Cooper.

    Think we still had the team to beat Waikato, but wonder how much better we would've gone with just Gregory back in the team.

    We deserved to get pumped but not getting hung up on the 71 conceded - once you start getting thrashed and start throwing the ball around there's always going to be the chance of the odd intercept or turnover try.

  • I can’t help feel to progress in this competition and to be on a similar parr to a Tasman for example ,you have got generate some extra revenue..some teams have got the luxury of depth when injury strikes..
    In the case of the Taniwha,losing Macilai and Verney before the season even started was a killer,not to mention in Macilai’s case because the injury happened while he was part of the Saders,no remuneration gets paid out to the Northland Union ,hence no money to chase another speedy winger..

    Then losing key forwards like Tom Robinson and Ross Wright meant the workload for the tight forwards increases and then you hope your squad is strong enough to take the hit..the injuries keep coming,and of course you start rolling out the same guys..
    Something is gonna give,especially if you can’t rotate your squad.

    I believe the Northland Union needs to align themselves with a Japanese team who wants to develop their players in NZ..hence an academy to upskill these players,there might be one or 2 that maybe good enough to play Mitre level who knows..?.
    From what I understand Japanese clubs are quite prepared to pay out for this process.

    I don’t think we that far off from having a really good team moving forward,but for that to happen we need to increase our depth and if it means going to market then so be it..
    We showed yesterday we have one of the better supporter turnouts in the country just need to fix our house up.

  • Just finished watching the game. I few things:

    • a poor start.
    • some great kicking my Waikato ( we could learn from that )
    • then poor one on one tackling from a couple of individuals

    And the game was gone after 30 minutes. Some soft stuff happened later because of that.

    Don’t like the ref - a few things he missed for us like holding off the ball but when it’s 71 you can’t argue.

    Agree with Steven that our depth has been tested and we struggled at the end with some really knocked up players, and a scrum that was patchwork.

    I have to mention Tua’s submission on the ground at the end to give the ball back to Waikato. Really odd. It reminded me of his tackling earlier on. He seems to have lost some confidence.Still a work in progress but a talent. The same with Thoroughgood - struggled with physical side but brave. Actually think Cooper is best Rugby player of the 3 right now.

    With so many wounded we will need to take stock for the coming week. Will Jacobsen, Gregory be back? Matiu was great off bench, McNamara was good against Counties. Props, locks, and Outside backs may be issue.

    As Chiefy says, I still think we have the team to take Waikato if we meet them. but need to have some of the players freshen up, others to be available, and some new tactics. Jordan Highland coming off his wing and taking an inside ball > than Hohia / Gregory smashing into defence when no space created by deception. The high kick to Wing should be occasional variation to long kick that finds grass.

  • I know he was not the underlying issue for the Taniwha capitulation.
    But Brendon Pickerall officiating Northland games does my head..!
    He’s got absolutely no feel a game..not to mention hes pedantic..!

  • I shake my head anytime I see we have him reffing us. @steven-harris

  • I'm not a huge fan of Pickerill as a ref but he was miles and miles ahead of the guy we had for the HB game. That HB game was affected greatly by the officials, this one I don't think it was

  • @taniwharugby said in v Waikato:

    I shake my head anytime I see we have him reffing us. @steven-harris

    I think you guys got his debut game didn't you?

    (and he was shite in that one too)

  • @crucial Yes, v Southland when he was like 10...

  • @taniwharugby said in v Waikato:

    @crucial Yes, v Southland when he was like 10...

    2 years ago then?

  • @crucial Remember the game well,he used the TMO on at least 4 occasions in that game..was against Southland,looked like a guy making his debut and unsure of himself to make a decision..!.
    Just don’t like his style,quite like the official who is relaxed and enjoying what he is there for but still letting the game flow.!
    Pickerall looks to 2nd guess himself..!

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